Famous People Who Died At 43

The list of famous people who died at 43 includes Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Natalie Wood, John Candy, Cassandra Harris, Edward II of England. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, political leaders, guitarists and soldiers and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 43 includes people from United States, France, Germany & United Kingdom and many more countries.

John CandyJohn Candy
31 October 1950, Canadian
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Natalie WoodNatalie Wood
20 July 1938, American

Edward II of EnglandEdward II of England
25 April 1284, British
King of England

Lorenzo de' MediciLorenzo de' Medici
01 January 1449, Italian

Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris
15 December 1948, Australian, American

Prithviraj ChauhanPrithviraj Chauhan
1149 AD, Indian
Rajput king of the Chauhan dynasty
Stefán Karl StefánssonStefán Karl Stefánsson
10 July 1975, Icelander, American

Jenni RiveraJenni Rivera
02 July 1969, American

Agrippina the YoungerAgrippina the Younger
06 November 0015, Ancient Roman
Roman Empress

Johannes VermeerJohannes Vermeer
31 October 1632, Dutch
Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt
23 January 1910, French

Bessie SmithBessie Smith
15 April 1894, American
Robert Falcon ScottRobert Falcon Scott
06 June 1868, British

Guru ArjanGuru Arjan
15 April 1563, Indian
Fifth Sikh Guru

Judy Holliday Judy Holliday
21 June 1921, American
Danny GreeneDanny Greene
14 November 1933, American

Ernst KaltenbrunnerErnst Kaltenbrunner
04 October 1903, Austrian
Nazi Leader
Eric LiddellEric Liddell
16 January 1902, Scottish

Louis BrailleLouis Braille
04 January 1809, French
Inventor of Braille

Robert BerdellaRobert Berdella
31 January 1949, American
Serial Killer
Giovanni da VerrazzanoGiovanni da Verrazzano
1485 AD, Italian

Mary Pinchot MeyerMary Pinchot Meyer
14 October 1920, American
Painter & Journalist
Jigme Dorji WangchuckJigme Dorji Wangchuck
02 May 1929, Bhutanese
Third King of Bhutan

Godfrey CambridgeGodfrey Cambridge
26 February 1933, American

Max RegerMax Reger
19 March 1873, German

Alice JamesAlice James
07 August 1848, American
American diarist
Niels Ryberg FinsenNiels Ryberg Finsen
15 December 1860, Danish
St Francis of Assisi St Francis of Assisi
26 November 1182, Italian
Founder of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans)

Henry TayaliHenry Tayali
22 November 1943, Zambian

John AltoonJohn Altoon
05 November 1925, American

Johannah PoulstonJohannah Poulston
25 March 1973, British
Louis Tomlinson's Mother
Johnny Michael AllenJohnny Michael Allen
28 September 1960, American
Real Estate Agent

Amanda PetersonAmanda Peterson
08 July 1971, American

Romy SchneiderRomy Schneider
23 September 1938, Austrian, French
Film actor, Stage actor

06 December 1964, Bangladeshi

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Joe GalloJoe Gallo
07 April 1929, Italian, American
Rajiv DixitRajiv Dixit
30 November 1967, Indian

Magda GoebbelsMagda Goebbels
11 November 1901, German
Catherine I of RussiaCatherine I of Russia
15 April 1684, Russian
Former Emperor of All Russia

Dean PotterDean Potter
14 April 1972, American
Mountaineer, Rock climber

Lyle AlzadoLyle Alzado
03 April 1949, American
American Football Player
Afzal GuruAfzal Guru
30 June 1969, Indian

Lucky DubeLucky Dube
03 August 1964, South African
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Gaius Cassius LonginusGaius Cassius Longinus
0085 BC, Italian
Military commander

Alan FreedAlan Freed
15 December 1921, American
Disc jockey, Radio personality

Saint ValentineSaint Valentine
0226 AD, Italian

Stuart AdamsonStuart Adamson
11 April 1958, British
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist

Michael HedgesMichael Hedges
31 December 1953, American
Guitarist, Musician
Henning von TresckowHenning von Tresckow
10 January 1901, German

Michael A. HessMichael A. Hess
05 July 1952, American

Juana Inés de la CruzJuana Inés de la Cruz
12 November 1651, Mexican
Poet, Nun, Writer, Mathematician, Philosopher,

Nathanael GreeneNathanael Greene
07 August 1742, American
Alexander ScriabinAlexander Scriabin
06 January 1872, Russian
Composer, Pianist, University teacher

Bayezid IBayezid I
1360 AD, Turkish
Túpac Amaru IITúpac Amaru II
10 March 1738, Peruvian

Victor of AveyronVictor of Aveyron
1785 AD, French

Jack UnterwegerJack Unterweger
16 August 1950, Austrian
writer, serial killer
Bernard EdwardsBernard Edwards
31 October 1952, American
Musician, Songwriter, Record producer

Knute RockneKnute Rockne
04 March 1888, American
Head coach, American football player
Eric XIV of SwedenEric XIV of Sweden
13 December 1533, Swedish

Duns ScotusDuns Scotus
1265 AD, British, Scottish
philosopher, theologian, writer, cleric,

Ramon DekkersRamon Dekkers
04 September 1969
Sportsperson, Kickboxer, Thai boxer
Sister NiveditaSister Nivedita
28 October 1867, British

Alp ArslanAlp Arslan
20 January 1029, Kosovar
Michael P. AndersonMichael P. Anderson
25 December 1959, American
Officer, Astronaut, Physicist

René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La SalleRené-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
21 November 1643, French

Isaac BrockIsaac Brock
06 October 1769, British

E. C. SegarE. C. Segar
08 December 1894, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter, Writer
Ric GrechRic Grech
01 November 1946, British
Ali ShariatiAli Shariati
23 November 1933, Iranian
Politician, Writer, Essayist, Philosopher,

Michael the BraveMichael the Brave
1558 AD, Romanian

Marcus Junius BrutusMarcus Junius Brutus
0085 BC, Italian

Subhadra Kumari ChauhanSubhadra Kumari Chauhan
16 August 1904, Indian
Author, Poet
Hans KammlerHans Kammler
26 August 1901, German
architect, engineer

Juan Rodríguez CabrilloJuan Rodríguez Cabrillo
13 March 1499, Portuguese

Kendall FrancoisKendall Francois
26 July 1971, American
American serial killer

Oswald ChambersOswald Chambers
24 July 1874, British
Author, Theologian

Carl Wilhelm ScheeleCarl Wilhelm Scheele
09 December 1742, German, Swedish
chemist, pharmacist
Otto IV, Holy Roman EmperorOtto IV, Holy Roman Emperor
1175 AD, German
Former Holy Roman Emperor

Robert KennedyRobert Kennedy
1925 AD
Government Official
Edward BruceEdward Bruce
1275 AD, Scottish
Former High King of Ireland

John Bowes-LyonJohn Bowes-Lyon
01 April 1886, British
Stockbroker, Cricketer

Oliver CowderyOliver Cowdery
03 October 1806, American
Lenny BreauLenny Breau
05 August 1941, Canadian
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician, Musician,

James BookerJames Booker
17 December 1939, American
Pianist, Songwriter
Viktor BrackViktor Brack
09 November 1904, German

Frank RosenblattFrank Rosenblatt
11 July 1928, American
Psychologist, Computer scientist

Josef JakobsJosef Jakobs
30 June 1898, German
Double agent

Elisa BonaparteElisa Bonaparte
03 January 1777, French
Kido TakayoshiKido Takayoshi
11 August 1833, Japanese
Politician, Statesman, Diplomat

Jeanne III of NavarreJeanne III of Navarre
16 November 1528, French
Queen regnant
Robert CalvertRobert Calvert
09 March 1945, South African
Poet, Singer, Writer

Heinrich BärHeinrich Bär
21 May 1913, German

Martin SchongauerMartin Schongauer
1448 AD, German, French
painter, sculptor

Seleucus IV PhilopatorSeleucus IV Philopator
0218 BC
Jacques CallotJacques Callot
1592 AD, French
engraver, painter, etcher, graphic artist,