Famous People Who Died At 22

The list of famous people who died at 22 includes Aaliyah, Pocahontas, Christina Grimmie, Black Dahlia, Buddy Holly. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, political leaders, soldiers and aviators and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 22 includes people from United States, Germany, Italy & Russia and many more countries.

16 January 1979, American
Singer, Dancer, Actor & Model
Black DahliaBlack Dahlia
29 July 1924, American

1595 AD, American
Native American

Buddy HollyBuddy Holly
07 September 1936, American

Christina GrimmieChristina Grimmie
12 March 1994, American

Robert WadlowRobert Wadlow
22 February 1918, American
Tallest Person Ever Known
Freddie PrinzeFreddie Prinze
22 June 1954, American

Neerja BhanotNeerja Bhanot
07 September 1963, Indian
Air Hostess for Hijacked Pan Am Flight 73

Dominique DunneDominique Dunne
23 November 1959, American

Terry FoxTerry Fox
28 July 1958, Canadian
Irma GreseIrma Grese
07 October 1923, German
Nazi Guard

Ariel CamachoAriel Camacho
08 July 1992, Mexican
Singer, songwriter
Brandon BurlsworthBrandon Burlsworth
20 September 1976, American
American Football Player

Gian-Carlo Coppola Gian-Carlo Coppola
17 September 1963, American
Film Producer

Kato SvanidzeKato Svanidze
02 April 1885, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Wife
Aziz ShavershianZyzz (Aziz Shavershian)
24 March 1989, Australian, Thai, Russian
Body Builder, Internet Personality

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia
15 November 1895, Russian
Politician, Nurse
Horst WesselHorst Wessel
09 October 1907, German

Shunzhi EmperorShunzhi Emperor
15 March 1638, Chinese

Hans-Joachim MarseilleHans-Joachim Marseille
13 December 1919, German
Aviator, Military personnel
Francesca WoodmanFrancesca Woodman
03 April 1958, American

Antonio PuertaAntonio Puerta
26 November 1984, Spanish
Association football player
Oscar TaverasOscar Taveras
19 June 1992, Dominican
Baseball player

Otto III, Holy Roman EmperorOtto III, Holy Roman Emperor
0980 AD, Italian

Publius Septimius GetaPublius Septimius Geta
07 March 0189, Italian
Roman emperor

Jack SheppardJack Sheppard
04 March 1702, British
Thief, gaol-breaker
Cyrus the YoungerCyrus the Younger
0423 BC, Persian
Muawiya IIMuawiya II
28 March 0661, Syrian

Louis III of FranceLouis III of France
0860 AD, French

Alexios IV AngelosAlexios IV Angelos
1182 AD, Turkish
Byzantine emperor

Georges GuynemerGeorges Guynemer
24 December 1894, French
Aviator, Military personnel
James Allen WardJames Allen Ward
14 June 1919, New Zealander

Jimmy DoyleJimmy Doyle
01 August 1924, American

Jiří OrtenJiří Orten
30 August 1919, Czech
Writer, Poet