Famous People Who Died In 1882

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1882. This list includes people like Charles Darwin, Jesse James, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Todd Lincoln, Giuseppe Garibaldi and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include poets, philosophers, political leaders and journalists who died in 1882. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin
12 February 1809, British
Naturalist, Geologist
Jesse JamesJesse James
05 September 1847, American
American Outlaw & Gang Leader

Ralph Waldo EmersionRalph Waldo Emerson
25 May 1803, American
American Lecturer, Philosopher, Essayist & Poet

Mary Todd LincolnMary Todd Lincoln
13 December 1818, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Giuseppe GaribaldiGiuseppe Garibaldi
04 July 1807, Italian
Italian Nationalist

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow
27 February 1807, American
Poet & Educator
Morgan EarpMorgan Earp
24 April 1851, American
Special Policeman

Theodor SchwannTheodor Schwann
07 December 1810, German

Richard Henry Dana Jr.Richard Henry Dana Jr.
01 August 1815, American
Reputed U. S. Lawyer & Abolitionist

Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
12 May 1828, British
Poet, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Artist,
Anthony TrollopeAnthony Trollope
24 April 1815, British
Writer, Autobiographer, Novelist, Biographer

Arthur de GobineauArthur de Gobineau
14 July 1816, French
Racial theorist, Philosopher, Writer, Diplomat,
Friedrich WöhlerFriedrich Wöhler
31 July 1800, German
German chemist

Thomas Hill GreenThomas Hill Green
07 April 1836, British

Léon GambettaLéon Gambetta
02 April 1838, French
Politician, Lawyer
Louis BlancLouis Blanc
29 October 1811, Spanish, French
Journalist, Politician, Historian, Writer

Bruno BauerBruno Bauer
06 September 1809, German
Philosopher, Theologian, Historian
Sergey NechayevSergey Nechayev
20 September 1847, Russian
writer, militant

Vasily PerovVasily Perov
21 December 1833, Russian

Egerton RyersonEgerton Ryerson
24 March 1803, Canadian
Berthold AuerbachBerthold Auerbach
28 February 1812, German
Poet, Writer, Poet lawyer

George Pollard, Jr.George Pollard, Jr.
1791 AD, British
Alexander GardnerAlexander Gardner
17 October 1821, American
photographer, war photographer

Janos AranyJanos Arany
02 March 1817, Hungarian

Ignacy ŁukasiewiczIgnacy Łukasiewicz
08 March 1822, Polish
Polish pharmacist