Died On December 16th

Discover the most famous people who died on December 16. The list includes people like Colonel Sanders, Camille Saint-Saëns, Alphonse Daudet, Asai Chu, William Maugham. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, playwrights, novelists and economists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Canada and many more countries.

Colonel SandersColonel Sanders
09 September 1890, American
Founder of KFC
Lee Van CleefLee Van Cleef
09 January 1925, American

Wu ZetianWu Zetian
17 February 0625, Chinese
Chinese Empress

Carwood LiptonCarwood Lipton
30 January 1920, American
United States Army Officer

Camille Saint-SaensCamille Saint-Saëns
09 October 1835, French
Composer, Organist, Pianist

Alphonse DaudetAlphonse Daudet
13 May 1840, French
Novelist, Short story writer, playwright, poet
William MaughamWilliam Maugham
25 January 1874, British
Novelist & Playwright

Asai ChuAsai Chu
22 July 1856, Japanese

Laxmikant BerdeLaxmikant Berde
26 October 1954, Indian

W. Somerset MaughamW. Somerset Maugham
25 January 1874, French, British
Playwright, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter
Yi Sun-sinYi Sun-sin
28 April 1545, South Korean
Naval commander

Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson
17 July 1952, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Stuart AdamsonStuart Adamson
11 April 1958, British
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist

Lillian DisneyLillian Disney
15 February 1899, American
Philanthropist, Secretary, Artist

Silvana ManganoSilvana Mangano
21 April 1930, Italian
Actor, Model
Afonso de AlbuquerqueAfonso de Albuquerque
1453 AD, Portuguese

Fumimaro KonoeFumimaro Konoe
12 October 1891, Japanese
Giovanni AgnelliGiovanni Agnelli
13 August 1866
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Businessperson, Racecar

Emperor Go-MomozonoEmperor Go-Momozono
05 August 1758, Japanese
Emperor , Sovereign

Blue DemonBlue Demon
24 April 1922, Mexican
Actor, Professional wrestler, Film actor
François QuesnayFrançois Quesnay
04 June 1694, French
Philosopher, Economist, Physician,

Agnes MartinAgnes Martin
22 March 1912, Canadian, American
Arun KhetarpalArun Khetarpal
14 October 1950, Indian

Eliezer Ben-YehudaEliezer Ben-Yehuda
07 January 1858, Russian

Wilhelm GrimmWilhelm Grimm
24 February 1786, German
Lexicographer, Anthropologist, Librarian, Writer,

Thomas BilottiThomas Bilotti
23 March 1940, American
Kakuei TanakaKakuei Tanaka
04 May 1918, Japanese
Yegor GaidarYegor Gaidar
19 March 1956, Russian
Economist, Politician, Professor

Laurens van der PostLaurens van der Post
13 December 1906, South African
Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Journalist

Pope John VIIIPope John VIII

Victor KuglerVictor Kugler
05 June 1900, Canadian
William PettyWilliam Petty
26 May 1623, British
Economist, Mathematician, Philosopher,

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Hugo MünsterbergHugo Münsterberg
01 June 1863, German, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Philosopher

Jackie MittooJackie Mittoo
03 March 1948, Jamaican
Musician, Record producer, Singer-songwriter,

Robert StanfieldRobert Stanfield
11 April 1914, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer

Snuff GarrettSnuff Garrett
05 July 1939, American
Composer, Record producer
Gabriel NarutowiczGabriel Narutowicz
17 March 1865, Lithuanian, Polish
Polish professor

Johann Adolph HasseJohann Adolph Hasse
25 March 1699, German
Composer, singer
Charles of ValoisCharles of Valois
12 March 1270, French

Eugène DuboisEugène Dubois
28 January 1858
Curator, Geologist, Physician, Anthropologist,

Karl-Heinz KurrasKarl-Heinz Kurras
01 December 1927, German
Police officer
William Somerset MaughamWilliam Somerset Maugham
25 January 1874, British

John II Casimir of PolandJohn II Casimir of Poland
22 March 1609, Polish
Charles MooreCharles Moore
31 October 1925, American

Harry ScottHarry Scott
27 October 1937, British