Canada has been inhabited by the aborigines, French and English and their culture is an amalgamation of the three. Similar to their culture and traditions, the Canadian music is also influenced by the three communities. Each aboriginal community had developed a distinct style of music but the Chanting tradition which used a variety of hand-made instruments became quite popular. Eventually as the French colonies began to settle in the country, the music evolved to incorporate the classic fiddle playing style and the musicians began to use instruments such as violins, guitars, drums, flutes and trumpets. After the great depression the music moved towards a more popular culture and thus came into being Canadian jazz and Canadian rock. Pianist Oscar Peterson and singer Hank Snow were some of the greatest musicians of that era. The country has also produced some great rock musicians like Neil young and Leonard Cohen. The great legacy of the country’s music is carried forward by the musicians like Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain and Celine Dion. Here we present to you a collection of biographies on some of most the famous Canadian musicians. Read on to know more about their life stories, timeline and achievements. You will also find some interesting facts and trivia about these personalities.
Shawn MendesShawn Mendes
08 August 1998
Singer & Songwriter
Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne
27 September 1984

Neil YoungNeil Young
12 November 1945
Singer-Songwriter and Musician

David FosterDavid Foster
01 November 1949

The WeekndThe Weeknd
16 February 1990

Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen
21 September 1934
Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen
21 November 1985
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Bryan AdamsBryan Adams
05 November 1959

Michael BubleMichael Bublé
09 September 1975
Singer-songwriter, Actor

Cory MonteithCory Monteith
11 May 1982
Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan
28 January 1968

Paul Albert AnkaPaul Anka
30 July 1941
Singer, Songwriter
Mac DeMarcoMac DeMarco
30 April 1990

Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot
17 November 1938
Singer, Songwriter

Chad KroegerChad Kroeger
15 November 1974
05 January 1981

Deryck WhibleyDeryck Whibley
21 March 1980
Geddy LeeGeddy Lee
29 July 1953

Neal PeartNeil Peart
12 September 1952
Musician, Songwriter

Robbie RobertsonRobbie Robertson
05 July 1943
Diana KrallDiana Krall
16 November 1964
Jazz Pianist

Coyote ShiversCoyote Shivers
24 September 1965
03 July 1993

Adam GontierAdam Gontier
25 May 1978

Geneviève CastréeGeneviève Castrée
09 April 1981
Canadian Cartoonist

Cindy BreakspeareCindy Breakspeare
24 October 1954
Miss World 1976
Edison Chen Edison Chen
07 October 1980
Actor, Singer, Record Producer
Alannah MylesAlannah Myles
25 December 1958

Oscar PetersonOscar Peterson
15 August 1925
Jazz Pianist

Chantal KreviazukChantal Kreviazuk
18 May 1974
Canadian singer-songwriter

Shane HarteShane Harte
28 November 1996
11 November 1968

Claire Elise BoucherClaire Elise Boucher
17 March 1988
Record Producer

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang
02 November 1961
Singer, Songwriter

Alanis MorisetteAlanis Morisette
01 June 1974
American-Canadian singer-songwriter

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Aaron FunkAaron Funk
11 January 1975
Electronic Musician

Hailey ReeseHailey Reese
30 January 1996
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Celine DionCeline Dion
30 March 1968
Singer, Actor, Voice actor, Musician, Pianist,

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette
01 June 1974
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer,

Leon RedboneLeon Redbone
26 August 1949
Singer, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist, Songwriter
Alan ThickeAlan Thicke
01 March 1947
Actor, Songwriter, Composer, Television presenter,

Victor GarberVictor Garber
16 March 1949
Television actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician,
Devin TownsendDevin Townsend
05 May 1972
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Record

Denny DohertyDenny Doherty
29 November 1940
Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Actor

Nicole AppletonNicole Appleton
07 December 1974
Actor, Singer

Glenn GouldGlenn Gould
25 September 1932
Pianist, Composer

Long John BaldryLong John Baldry
12 January 1941
Loreena McKennittLoreena McKennitt
17 February 1957
Singer, Composer, Pianist, Musician, Songwriter

Alex LifesonAlex Lifeson
27 August 1953
Composer, Guitarist

30 October 1969
musician, singer

Rick DankoRick Danko
29 December 1942
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Singer
Buffy Sainte-MarieBuffy Sainte-Marie
20 February 1941
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Visual artist, Record

Bruce CockburnBruce Cockburn
27 May 1945
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter,
Jessica LowndesJessica Lowndes
08 November 1988
Actor, Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Howard ShoreHoward Shore
18 October 1946
Composer, Conductor, Film score composer

Jann ArdenJann Arden
27 March 1962
Street artist, Singer, Film producer, Television
09 May 1975
Singer, Musician, Actor, Model

Burton CummingsBurton Cummings
31 December 1947
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Songwriter,
Randy BachmanRandy Bachman
27 September 1943
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Melissa Auf der MaurMelissa Auf der Maur
17 March 1972
Singer-songwriter, Photographer, Film producer,

Richard ManuelRichard Manuel
03 April 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Musician
Steven PageSteven Page
22 June 1970
Singer, Songwriter

Natalie AppletonNatalie Appleton
14 May 1973
Actor, Singer, Musician
Jonny CraigJonny Craig
26 March 1986

Dave BakshDave Baksh
26 July 1980
Musician, Singer, Guitarist

Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
12 September 1961
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,

Gino VannelliGino Vannelli
16 June 1952
Singer, Songwriter, Jazz musician
Bob RockBob Rock
19 April 1954
Bassist, Engineer, Audio engineer, Musician,
Steve JoczSteve Jocz
23 July 1981
Drummer, Singer

Emily HainesEmily Haines
25 January 1974
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist

12 October 1986
Music executive, Record producer, Composer

Jon LajoieJon Lajoie
21 August 1980
Actor, Guitarist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter,
Garth HudsonGarth Hudson
02 August 1937
Pianist, Musician

Fefe DobsonFefe Dobson
28 February 1985
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Model

Deanna DurbinDeanna Durbin
04 December 1921
Actor, Singer, Musician, Opera singer, Film actor

Alice GlassAlice Glass
23 August 1988

Tom CochraneTom Cochrane
14 May 1953
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer
Terry JacksTerry Jacks
29 March 1944
Singer, Songwriter

Raine MaidaRaine Maida
18 February 1970
Singer, Songwriter, Record producer
James LaBrieJames LaBrie
05 May 1963
Singer, Musician

Ed RobertsonEd Robertson
25 October 1970
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer

Lawrence GowanLawrence Gowan
22 November 1956
Singer, Songwriter
Les StroudLes Stroud
20 October 1961

Stan RogersStan Rogers
29 November 1949
Songwriter, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer
Sarah HarmerSarah Harmer
12 November 1970
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician

Deborah CoxDeborah Cox
13 July 1974
Singer, Musician

Régine ChassagneRégine Chassagne
18 August 1977
Singer, Musician, Pianist

Pat TraversPat Travers
12 April 1954
Singer, Guitarist
Bif NakedBif Naked
17 June 1971
singer, actor

John RutseyJohn Rutsey
23 July 1953
Cassie SteeleCassie Steele
02 December 1989
Actor, Singer, Musician

David Clayton-ThomasDavid Clayton-Thomas
13 September 1941
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Songwriter,

Andy KimAndy Kim
05 December 1946
Singer, Songwriter

Tal BachmanTal Bachman
13 August 1968
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Pierre BouvierPierre Bouvier
09 May 1979