Attention all! Here’s introducing the vintage country of Azerbaijan, a land best known for its crochets, contrasts and contradictions. But did you know that this nascent nation, brimming with Turkish and Shia Muslims, is also home to a string of unusual wonders like world’s first fireplace and burning mountain. That is right! This little-known, oil-rich land, which has been lying low hitherto, is slowly leaving the ghosts of his war-torn past behind to find its rightful place in the geopolitical map now. It is incredible to know that even amid the territorial tensions and war, the country has managed to produce a wad of visionaries, innovators and artistes and claim several Nobel Prizes too, thereby carving a niche for itself in the global map. From intelligence spy Richard Sorge and Nobel winning physicist Lev Landau to Poet of Independence Ahmad Javad and creator of fuzzy logic Lotfi Zadeh, the country has given the world many notable names to look up to and be inspired by. We bring you the lives and deeds of some such famous Azerbaijanis through their timeline, trivia, and facts captured in the biographies here.
Ilham AliyevIlham Aliyev
24 December 1961
Fourth President of Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Heydar Aliyev
10 May 1923
Former President of Azerbaijan

By Oqtay Sadikhzade (National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsKhurshidbanu Natavan
06 August 1832

Mirza Fatali AkhundovMirza Fatali Akhundov
12 July 1812
Writer and Philisopher

Nariman NarimanovNariman Narimanov
02 April 1870

Jalil MammadguluzadehJalil Mammadguluzadeh
22 February 1866
Ahmad JavadAhmad Javad
05 May 1892

Azim AzimzadeAzim Azimzade
07 May 1880

Jafar JabbarlyJafar Jabbarly
20 March 1899
Suleyman RustamSuleyman Rustam
27 November 1906

Mimi IkonnMimi Ikonn
25 July 1986
YouTuber, Author, Entrepreneur
Mehriban AliyevaMehriban Aliyeva
26 August 1964
Ophthalmologist, Politician, Physician

Leyla AliyevaLeyla Aliyeva
03 July 1985
Journalist, Writer

Teimour RadjabovTeimour Radjabov
12 March 1987
Chess player

Abulfaz ElchibeyAbulfaz Elchibey
24 June 1938

Nizami GanjaviNizami Ganjavi
1141 AD
Mstislav RostropovichMstislav Rostropovich
27 March 1927
Cellist, Conductor

Lotfi A. ZadehLotfi A. Zadeh
04 February 1921

Hovhannes BaghramianHovhannes Baghramian
02 December 1897
Military commander

Imadaddin NasimiImadaddin Nasimi
1369 AD
Artur RasizadeArtur Rasizade
26 February 1935
Prime Minister of Azerbaijan

Aysel TeymurzadehAysel Teymurzadeh
25 April 1989
Azerbaijani singer
Max BlackMax Black
24 February 1909

Nigar JamalNigar Jamal
07 September 1980

John M. StahlJohn M. Stahl
21 January 1886
Film director
Eldar GasimovEldar Gasimov
04 June 1989
Azerbaijani singer

1120 AD
Persian poet
Georgy ShakhnazarovGeorgy Shakhnazarov
04 October 1924

Safura AlizadehSafura Alizadeh
20 September 1992

Valery BelenkyValery Belenky
05 September 1969
Artistic gymnastics
Aḥmad MūsāAḥmad Mūsā
1320 AD
Iranian painter

Jacob GhermezianJacob Ghermezian
1902 AD