The typified personality traits of individuals born on December 6 are dependent on the two planets, Jupiter and Venus. While the former is the reigning planet for the zodiacal group of Sagittarius, the latter governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two determine the uniqueness and individuality of those with this birthday. December 6 individuals are persuasive folks, with a natural talent for communication. They have an optimistic approach in life that makes them look at things in a brighter light. Full of compassion and care, these people are great to know and gel with. They are sociable, friendly and outgoing by nature. However, they have the tendency to act quite selfishly sometimes. In unfavourable situations, these people can turn moody and grumpy as well. December 6 individuals need to work on their negative attributes to lead a good life.

Eli CohenEli Cohen
40, Egyptian, Israeli
Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis Antetokounmpo
25, Greek
Basketball Player

Judd ApatowJudd Apatow
52, American

Henry VI of EnglandHenry VI of England
49, British
King of England

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe
61, American
Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife

Andrew CuomoAndrew Cuomo
62, American
Governor of New York
Sarah RaffertySarah Rafferty
47, American

Richard SpeckRichard Speck
49, American

Baby Face NelsonBaby Face Nelson
25, American

Ryan WhiteRyan White
18, American
Agnes MooreheadAgnes Moorehead
73, American

Satoru IwataSatoru Iwata
55, Japanese
Former President & CEO of Nintendo
Lindsay PriceLindsay Price
43, American

Wally CoxWally Cox
48, American

Tiffany TangTiffany Tang
36, Chinese
14, American
Youtube Star

Stefanie ScottStefanie Scott
23, American
August von MackensenAugust von Mackensen
95, German
Military Leader

Bobby VanBobby Van
51, American

Stormi HenleyStormi Henley
29, American
Miss Teen USA 2009

Colleen HaskellColleen Haskell
43, American
Max MüllerMax Müller
76, German, British
Scholar, Philologist

Gunnar MyrdalGunnar Myrdal
88, Swedish

Millie DavisMillie Davis
13, Canadian

Joseph Louis Gay-LussacJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac
71, French
Chemist and Physicist
Alfred EisenstaedtAlfred Eisenstaedt
96, German
Father of Photojournalism
Lynn Fontanne Lynn Fontanne
95, British, American

Larry BourgeoisLarry Bourgeois
31, French

Lindy TsangLindy Tsang
33, Irish

Wesley StrombergWesley Stromberg
26, American
April Love GearyApril Love Geary
25, American

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Addie Babyteeth4Addie Babyteeth4
12, American
YouTube personality, Vlogger

Patrick HollandPatrick Holland
15, British

Elián GonzalezElián Gonzalez
26, Cuban
Cuban Citizen Who Got Embroiled in Immigration

Ève CurieÈve Curie
26, French, American
Younger Daughter of Scientist Marie Curie
Timothy F. CahillTimothy F. Cahill
40, Australian

Jasprit BumrahJasprit Bumrah
26, Indian
Indian cricketer
Peter HandkePeter Handke
77, Austrian
Novelist, Playwright, Film director, Screenwriter,

Andrew FlintoffAndrew Flintoff
42, British

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel
36, American
American football player
Shreyas IyerShreyas Iyer
25, Indian
Indian cricketer

Randy RhoadsRandy Rhoads
25, American
Guitarist, Musician, Classical guitarist
Ravindra JadejaRavindra Jadeja
31, Indian

43, Bangladeshi

Kit CulkinKit Culkin
75, American

Tom HulceTom Hulce
66, American

Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland
83, American
Actor, Writer
Shekhar KapurShekhar Kapur
74, Indian
Actor, Film director, Accountant, Blogger, Film

Tim CahillTim Cahill
40, Australian, Irish
Association football player, Screenwriter

Janine TurnerJanine Turner
57, American

JoBeth WilliamsJoBeth Williams
71, American
Colin SalmonColin Salmon
57, British

Geoffrey HintonGeoffrey Hinton
72, British
Computer scientist
Otto GrahamOtto Graham
82, American
American Football Player

Susie WolffSusie Wolff
37, British
Racecar driver

Jack ThorneJack Thorne
41, British
Screenwriter, Writer
Jonathan KingJonathan King
75, British
Singer, Songwriter, Record producer, Film director

Noel ClarkeNoel Clarke
44, British
Peter BuckPeter Buck
63, American

Royler GracieRoyler Gracie
54, Brazilian, American
Mixed martial artist

Mia LoveMia Love
44, Haitian, American
Keke RosbergKeke Rosberg
71, Finnish, Swedish
Formula One driver, Racecar driver

Nick ParkNick Park
61, British
Andrea AgnelliAndrea Agnelli
44, Italian
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Dulce MaríaDulce María
34, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet, Vedette, Television

R. P. SinghR. P. Singh
34, Indian

Karun NairKarun Nair
28, Indian
Indian cricketer
Ira GershwinIra Gershwin
86, American
Patrick BauchauPatrick Bauchau
81, Belgian
Actor, Screenwriter

K. D. AubertK. D. Aubert
41, American
Actress, Model, Singer

Craig NewmarkCraig Newmark
67, American
Internet Entrepreneur

Daniel RigbyDaniel Rigby
37, British
Todd DuffeeTodd Duffee
34, American
Mixed martial artist

Ulrich ThomsenUlrich Thomsen
56, Danish
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Arnon MilchanArnon Milchan
75, Israeli
Film producer, Entrepreneur, Screenwriter,

Joyce KilmerJoyce Kilmer
31, American

Alicia MachadoAlicia Machado
43, American, Venezuelan
Parvathamma RajkumarParvathamma Rajkumar
80, Indian
Film producer

Nick BockwinkelNick Bockwinkel
80, American
Professional wrestler, Announcer, Actor
Alberto ContadorAlberto Contador
37, Spanish
Sport cyclist

Henryk GóreckiHenryk Górecki
76, Polish
Composer, Educationist, Musicologist

Baldassare CastiglioneBaldassare Castiglione
50, Italian
Diplomat, Poet, Writer
Nirupama RaoNirupama Rao
69, Indian

Bruce NaumanBruce Nauman
78, American
Sculptor, Painter
William S. HartWilliam S. Hart
81, American

Nils PetersenNils Petersen
31, German
Association football player

George BeurlingGeorge Beurling
26, Canadian
Aviator, Military personnel

Lucia RijkerLucia Rijker
Actor, Boxer, Fencer, Kickboxer, Thai boxer
Richard KrajicekRichard Krajicek
48, Dutch
Tennis player

Paul de ManPaul de Man
64, Belgian, American
Philosopher, University teacher, Literary critic,
Michaela SchaffrathMichaela Schaffrath
49, German
Adult Film Star, Television actor, Nurse, Glamour

Ron KenolyRon Kenoly
75, American
Singer, Songwriter
Sergio CorbucciSergio Corbucci
63, Italian
film director, screenwriter, film producer

Ray LaHoodRay LaHood
74, American
Tessa KennedyTessa Kennedy
81, British

Personality Traits & characteristic of Famous People Born on December 6

Endowed with a kind and considerate temperament, individuals born on December 6 are unique in their own way. They have distinct traits that make them feel special and extraordinary. They are soft-spoken in their manners which make them pleasant to know and nice to be around. People born on December 6 understand the power of quiet persuasion and have positive attitude and great communication skills, which make them people’s people and natural mediators. What’s more, their optimistic nature makes everything seem to be positive and in good light for December 6 individuals. Another interesting attribute for December 6 folks is their drive to help others both professionally and personally. Fuelled by ambition, these people have the rare ability to go with the flow and attain a cherished dream.

Health concerns for individuals born on December 6 are mostly stable. These people believe in the fact that to achieve optimum health and vitality, it is very necessary to have a positive attitude. Also, they work towards achieving a harmony in between their mind, body and spirit to attain peak performance levels. The only matter of concern for December 6 folks is that they often face weight gain issues as they move towards middle age. Endowed with a fascination for food and highly receptive taste buds, these people find it hard to resist food. As such, cutting back on calories also seems to be difficult for these folks. To enjoy vitality and perfect health condition, December 6 individuals need to take care of their eating habits and try to include some sort of exercise or workout in their daily regimen.

Money do not hold much importance in the life of individuals born on December 6th. Though they do not aim to earn big, they have a talent for making money and it is due to this skill that these people often end up living a luxurious life. Having a generous nature, spending is not a restrained activity for December 6 people. They rarely think twice before spending their money and thus, need to adopt a careful attitude when it comes to saving and spending.

A variety of career path is open for individuals born on December 6 due to their natural openness and assertiveness. Endowed with great mediating abilities, December 6 individuals make excellent lawyers, judges and corporate executives. However, they can also be good at other vocations like in the field of education, business and public relations. Their natural assertiveness guides them to be fit for occupations in the management, administration or teaching sector as well.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
December 6 individuals are excellent at maintaining relationships. Blessed with an understanding nature, these people make great companions and friends. They share cordial relationship with parents, siblings, friends and relatives. People look up to December 6 individuals for advice and compassion. Romantically, unlike their other zodiacal counterparts, December 6 individuals are in no hurry to get into a relationship. Only when they find their perfect partner do they make a lifelong commitment to him or her. Sagittarians born on this date are loving, caring and affectionate folks. They bestow their special someone with as much love, care and warmth. Parenting comes naturally to individuals sharing their birthdate on December 6. These people have the ability to understand that their views maybe different from those that their little ones have and do not impose or force their decision on children. In fact, December 6 men and women try to make their children independent, confident and forward thinking.

Lucky Color: White, Cream, Rose, Pink
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 15, 24