Famous People Born In 1781

Discover the most famous people born in 1781. The list includes people like George Stephenson, Stamford Raffles, René Laennec, Eugène de Beauharnais, Siméon Denis Poisson and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include philosophers, botanists, poets and mathematicians born in 1781. This list includes people from Germany, England, United States & France and many more countries.

Stamford RafflesStamford Raffles
6th July, Jamaican, British
Former Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies
George StephensonGeorge Stephenson
9th June, British
Father of Railways

René LaennecRené Laennec
17th February, French
Inventor of Stethoscope

Eugène de BeauharnaisEugène de Beauharnais
3rd September, German
Military commander

James LawrenceJames Lawrence
1st October, American
Naval Officer

Siméon Denis PoissonSiméon Denis Poisson
21st June, French
David BrewsterDavid Brewster
11th December, British, Scottish
Botanist, Civil engineer, Physicist, Engineer,

Karl Friedrich SchinkelKarl Friedrich Schinkel
13th January, German
architect, painter

Bernard BolzanoBernard Bolzano
5th October, Czech
Joseph Karl StielerJoseph Karl Stieler
1st November, German

Mauro GiulianiMauro Giuliani
27th July, Italian
Composer, Guitarist, Classical guitarist
Andrés BelloAndrés Bello
29th November, Chilean, Venezuelan
Poet, Legislator, Philosopher, Educator,

Tom CribbTom Cribb
8th July, British

Anton DiabelliAnton Diabelli
5th September, Austrian
Music Publisher

Adelbert von ChamissoAdelbert von Chamisso
30th January, German, French
Botanist, Poet, Pteridologist, Bryologist, Writer

Valentín Gómez FaríasValentín Gómez Farías
14th February, Mexican
Karl Christian Friedrich KrauseKarl Christian Friedrich Krause
6th May, German
Philosopher, University teacher

Lemuel ShawLemuel Shaw
9th January, American

Sydney, Lady MorganSydney, Lady Morgan
25th December, Irish

Ludwig Achim von ArnimLudwig Achim von Arnim
26th January, German
Louis-Mathieu MoléLouis-Mathieu Molé
24th January, French

Alexander von BenckendorffAlexander von Benckendorff
4th July, Russian
Rebecca GratzRebecca Gratz
4th March, American

Francis Leggatt ChantreyFrancis Leggatt Chantrey
7th April, British

Johann Friedrich MeckelJohann Friedrich Meckel
17th October, German
John Wesley JarvisJohn Wesley Jarvis
30th November, British, American

Vincent NovelloVincent Novello
6th September, British
Thomas Stewart TraillThomas Stewart Traill
29th October, Scottish

François HabeneckFrançois Habeneck
22nd January, French

Francisco Espoz y MinaFrancisco Espoz y Mina
17th June, Spanish
Robert MillsRobert Mills
12th August, American
American architect

Samuel HallSamuel Hall
30th November, British
Pedro de Sousa Holstein, duque de PalmelaPedro de Sousa Holstein, duque de Palmela
8th May, Italian
Portuguese statesman