Television has become one of the most popular mediums of entertainment and knowledge. With a plethora of channels available in one screen, it caters to the viewing needs of almost every person on earth. Right from children to young ones, teenagers to adults, men and women and even oldies, it has something to offer for all. Interestingly, every television show has a presenter who hosts the program. The role of a television presenter is extremely challenging for he/she has to deal with an unseen audience and present to them shows, live and recorded, on varying genres. Television presenters are basically links between the shows and the audience. Working at odd hours, always being bright, beautiful and presentable, having a confident personality and possessing knowledge about everything under the sun are traits of a television presenter. British television has had a pool of talented television presenters who have earned a name for themselves - be it Carol Kirkwood and her show BBC Breakfast where she is the main weather presenter or Nicky Campbell and his shows Wheel of Fortune, Long Lost Family and Watchdog, Kate Thorton and her shows The X Factor and This Morning or David Dikinson and his flagship show The David Dickinson Show. To know more about the life, works and shows of British television presenters, read on.
Bear GryllsBear Grylls
07 June 1974
Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden
16 February 1971

Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne
09 October 1952
Television host

Jimmy SavileJimmy Savile
31 October 1926
DJ, Television & Radio Personality

Rachel RileyRachel Riley
11 January 1986
TV Presenter

Mary BerryMary Berry
24 March 1935
Food Writer, TV Presenter
Mark LabbettMark Labbett
15 August 1965
Television Personality

James MayJames May
16 January 1963
TV Presenter

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
06 January 1960
Television Personality, Gourmet, Food Writer
Stacey DooleyStacey Dooley
09 March 1987
TV Presenter

Joey EssexJoey Essex
29 July 1990
Television Personality
Victoria Coren MitchellVictoria Coren Mitchell
18 August 1972
Television Presenter

Helen SkeltonHelen Skelton
19 July 1983
Television presenter

Monty DonMonty Don
08 July 1955
TV Presenter

Naga MunchettyNaga Munchetty
25 February 1975
Television Presenter

Charlie BrookerCharlie Brooker
03 March 1971
Critic, Humourist, Screenwriter
Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby
10 February 1981
Television Presenter, Model

Mel GiedroycMel Giedroyc
15 June 1968
Television Presenter

Bruce ForsythBruce Forsyth
22 February 1928
Television presenter, Actor, Comedian, Singer

Karl PilkingtonKarl Pilkington
23 September 1972
Television Presenter, Radio Producer
Phillip SchofieldPhillip Schofield
01 April 1962
Television Presenter

David FrostDavid Frost
07 April 1939
Television Host
Konnie HuqKonnie Huq
17 July 1975
Television Presenter

Guy MartinGuy Martin
04 November 1981
Motorcycle Racer

Edd ChinaEdd China
09 May 1971
Television Presenter
Charlie DimmockCharlie Dimmock
10 August 1966
TV Presenter, Gardener

Cilla BlackCilla Black
27 May 1943
Anne HegertyAnne Hegerty
14 July 1958
TV Presenter

Gerald DurrellGerald Durrell
07 January 1925
Naturalist, Conservationist

Jonathan RossJonathan Ross
17 November 1960
Katie PiperKatie Piper
12 October 1983

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Michael AspelMichael Aspel
12 January 1933
Television Presenter
Esther RantzenEsther Rantzen
22 June 1940

Keith ChegwinKeith Chegwin
17 January 1957
Television Presenter

Liza TarbuckLiza Tarbuck
21 November 1964

Noel EdmondsNoel Edmonds
22 December 1948
Television Presenter
Angellica BellAngellica Bell
24 March 1976
Television Presenter
Zeinab BadawiZeinab Badawi
24 November 1959

Jeremy BeadleJeremy Beadle
12 April 1948
TV Presenter

Dani HarmerDani Harmer
08 February 1989

Fred DinenageFred Dinenage
08 June 1942
TV Presenter
Natasha KaplinskyNatasha Kaplinsky
09 September 1972
TV Presenter

Carol McGiffinCarol McGiffin
18 February 1960
Radio Broadcaster

Joe CornishJoe Cornish
20 December 1968

Robert WinstonRobert Winston
15 July 1940
Surgeon, Scientist, TV Presenter

Suzi PerrySuzi Perry
03 May 1970
Television Presenter
Gaby RoslinGaby Roslin
12 July 1964
Television Presenter

Natalie SawyerNatalie Sawyer
23 October 1979
Television Presenter
Kate AbdoKate Abdo
08 September 1981

Robin DayRobin Day
24 October 1923
Broadcaster, Journalist

Chris HarrisChris Harris
20 January 1975
Journalist, Television Presenter
Chris MorrisChris Morris
05 September 1965

Harvey CantwellHarvey Cantwell
28 January 1999
Caroline FlackCaroline Flack
09 November 1979
Television presenter

Jameela JamilJameela Jamil
25 February 1986

Nadiya HussainNadiya Hussain
25 December 1984
Television personality

Paul HollywoodPaul Hollywood
01 March 1966

Alexa ChungAlexa Chung
05 November 1983
Model, Television presenter
Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman
24 December 1960
Television presenter, Journalist, Engineer

Bradley WalshBradley Walsh
04 June 1960
Association football player, Comedian, Film actor

Paula YatesPaula Yates
24 April 1959
Television presenter

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof
13 March 1989
Journalist, Television presenter, Model,
Dick StrawbridgeDick Strawbridge
03 September 1959
Television Presenter

Chris TarrantChris Tarrant
10 October 1946
Television presenter, Radio personality
Robert RinderRobert Rinder
31 May 1978

John BarrowmanJohn Barrowman
11 March 1967

Sue PerkinsSue Perkins
22 September 1969
Sally PhillipsSally Phillips
10 May 1969

Lisa FaulknerLisa Faulkner
19 February 1972
Matt Le TissierMatt Le Tissier
14 October 1968

Paddy McGuinnessPaddy McGuinness
14 August 1973

Richard OsmanRichard Osman
28 November 1970
Creative director, Television presenter,
John TorodeJohn Torode
23 July 1965
Television presenter

Stacey SolomonStacey Solomon
04 October 1989
Singer, Model
Fiona BruceFiona Bruce
25 April 1964
Television producer, Television presenter,

Bill OddieBill Oddie
07 July 1941

Rylan Clark-NealRylan Clark-Neal
25 October 1988
TV Presenter

Martin ClunesMartin Clunes
28 November 1961
Comedian, Actor, Film director, Musician
Andrew FlintoffAndrew Flintoff
06 December 1977
Joe SwashJoe Swash
20 January 1982

Kate GarrawayKate Garraway
04 May 1967

Adnan SamiAdnan Sami
15 August 1971

Tony RobinsonTony Robinson
15 August 1946
Television producer, Television actor, Film actor,
Steve BackshallSteve Backshall
21 April 1973

Claudia WinklemanClaudia Winkleman
15 January 1972
Journalist, Writer, Television presenter

Danny DyerDanny Dyer
24 July 1977

Terry WoganTerry Wogan
03 August 1938
Radio personality, Television presenter, Q22343421

Anthea TurnerAnthea Turner
25 May 1960
Kirstie AllsoppKirstie Allsopp
31 August 1971
Businessperson, Journalist, Television presenter

Caroline QuentinCaroline Quentin
11 July 1960
Anna RichardsonAnna Richardson
27 September 1970

Jane McDonaldJane McDonald
04 April 1963
Rochelle HumesRochelle Humes
21 March 1989
Andi PetersAndi Peters
29 July 1970
Television presenter