The personality of Capricorns born on December 27 is influenced by Saturn, the ruling planet of the zodiacal group. However, Mars is the governor of the actual date on which these people share their birthday thus explaining the difference in the typicalities and uniqueness of those born on this date. Endowed with a sense of humor and wit, December 27 individuals are helpful and responsible folks with a deep sense of sincerity, patience and loyalty. They have a sense of purposefulness and resourcefulness which compliments their adaptable and tolerant nature and makes them think positively about every situation or circumstances. However, not all is good with December 27 folks as they can be controlling and stubbornly inflexible. Additionally, these individuals are susceptible to getting stressed quite quickly. It is advisable for December 27 folks to practice a natural relaxation technique to calm themselves.

Duncan FergusonDuncan Ferguson
48, Scottish
Football Player
Timothée ChalametTimothée Chalamet
24, American

45, American
Professional Wrestler

Dawood IbrahimDawood Ibrahim
64, Indian

Bill GoldbergBill Goldberg
53, American
Professional Wrestler

Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich
90, German, French
Actress & Singer
Hayley WilliamsHayley Williams
31, American
Pop Singer

Louis PasteurLouis Pasteur
72, French
Chemist and Microbiologist

Elizabeth RodriguezElizabeth Rodriguez
39, American

Johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler
58, German
Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer
Eva LaRueEva LaRue
53, American

Kristina PimenovaKristina Pimenova
14, Russian
Instagram Star, Model
Masi OkaMasi Oka
45, Japanese, American

Manuela SáenzManuela Sáenz
58, Ecuadorian

Oscar LevantOscar Levant
65, American
American pianist
Dane WitherspoonDane Witherspoon
56, American

Marillyn HewsonMarillyn Hewson
66, American
CEO of Lockheed Martin
Biswa Kalyan RathBiswa Kalyan Rath
29, Indian
Stand-up Comedian, YouTuber

Aaron StanfordAaron Stanford
43, American

Jacob BernoulliJacob Bernoulli
50, Swiss
Alice KimAlice Kim
36, American
Nicholas Cage’s Ex-Wife

Tal FishmanTal Fishman
23, American
YouTube star
Elisa IsoardiElisa Isoardi
37, Italian
TV Host

Mirza GhalibMirza Ghalib
71, Indian

Kamri Noel McKnightKamri Noel McKnight
17, American

Briar NoletBriar Nolet
21, Canadian
Dancer, Actress
Travie WilliamsTravie Williams
26, American
Josh Leyva Josh Leyva
29, American

16, American
YouTube Star

Heather O RourkeHeather O Rourke
12, American
Child Actor

Peanut (YouTuber)Peanut (YouTuber)
18, American
Salman KhanSalman Khan
54, Indian
Film actor, Actor

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Chloe BridgesChloe Bridges
28, American

Olivia CookeOlivia Cooke
26, British

John AmosJohn Amos
80, American
television actor, film actor,stage actor

Gérard DepardieuGérard Depardieu
71, French, Russian
Film actor, Actor, Film director, Film producer,
Carson PalmerCarson Palmer
40, American
American football player

Hera HilmarHera Hilmar
31, Icelander
Adil RamiAdil Rami
34, French
Association football player

Cokie RobertsCokie Roberts
76, American

Emilie de RavinEmilie de Ravin
38, Australian
Actor, Film actor
Milos RaonicMilos Raonic
29, Canadian, Montenegrins
Tennis player

Shelly-Ann Fraser-PryceShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
33, Jamaican
Sprinter, Athletics competitor
John Edward RobinsonJohn Edward Robinson
76, American
Serial killer

Sarah VowellSarah Vowell
50, American

Wilson CruzWilson Cruz
46, American

Theresa RandleTheresa Randle
55, American

Jay EllisJay Ellis
38, American
Lisa JakubLisa Jakub
41, Canadian
Actor, Writer

Paul GilbertPaul Gilbert
57, American

Lily ColeLily Cole
32, British
Actor, Model

Janet Street-PorterJanet Street-Porter
73, British
Journalist, Television presenter
David KnopflerDavid Knopfler
67, British

Sydney GreenstreetSydney Greenstreet
74, British
Patrick SharpPatrick Sharp
38, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Inejiro AsanumaInejiro Asanuma
61, Japanese

Tovah FeldshuhTovah Feldshuh
67, American
Television actor, Film actor, Writer, Playwright,
Guthrie GovanGuthrie Govan
48, British
Guitarist, Music educator

Ernesto ZedilloErnesto Zedillo
68, Mexican
Economist, University teacher, Author
John CharlesJohn Charles
72, British, Welsh
Association football player, Association football

Terry BozzioTerry Bozzio
69, American
Drummer, Musician, Composer, Percussionist

Maaya UchidaMaaya Uchida
30, Japanese
William MastersWilliam Masters
85, American

Scotty MooreScotty Moore
84, American
Guitarist, Audio engineer
Javine HyltonJavine Hylton
38, British

Barbara Kay BracherBarbara Olson
45, American
Journalist, Lawyer

George CayleyGeorge Cayley
83, British
Aeronautical engineer, Engineer, Politician

Polly ToynbeePolly Toynbee
73, British
Journalist, Reporter
Thomas MeninoThomas Menino
71, American
Michel PiccoliMichel Piccoli
94, French
Film actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage

Marshall SahlinsMarshall Sahlins
89, American
Anthropologist, Educationist, University teacher

Guido WesterwelleGuido Westerwelle
54, German
Jurist, Politician, Lawyer, Writer

Olivier BlanchardOlivier Blanchard
71, French
Economist, University teacher
Teo Chee HeanTeo Chee Hean
65, Singaporean

Lam Ching-yingLam Ching-ying
Actor, Film director

Tabatha CashTabatha Cash
46, French
Adult Film Star, Actor

Mackenzie BowellMackenzie Bowell
93, Canadian
Politician, Entrepreneur, Journalist

Bob BrownBob Brown
75, Australian
Politician, Physician
Mina LoyMina Loy
83, British, American

Joan Manuel SerratJoan Manuel Serrat
76, Spanish
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Writer
Sergei Bodrov Jr.Sergei Bodrov Jr.
30, Russian

Louis BromfieldLouis Bromfield
59, American

Gamal MubarakGamal Mubarak
56, Egyptian
Chris MainwaringChris Mainwaring
41, Australian
Australian Rules Footballer

Charles OlsonCharles Olson
59, American
Stepan MakarovStepan Makarov
55, Russian
soldier, engineer, hydrographer, explorer

Charles HodgeCharles Hodge
80, American

Juan Felipe HerreraJuan Felipe Herrera
71, American

Falak ShabirFalak Shabir
34, Pakistani
Klaus FischerKlaus Fischer
70, German
Association football player, Association football

Haris AlexiouHaris Alexiou
69, Greek
Singer, Songwriter, Composer
Jayley WooJayley Woo
28, Singaporean

Torah BrightTorah Bright
33, Australian
Shulamit AloniShulamit Aloni
85, Israeli

William Erasmus DarwinWilliam Erasmus Darwin
74, British
Charles Darwin's son
Syed Mustafa KamalSyed Mustafa Kamal
48, Pakistani

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 27

People born on the twenty seventh day of December are idealistic folks with an intuitive nature and a great sense of humor. These people are naturally protective and dependable and are able to hide their insecurities well. Interestingly, the influence of Mars brings about a dash of confidence, practicality and tender-heartedness to December 27 individuals. These people are extremely hardworking by nature. Their organizational skills coupled with their ‘can do it’ attitude make them realize all their dreams and goals. Additionally, their streak of perfectionism helps them in the process. December 27 individuals draw intense satisfaction from helping others. They are practical and down to earth and possess deep sense of kindness and compassion.

December 27 individuals are health conscious folks. They believe in the old school of health and thus, take immense effort to stay fit and in shape. People born on this day stick to nutritious food and make sure to include a few hours of exercise in the daily routine to stay blessed. They do not give in to temptation and stay away from fattening and unhealthy dietary choices. They do not believe in hitting the gym every day to remain in shape. Instead, an active lifestyle and energetic disposition is what they feel is necessary for living a healthy life. It is due to these efforts that December 27 individuals remain active and full of vitality.

Managing money and handling finances comes easy for individuals born on December 27. Though these people have a conservative approach in spending money, they understand that sometimes risks are unavoidable. Many a times, during youth, December 27 individuals take uncalculated risk and thus spend their money recklessly. These people should avoid borrowing money and instead reorganize their income. Developing a prudent attitude would help make December 27 individuals expert financial planners.

Ambitious and hardworking, December 27 individuals enjoy careers that place them at topmost position. Since these people are excellent at getting others to work at their highest potential, they make good supervisors and bosses. Fuelled by the strong need to succeed and climb to the topmost position, these individuals do well in any type of career. Also, their varied interest and skilled approach makes perfect for numerous career options.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Untypical to all Capricorns, individuals born on December 27 are more perceptive and sentimental. They are loyal and trustworthy and provide emotional support to family and friends in times of trouble.  It is their instinctive nature that guides them through most relationships. December 27 folks know instantly when they have met their ideal soul mate. A perfect partner is one who is not just a lover but serves as the best friend too. He/she would also need to have patience and perseverance as December 27 individuals take long to open up emotionally. However, when committed, these people are absolutely generous and unselfish. They are good at reading the feelings and emotions of their mates and are likely to bestow them with much warmth and pleasure. Parenting takes a strict disciplinarian route for most individuals with this birthdate. These people want their children to act morally and thus are strict with them.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon, Scarlet
Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 27