Throughout history, there have been many Canadian women musicians who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Canadian female musicians such as Avril Lavigne, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall, Alannah Myles.
Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne
27 September 1984, Canadian, French
Shania TwainShania Twain
28 August 1965, Canadian

Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen
21 November 1985, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan
28 January 1968, Canadian

Diana KrallDiana Krall
16 November 1964, Canadian
Jazz Pianist

Alannah MylesAlannah Myles
25 December 1958, Canadian
Cindy BreakspeareCindy Breakspeare
24 October 1954, Canadian, Jamaican
Miss World 1976

Chantal KreviazukChantal Kreviazuk
18 May 1974, Canadian
Canadian singer-songwriter

Geneviève CastréeGeneviève Castrée
09 April 1981, Canadian, American
Canadian Cartoonist
11 November 1968, Canadian

Claire Elise BoucherClaire Elise Boucher
17 March 1988, Canadian
Record Producer
Alanis MorisetteAlanis Morisette
01 June 1974, Canadian
American-Canadian singer-songwriter

Hélène Mercier-ArnaultHélène Mercier-Arnault
1959 AD, Canadian

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang
02 November 1961, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Hailey ReeseHailey Reese
30 January 1996, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Celine DionCeline Dion
30 March 1968, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Voice actor, Musician, Pianist,
Amy Jo JohnsonAmy Jo Johnson
06 October 1970, Canadian, American

Loreena McKennittLoreena McKennitt
17 February 1957, Canadian
Singer, Composer, Pianist, Musician, Songwriter

09 May 1975, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Actor, Model

Nicole AppletonNicole Appleton
07 December 1974, Canadian
Actor, Singer
Cassie SteeleCassie Steele
02 December 1989, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Buffy Sainte-MarieBuffy Sainte-Marie
20 February 1941, Canadian
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Visual artist, Record
Jessica LowndesJessica Lowndes
08 November 1988, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Alissa White-GluzAlissa White-Gluz
31 July 1985, Canadian

Deborah CoxDeborah Cox
13 July 1974, Canadian
Melissa Auf der MaurMelissa Auf der Maur
17 March 1972, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Photographer, Film producer,

MacKenzie PorterMacKenzie Porter
29 January 1990, Canadian
Jacqueline MacInnes WoodJacqueline MacInnes Wood
17 April 1987, Canadian

Natalie AppletonNatalie Appleton
14 May 1973, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Martha WainwrightMartha Wainwright
08 May 1976, Canadian
Sophie SimmonsSophie Simmons
07 July 1992, Canadian, American

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Deanna DurbinDeanna Durbin
04 December 1921, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician, Opera singer, Film actor
Terri ClarkTerri Clark
05 August 1968, Canadian

Sarah HarmerSarah Harmer
12 November 1970, Canadian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician

Alice GlassAlice Glass
23 August 1988, Canadian

Fefe DobsonFefe Dobson
28 February 1985, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Model
Régine ChassagneRégine Chassagne
18 August 1977, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Pianist
16 January 1989, Canadian
Singer songwriter

Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
12 September 1961, Canadian, French
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,

Alexz JohnsonAlexz Johnson
04 November 1986, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer

Jann ArdenJann Arden
27 March 1962, Canadian
Street artist, Singer, Film producer, Television
Emily HainesEmily Haines
25 January 1974, Canadian
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist

Bif NakedBif Naked
17 June 1971, Canadian
singer, actor

Emm GrynerEmm Gryner
08 June 1975, Canadian
Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Serena RyderSerena Ryder
08 December 1982, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Melanie FionaMelanie Fiona
04 July 1983, Canadian
Cœur de pirateCœur de pirate
22 September 1989, Canadian
Singer, Pianist, Actor, Songwriter

Keshia ChantéKeshia Chanté
16 June 1988, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Pianist, Model,
Jane ChildJane Child
15 February 1967, Canadian
Singer, Record producer, Composer

Lee AaronLee Aaron
21 July 1962, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Basia BulatBasia Bulat
13 April 1984, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Isabelle BoulayIsabelle Boulay
06 July 1972, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Sass JordanSass Jordan
23 December 1962, Canadian
Singer, Singer-songwriter
Emilie-Claire BarlowEmilie-Claire Barlow
06 June 1976, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Music arranger, Record

Nikki YanofskyNikki Yanofsky
08 February 1994, Canadian
Singer, Vocalist, Jazz musician

Skye SweetnamSkye Sweetnam
05 May 1988, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Emmalyn EstradaEmmalyn Estrada
05 April 1992, Canadian

Jane SiberryJane Siberry
12 October 1955, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter, Jazz musician
Martina SorbaraMartina Sorbara
13 November 1978, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Sarah NeufeldSarah Neufeld
27 August 1979, Canadian

23 December 1978, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Natasha St-PierNatasha St-Pier
10 February 1981, Canadian
Singer, Actor
Angela HewittAngela Hewitt
26 July 1958, Canadian

Jully BlackJully Black
08 November 1977, Canadian
07 July 1984, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Mia MartinaMia Martina
14 January 1982, Canadian

Maud AllanMaud Allan
27 August 1873, Canadian
Zoë KeatingZoë Keating
02 February 1972, Canadian, American

Amy MillanAmy Millan
03 December 1973, Canadian
Lindi OrtegaLindi Ortega

Sophie MilmanSophie Milman
1983 AD, Canadian
singer, jazz musician

13 February 1976, Canadian, American
singer-songwriter, actor, singer
11 April 1987, Canadian

Ofra HarnoyOfra Harnoy
31 January 1965, Canadian, Israeli
Pauline JulienPauline Julien
23 May 1928, Canadian

Violet ArcherViolet Archer
24 April 1913, Canadian

25 April 1958, Canadian
singer, singer-songwriter, musician

Sophie TrudeauSophie Trudeau
Barbara PentlandBarbara Pentland
02 January 1912, Canadian
k.d. langk.d. lang
02 November 1961, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Musician,

Melissa StorwickMelissa Storwick
13 November 1998, Canadian