Famous People Who Died In 1952

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1952. This list includes people like George VI, Curly Howard, John Dewey, Hattie McDaniel, Maria Montessori and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, philosophers and poets who died in 1952. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

George VIGeorge VI
14 December 1895, British
Former King of the United Kingdom
John DeweyJohn Dewey
20 October 1859, American

Curly HowardCurly Howard
22 October 1903, American

Maria MontessoriMaria Montessori
31 August 1870, Italian
Physician and Educator

Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel
10 June 1895, American

Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda
05 January 1893, Indian
John GarfieldJohn Garfield
04 March 1913, American

George SantayanaGeorge Santayana
16 December 1863, Spanish, Italian
Philosopher, Essayist, Poet, & Novelist

Francis PegahmagabowFrancis Pegahmagabow
08 March 1889, Canadian

Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
27 November 1874, British
Former President of Israel
Knut HamsunKnut Hamsun
04 August 1859, Norwegian

Elizabeth Kenny Elizabeth Kenny
20 September 1880, Australian
Nurse & Health Administrator
Don Stephen SenanayakeD. S. Senanayake
20 October 1883, Sri Lankan
First Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Sven HedinSven Hedin
19 February 1865, Swedish
Geographer, Explorer

Charles Scott SherringtonCharles Scott Sherrington
27 November 1857, British
Evita PeronEvita Peron
07 May 1919, Argentinian
Argentine film actress

Gregory La CavaGregory La Cava
10 March 1892, American
Film Director
Eva PerónEva Perón
07 May 1919, Argentinian
Actor, Politician

Wilm HosenfeldWilm Hosenfeld
02 May 1895, German

Kiichiro ToyodaKiichiro Toyoda
11 June 1894, Japanese
Alexandra KollontaiAlexandra Kollontai
31 March 1872, Russian
Politician, Diplomat, Feminist

Keith MurdochKeith Murdoch
12 August 1885, Australian
War correspondent
Billy HughesBilly Hughes
25 September 1862, Australian
Politician, Diplomat

George VI of the United KingdomGeorge VI of the United Kingdom
14 December 1895, British
Former King of the United Kingdom

Edward S. CurtisEdward S. Curtis
16 February 1868, American
Photographer, Anthropologist

Susan PetersSusan Peters
03 July 1921, American
Jürgen StroopJürgen Stroop
24 September 1895, German
military personnel
Benedetto CroceBenedetto Croce
25 February 1866, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Art historian, Writer,

Jean de Lattre de TassignyJean de Lattre de Tassigny
02 February 1889, French
Military personnel

Fletcher HendersonFletcher Henderson
18 December 1897, American
American bandleader

Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount AstorWaldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor
19 May 1879, American
Josephine TeyJosephine Tey
25 July 1896, British
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Vittorio Emanuele OrlandoVittorio Emanuele Orlando
19 May 1860, Italian
Politician, University teacher

Heinrich von VietinghoffHeinrich von Vietinghoff
06 December 1887, German
Military personnel

Clark L. HullClark L. Hull
24 May 1884, American

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Harold InnisHarold Innis
05 November 1894, Canadian
Economist, Historian, Philosopher, University
Albert ForsterAlbert Forster
26 July 1902, German

Ferenc MolnárFerenc Molnár
12 January 1878, Hungarian, American
Wop MayWop May
20 March 1896, Canadian
Military personnel

Kaarlo Juho StåhlbergKaarlo Juho Ståhlberg
20 January 1865, Finnish

Paul NemenyiPaul Nemenyi
05 June 1895, Hungarian
Sveinn BjörnssonSveinn Björnsson
27 February 1881, Danish, Icelander

Keisuke OkadaKeisuke Okada
14 February 1868, Japanese
Politician, Prime Minister
Georgy ShpaginGeorgy Shpagin
17 April 1897, Russian, Russian
Russian weapons designe

Louis T. WrightLouis T. Wright
23 July 1891, American

Robert GuérinRobert Guérin
28 June 1876, French

Bessie Anderson StanleyBessie Anderson Stanley
1879 AD, American

Horloogiyn ChoybalsanHorloogiyn Choybalsan
08 February 1895, Mongolian
Political figure
George Norman DouglasGeorge Norman Douglas
08 December 1868, British

Paul ÉluardPaul Éluard
14 December 1895, French
French poet