Astrologically, the personality of December 26 folks is determined by the influence of Saturn, the ruler of the zodiacal group. What’s more, the actual date in which December 26 individuals are born is also ruled by the same celestial body thus doubling the influence. People sharing their birthdate on December 26 are doubly determined, dependable and resilient than most Capricorns. They have a sense of humor and wit and are endowed with a passionate drive to take up challenges. Warm, attentive and affectionate, December 26 individuals are self-confident folks with an intense drive to achieve. However, not all is good with December 26 individuals as they are prone to egoistical and unforgiving behaviour. They may even have streak of insecurity and uncertainty. 

Jared LetoJared Leto
48, American
American actor
Chris DaughtryChris Daughtry
40, American
Vocalist, Guitarist

Mao ZedongMao Zedong
82, Chinese
Communist Leader of China

Phil SpectorPhil Spector
80, American
Record Producer

Kit HaringtonKit Harington
33, British

Charles BabbageCharles Babbage
79, British
Father of the computer
Lars UlrichLars Ulrich
56, Danish

Beth BehrsBeth Behrs
34, American

Tahnee WelchTahnee Welch
58, American
Model & Actress
Andy BiersackAndy Biersack
29, American

Jon BellionJon Bellion
29, American
Steve AllenSteve Allen
78, American

Tricia Leigh FisherTricia Leigh Fisher
51, American

Frederick II, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
55, Italian
Holy Roman Emperor

Roxanne PallettRoxanne Pallett
37, British

Emilie SchenklEmilie Schenkl
85, Austrian
Wife of Subhash Chandra Bose
Baba AmteBaba Amte
93, Indian

Shimron HetmyerShimron Hetmyer
23, Guyanese

Jade ThirlwallJade Thirlwall
27, British
Pop Singer

George DeweyGeorge Dewey
79, American
Military Leader
Natalie NunnNatalie Nunn
35, American
Television Personality

Alan KingAlan King
76, American
American actor
Tiffany BrissetteTiffany Brissette
45, American

Aksel Lund SvindalAksel Lund Svindal
37, Norwegian

Hu Yi TianHu Yi Tian
26, Chinese
Elizabeth DavidElizabeth David
78, British
British writer

Norman AngellNorman Angell
94, British
British Journalist & Author
Isac ElliotIsac Elliot
19, Finnish
Singer, Songwriter

Renato GuttusoRenato Guttuso
75, Italian

John BradfieldJohn Bradfield
75, Australian
Designer of Sydney Harbour Bridge
25, American
Twitch Streamer, Professional Gamer

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Dana AlexaDana Alexa
30, American
Dancer, Choreographer
Devin BrugmanDevin Brugman
29, American
Model, Entrepreneur, Fashion Blogger

Devin RamirezDevin Ramirez
16, American
TikTok ( Star, Dancer, Actress

Henry Valentine MillerHenry Valentine Miller
88, American

Eliza LimehouseEliza Limehouse
23, American
Reality TV Personality
McKenzie MoralesMcKenzie Morales
17, American
Caroll SpinneyCaroll Spinney
85, American

Mary SomervilleMary Somerville
91, British, Scottish
Mathematician, Linguist, Translator, Astronomer,

David SedarisDavid Sedaris
63, American
Writer, Essayist

Aaron RamseyAaron Ramsey
29, British
Association football player
Temuera MorrisonTemuera Morrison
59, New Zealander

Richard WidmarkRichard Widmark
93, American
film actor, stage actor, television actor

Eden SherEden Sher
28, American

Hugo LlorisHugo Lloris
33, French
Association football player

Jay GlazerJay Glazer
50, American
Sports Writers
Emma ForrestEmma Forrest
43, British, American

Ozzie SmithOzzie Smith
65, American
Baseball shortstop
Shun OguriShun Oguri
37, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū, Film director, Child actor, Stage

Gray DavisGray Davis
77, American

Marina KhanMarina Khan
57, Pakistani
Television director, Television producer, Actor
Wallace HuoWallace Huo
40, Chinese
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Elisha Cook Jr.Elisha Cook Jr.
91, American
Hu YitianHu Yitian
26, Chinese

Yohan BlakeYohan Blake
30, French, Jamaican
Sprinter, Athletics competitor

Bill AyersBill Ayers
75, American
educator, autobiographer, university teacher,

Ed StaffordEd Stafford
44, British

Danielle CormackDanielle Cormack
49, New Zealander
Shane MeadowsShane Meadows
47, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film editor

Jérôme Le BannerJérôme Le Banner
47, French
Boxer, Actor, Mixed martial artist, Professional

Denis CheryshevDenis Cheryshev
29, Spanish, Russian
Association football player

John Horton ConwayJohn Horton Conway
82, British
Mathematician, University teacher, Computer
Carlton FiskCarlton Fisk
72, American
Baseball player

John ScofieldJohn Scofield
68, American
Guitarist, Composer, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist
Arthur PercivalArthur Percival
78, Malaysian, British
Military personnel

Thomas GrayThomas Gray
54, British
Poet, Writer, Literary critic

Evan BayhEvan Bayh
64, American
Former American senator
Elton MayoElton Mayo
68, Australian
Psychologist, University teacher, Sociologist

47, Indian
film director
Rose Mary WoodsRose Mary Woods
87, American

Marcelo RíosMarcelo Ríos
44, Chilean
Tennis player

José Ramos-HortaJosé Ramos-Horta
70, East Timorese
Sofiane FeghouliSofiane Feghouli
30, Algerian
Association football player

Richard SwinburneRichard Swinburne
85, British
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher
Kitty DukakisKitty Dukakis
83, American
American author

Josie HoJosie Ho
45, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Peter HillaryPeter Hillary
65, New Zealander

Gnassingbé EyadémaGnassingbé Eyadéma
69, Togolese
Political figure
Leonel FernándezLeonel Fernández
66, Dominican
Former President of the Dominican Republic
Alexandra RapaportAlexandra Rapaport
48, Swedish

Toomas Hendrik IlvesToomas Hendrik Ilves
66, Estonian, Swedish, American
Politician, Journalist, Diplomat

Maurice UtrilloMaurice Utrillo
71, French

Alejo CarpentierAlejo Carpentier
75, Swiss, Cuban
Writer, Journalist, Essayist, Musicologist,
Jean ToomerJean Toomer
72, American
American poet

Vladimir TretchikoffVladimir Tretchikoff
92, Kazakh

Susan ButcherSusan Butcher
51, American

Edward C. PrescottEdward C. Prescott
79, American
Economist, University teacher

Yu ShirotaYu Shirota
34, Spanish
Actor, Singer, Tarento
Samuel SevianSamuel Sevian
19, American
Chess player

Mikhail BoyarskyMikhail Boyarsky
70, Russian
Lord George GordonLord George Gordon
41, British

Fred SchepisiFred Schepisi
80, Australian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Ernst Moritz ArndtErnst Moritz Arndt
90, German
Poet, Writer, University teacher
Ali JavanAli Javan
89, American
Physicist, Professor, Inventor

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on December 26

Energetic and enthusiastic, Capricorns sharing their birthday on December 26 are always on the go. They possess strong determination and will power and an extra edge of competitiveness. As such, failures do not pose as a threat for these people as they very well know how to bounce back from the same. Their strong sense of confidence and determination helps them make a mark in the world and be recognized for their assets. December 26 individuals are brilliant at reading the mind of others and have a good judgement of character. Ambitious and career oriented, these people allow work to dominate the major part of their life. However, this does not mean that these people do not have a personal life. They in fact have this innate unsaid desire to love and be loved to feel complete.

More than physical health, it is psychological health that December 26 individuals need to take care of. These people are prone to taking stress and tension and thus suffer from headache, backache, upset stomach and sleeping disorder. December 26 individuals need to learn to handle stress well in order to experience good health and vitality. Also, these people need to practice meditation and prayer on a regular basis to get rid of the tension and find ways of relaxing themselves mentally and psychologically. Including nutritious food and exercise in the daily routine is quintessential to stay active and feel blessed and relaxed.

The financial condition of individuals born on December 26 is mostly stable. These people consider money as important but take care not to make it their top priority. They understand the value and worth of money in the sense that the same is important to buy them the necessities and luxuries of life. As such, money does form the center of the lives of December 26 individuals but arising out of the plain desire to see the loved ones secure and protected. While spending money, December 26 individuals are mostly generous with their finances and thus, should work hard to get a little tight-clasped.

Being in control and staying at the topmost position at work are two most crucial factors that December 26 individuals aim to achieve while selecting or making the right career choice. Since these people have an affinity for business, they find the idea of self-employment appealing and have a mindset for the same. December 26 individuals are meticulous in their approach and intelligently endowed. Thus, they have immense potential to succeed in business avenues.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships do not come in easily to December 26 individuals. Since these people are prone to feeling vulnerable and weak, they are extremely cautious while forming bonds. However, once a relationship is formed, it remains a part of the lives of these people for years. On the romantic front, December 26 individuals take their time while getting to know people. They are not attracted to those who are too loud or pushy. In fact, an ideal partner is one who is extremely loyal and dedicated and meets their high moral standards. Also, he/she should provide constant reassurance and security. Once committed, December 25 individuals are extremely passionate and loving. IN the relationship, they are consistent, dependable, and loyal. Parenting is a learning process for December 26 individuals. These people are strict disciplinarians but do not like restraining their kids and believe in giving them complete freedom.

Lucky Color: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 17, 26