People born on August 5th fall under the zodiac sign Leo. Due to their sun sign, these people display headstrong determination and courage. However, planet Mercury rules their astrological birthdate, they have characteristic features which make them unique from their symboled counterparts. They are tactful in their methods and compassionate towards others. When in need, you can count upon an August 5th individual to assist you as these individuals are genuine and unselfish. Together with their charming disposition and resourceful creativity, these individuals can go far in life. However, they need to set a goal or aim in life and work towards attaining the same. Avoiding distractions and interruptions is the key to experiencing an enriched life.

Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong
82, American
James GunnJames Gunn
52, American

44, Indian
Joseph MerrickJoseph Merrick
27, British
Elephant Man

Olivia HoltOlivia Holt
21, American
Actress, Singer

Maureen McCormickMaureen McCormick
62, American
Josie TotahJosie Totah
17, American

John HustonJohn Huston
81, American
Film Director
Loni AndersonLoni Anderson
72, American

Marine Le PenMarine Le Pen
50, French
Political Leader
Harold HoltHarold Holt
59, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Jocelyn WildensteinJocelyn Wildenstein
78, Swiss, American
John SaxonJohn Saxon
83, American
Louis WalshLouis Walsh
66, Irish
Entertainment Manager & TV Personality

Janet McTeerJanet McTeer
57, British
Guy de MaupassantGuy de Maupassant
42, French
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Wanda VenthamWanda Ventham
83, British
Hun SenHun Sen
66, Cambodian
Prime Minister of Cambodia

Reid HoffmanReid Hoffman
51, American
Co-Founder of LinkedIn

Mimi KeeneMimi Keene
20, British
Herb BrooksHerb Brooks
66, American
Ice Hockey Coach, Player

Wendell BerryWendell Berry
84, American
Gil GarcettiGil Garcetti
77, American
Former District Attorney of LA County.

Kwon Sang-wooKwon Sang-woo
42, South Korean
South Korean Actor
Tom ThomsonTom Thomson
39, Canadian

Darren ShahlaviDarren Shahlavi
42, British
Actor & Stunt Performer
Roman GabrielRoman Gabriel
78, American
American Football Player
Niels Henrik AbelNiels Henrik Abel
26, Norwegian

Jesse WilliamsJesse Williams
37, American
Model, Actor, Activist
Jake HurwitzJake Hurwitz
33, American
Comedian, Writer, Actor

J. J. TotahJ. J. Totah
17, American
Wassily LeontiefWassily Leontief
92, Russian, American, Russian
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Piero SraffaPiero Sraffa
85, Italian
Founder of the Neo-Ricardian School of Economics

Guillaume DufayGuillaume Dufay
77, French
Music Composer
Alfred Lord TennysonAlfred Lord Tennyson
83, British

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Bruce Fairchild BartonBruce Fairchild Barton
80, American
American author
Jaden RosaJaden Rosa
18, American
Instagram Star

Kathryn DennisKathryn Dennis
26, American
Amymarie GaertnerAmymarie Gaertner
24, American

Abbe PierreAbbe Pierre
94, French
Founder of the Emmaus
Jayla MarieJayla Marie
14, American
Rapper, YouTube & Reality Show star
Michal KováčMichal Kováč
88, Slovak
Bank employee

Maddox Jolie-PittMaddox Jolie-Pitt
17, Cambodian, American
Karli ReeseKarli Reese
14, American
YouTube star

Vivian FalconeVivian Falcone
11, American
Melissa McCarthy's daughter
Patrick EwingPatrick Ewing
56, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Pete BurnsPete Burns
57, British
Singer, Composer, Singer-songwriter

Adam YauchAdam Yauch
47, American
Musician, Singer
Wayne BridgeWayne Bridge
38, British
Association football player

Angry AndersonAngry Anderson
71, Australian
Actor, Singer, Film actor, Television actor, Stunt
David BaldacciDavid Baldacci
58, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Lawyer, Novelist, Author

Roy BenavidezRoy Benavidez
63, American
Jonathan SilvermanJonathan Silverman
52, American

Colin McRaeColin McRae
39, British
Co-driver, Racecar driver
Lolo JonesLolo Jones
36, American
Sprinter, Bobsledder, Athletics competitor
Salomon KalouSalomon Kalou
33, Ivorian

Rick DerringerRick Derringer
71, American
Singer, Artist, Composer, Guitarist
Rocky FieldingRocky Fielding
31, British

Paula CreamerPaula Creamer
32, American
Venkatesh PrasadVenkatesh Prasad
49, Indian

Iddo GoldbergIddo Goldberg
43, Israeli, British

Ryan BertrandRyan Bertrand
29, British
Association football player
Xu JiaoXu Jiao

Elvis DuranElvis Duran
54, American
Radio personality
Rita FaltoyanoRita Faltoyano
40, Hungarian

John JarrattJohn Jarratt
67, Australian
Louis WainLouis Wain
78, British
Artist, Painter

Ferdinand III of CastileFerdinand III of Castile
52, Spanish
Funkmaster FlexFunkmaster Flex
51, American
disc jockey, radio personality
Selma DiamondSelma Diamond
64, Canadian
actor, screenwriter, television actor

Federica PellegriniFederica Pellegrini
30, Italian
Italian swimmer
Emperor Go-MomozonoEmperor Go-Momozono
21, Japanese
Emperor , Sovereign

Johann Friedrich StruenseeJohann Friedrich Struensee
34, German
Politician, Physician
Ettore MajoranaEttore Majorana
34, Italian

Esteban GutiérrezEsteban Gutiérrez
27, Mexican
Formula One driver

David HungateDavid Hungate
70, American
Bassist, Musician
Andreas WeimannAndreas Weimann
27, Austrian
Association football player

Princess Irene of the NetherlandsPrincess Irene of the Netherlands
Thomas LangThomas Lang
51, Austrian
Jazz musician, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Record

Vitus BeringVitus Bering
60, Russian
Danish explorer
Devan NairDevan Nair
82, Malaysian, Singaporean

Kou ShibasakiKou Shibasaki
37, Japanese
Laurent CimanLaurent Ciman
33, Belgian
Association football player
Suzuka OhgoSuzuka Ohgo
25, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū, Child actor

Lenny BreauLenny Breau
43, Canadian
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician, Musician,
Hishammuddin HusseinHishammuddin Hussein
57, Malaysian
Politician, Lawyer

Shigeru BanShigeru Ban
61, Japanese
Architect, Restorer
Airto MoreiraAirto Moreira
77, Brazilian
Percussionist, Jazz musician

Eicca ToppinenEicca Toppinen
43, Finnish
Cellist, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist
46, Italian
Rapper, Singer-songwriter, Singer

Stephanie FlandersStephanie Flanders
50, British
Naum GaboNaum Gabo
Sculptor, Architect, Painter, University teacher

Rensis LikertRensis Likert
78, American
Psychologist, Statistician, Sociologist
Joe BoydJoe Boyd
76, American
Record producer, Composer

Valdis DombrovskisValdis Dombrovskis
47, Latvian
Prime Minister
Deodoro da FonsecaDeodoro da Fonseca
65, Brazilian

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on August 5

August 5th Leos are endowed with high intellect and exceptional sociability. They are great at problem solving and have excellent communication skills. Since these people are born under the zodiac sign Leo, confidence and leadership lies in their genes. Mercury, the ruling planet of this birthday, further adds traits of diplomacy and bravery to August 5th borns thereby making them absolutely unique. Charming in their manners and fun-loving in their disposition, these individuals are courteous, warm, generous and friendly. These people hate to be alone and can sometimes get argumentative and opinionated.

Though they rarely indulge in any sort of exercise or training, individuals born on this date are mostly healthy. This is due to the fact that they stay active physically and never lead a sedentary lifestyle. Though the physical activeness does good for the body, it is the mental stress that causes problem due to the constant need to be on the go. As such, stress and lack of rest or relaxation is common to these people. Also, these people more than often choose convenience food rather than nutritional ones, thereby putting their health in jeopardy.

Though individuals born on this date are endowed with sound financial condition, this stability once in a while paves way for a crises situation due to over-the-top generosity and sympathy that these individuals feel towards others. These people have the ability to earn money but they also need to learn the importance of staying in budget and managing the finances well.

Any job that provides mental stimulation and satisfaction is ideal for August 5th natives. These people are blessed with great communication skills and thus can do well in professions that utilize their capabilities. Computer based jobs are the best options for those born on August 5th. These individuals use their traits of diplomacy, sociability, enthusiasm and helpfulness in the workplace environment to work their way to success and achievement.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 5th individuals fall in love as quickly as they fall out of love. These people are attention and affection seekers. As such, to satiate this craving, they put their heart and soul in romance but fall out the same quickly. August 5th individuals would not readily agree to long term commitment. And even if they do so, they would demand personal space and independence. They seek for partners who are utmost faithful and trustworthy. Interesting and spirited soul mates who are as playful and mischievous as thoughtful are the best match for August 5th natives. They seek for a partner with whom they can lead a harmonious and comfortable lifestyle. As far as parenthood is concerned, these people though loving and caring, have a casual attitude toward their children.

Lucky Colors: Green
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 68
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 5, 15, 23