Throughout history, there have been many Canadian women sportspersons who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Canadian female sportspersons such as Natalya Neidhart, Trish Stratus, Taya Valkyrie, Missy Franklin, Annabel Bowlen.
Natalya NeidhartNatalya Neidhart
27 May 1982, Canadian, American
Professional Wrestler
Trish StratusTrish Stratus
18 December 1975, Canadian

Maryse OuelletMaryse Ouellet
21 January 1983, Canadian, American

Taya ValkyrieTaya Valkyrie
22 October 1983, Canadian

Tessa VirtueTessa Virtue
17 May 1989, Canadian
Ice Dancer

Missy FranklinMissy Franklin
10 May 1995, Canadian, American
Olympics Gold Medalist Swimmer
Annabel BowlenAnnabel Bowlen
1956 AD, Canadian
Wife of Pat Bowlen

Laeticia AmihereLaeticia Amihere
10 July 2001, Canadian
Basketball Player

Amber MarshallAmber Marshall
02 June 1988, Canadian
Bianca AndreescuBianca Andreescu
16 June 2000, Canadian
Tennis Player

Eugenie BouchardEugenie Bouchard
25 February 1994, Canadian
Tennis player
Amy Jo JohnsonAmy Jo Johnson
06 October 1970, Canadian, American

Gail KimGail Kim
20 February 1977, Canadian

Victoria PrattVictoria Pratt
18 December 1970, Canadian

Angelina LoveAngelina Love
13 September 1981, Canadian

Rosa MendesRosa Mendes
25 October 1979, Canadian
Professional wrestler
Mary PierceMary Pierce
15 January 1975, Canadian, French
Tennis player

Christine SinclairChristine Sinclair
12 June 1983, Canadian
Association football player

Hayley WickenheiserHayley Wickenheiser
12 August 1978, Canadian
Ice hockey player, Softball player

Hazel McCallionHazel McCallion
14 February 1921, Canadian
Ice hockey player, Politician
Jamie SaléJamie Salé
21 April 1977, Canadian
Figure skater

Alexis DavisAlexis Davis
04 October 1984, Canadian
mixed martial artist
Kaetlyn OsmondKaetlyn Osmond
05 December 1995, Canadian
Figure skater

Clara HughesClara Hughes
27 September 1972, Canadian

Bonnie BlairBonnie Blair
18 March 1964, Canadian, American
Speed Skater
Barbara Ann ScottBarbara Ann Scott
09 May 1928, Canadian
Figure skater

Nancy Greene RaineNancy Greene Raine
11 May 1943, Canadian
Cindy KlassenCindy Klassen
12 August 1979, Canadian
Speed Skater

Rachel HomanRachel Homan
05 April 1989, Canadian

Natalie SpoonerNatalie Spooner
17 October 1990, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Sandy ParkerSandy Parker
02 March 1952, Canadian
Professional wrestler

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Sandra SchmirlerSandra Schmirler
11 June 1963, Canadian
Kaillie HumphriesKaillie Humphries
04 September 1985, Canadian, American

Myriam BédardMyriam Bédard
22 December 1969, Canadian

Sarah VaillancourtSarah Vaillancourt
08 May 1985, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Helen UppertonHelen Upperton
31 October 1979, Canadian, Kuwaiti
Nicole GretherNicole Grether
17 October 1974, Canadian, German
Badminton player
Jamie Salé and David PelletierJamie Salé and David Pelletier
21 April 1977, Canadian