Astrologically, August 26th natives are influenced by the planets Mercury and Saturn. They have a unique set of personality traits that differentiates them from the rest of the Virgos. Individuals with this birthday are practical and balanced with a levelheaded mind. They are absolutely calm and composed with a graceful demeanor and a peaceful disposition. They are attention seeker and have high standard of everything. Individuals born on this date put justice and being fair on a high pedestal in life. Thus, they are fair in their dealings and resort to just ways. However, August 26th individuals are prone to low mood and may have mild tantrum. The latter aggravates if these individuals are hungry or tired.

James HardenJames Harden
29, American
Basketball Player
Albert, Prince ConsortAlbert, Prince Consort
42, German
Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin
38, American
Mother TeresaMother Teresa
87, Albanian, Indian
Founder of Missionaries of Charity

Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy
48, American

John MulaneyJohn Mulaney
36, American
Maneka GandhiManeka Gandhi
62, Indian
Politician, Animal Rights Activist

Cassie VenturaCassie Ventura
32, American
Katherine JohnsonKatherine Johnson
100, American

Keke PalmerKeke Palmer
25, American
Evan RossEvan Ross
30, American
Actor & Singer

Keith RaniereKeith Raniere
58, American
Founder of NXIVM
Virginia VallejoVirginia Vallejo
69, Colombian
47, Mexican

Mike ColterMike Colter
42, American
Antoine LavoisierAntoine Lavoisier
50, French

YBN CordaeYBN Cordae
21, American
Rapper, songwriter
Robert WalpoleRobert Walpole
68, British
First Prime Minister of Great Britain

Virginia HillVirginia Hill
49, Austrian, American

Ben BradleeBen Bradlee
93, American
Newspaper Editor & Journalist
Meredith EatonMeredith Eaton
44, American

Wanda De JesusWanda De Jesus
60, American
Jorge Paulo LemannJorge Paulo Lemann
79, Brazilian

Chris DistefanoChris Distefano
34, American
Nicol DavidNicol David
35, Malaysian

Barbara EhrenreichBarbara Ehrenreich
77, American
Writer & Activist
Tom RidgeTom Ridge
73, American
Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Former Member of
Lee de ForestLee de Forest
87, American
Father of Radio

James FranckJames Franck
81, German
Ayla WoodruffAyla Woodruff
26, American

Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
49, Swiss, German, French
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer
Kyle ExumKyle Exum
20, American

Julio CortazarJulio Cortazar
69, Argentinian

Dylan O’BrienDylan O’Brien
27, American
Dora GabeDora Gabe
97, Bulgarian

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Christopher RomeroChristopher Romero
41, American
Animator, Entrepreneur
Malak WatsonMalak Watson
18, American

Balkrishna V DoshiBalkrishna V Doshi
91, Indian
Most Hated KylahMost Hated Kylah
11, American
TikTok ( star

Peach StegerPeach Steger
13, American
TikTok Star
Michael GoveMichael Gove
51, British
Journalist, Politician, Judge
Leon RedboneLeon Redbone
69, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist, Songwriter

Neeru BajwaNeeru Bajwa
38, Canadian, Indian
Shirley MansonShirley Manson
52, British, American
Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Model,

Efren ReyesEfren Reyes
64, Filipino
Pool player
Peggy GuggenheimPeggy Guggenheim
81, American
Art collector, Patron of the arts, Art dealer,

Edward WittenEdward Witten
67, American
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher,

Shekhar GuptaShekhar Gupta
61, Indian
Journalist, Author
Don LaFontaineDon LaFontaine
68, American
Voice actor, Actor

Branford MarsalisBranford Marsalis
58, American
Saxophonist, jazz musician, composer
Maxwell D. TaylorMaxwell D. Taylor
85, American
Diplomat, Military personnel

Tariq RamadanTariq Ramadan
56, Swiss
Writer, Faculty, University teacher
Oleg TaktarovOleg Taktarov
51, Russian
Actor, Judoka

Dr. AlbanDr. Alban
61, Nigerian, Swedish
Wayne SimmondsWayne Simmonds
30, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Frederick R. KochFrederick R. Koch
85, American
Art collector

Madhur BhandarkarMadhur Bhandarkar
50, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter
Jet BlackJet Black
80, British
Musician, Drummer

Mehriban AliyevaMehriban Aliyeva
54, Azerbaijani
Ophthalmologist, Politician, Physician
Rick HansenRick Hansen
61, Canadian
Athletics competitor

Pansy HoPansy Ho

Benedict AndersonBenedict Anderson
79, Indonesian
Political scientist
Herbie HideHerbie Hide
47, British

Gennady YanayevGennady Yanayev
73, Russian
Hans KammlerHans Kammler
43, German
architect, engineer

Mateo MusacchioMateo Musacchio
28, Argentinian
Frederick V, Elector PalatineFrederick V, Elector Palatine
36, German

Barbet SchroederBarbet Schroeder
77, Swiss, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Albert SabinAlbert Sabin
86, Polish, American
Physician, Virologist, University teacher
Marcus du SautoyMarcus du Sautoy
53, British
Mathematician, Academic, University teacher,

Rufino TamayoRufino Tamayo
91, Mexican
Chris BoardmanChris Boardman
50, British
Track cyclist, Sport cyclist, Engineer

Huang BoHuang Bo
Joe EngleJoe Engle
86, American
Officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Aerospace

42, Russian
Singer, Composer, Poet, Singer-songwriter

Michaela PereiraMichaela Pereira
48, Canadian
Lars StindlLars Stindl
30, German
Association football player

Amaia MonteroAmaia Montero
42, Spanish
Singer, Songwriter
Richard E. BellmanRichard E. Bellman
63, American
Mathematician, University teacher, Computer

Robert ChartoffRobert Chartoff
81, American
Film producer
Cristina NeaguCristina Neagu
30, Romanian
Handball player

Edward LowassaEdward Lowassa
65, Tanzanian
Fernand de BrinonFernand de Brinon
61, French
Journalist, Socialite, Lawyer
Yun Bo-seonYun Bo-seon
92, South Korean

Sri Mulyani IndrawatiSri Mulyani Indrawati
56, Indonesian
Economist, Politician, University teacher
Nichi VendolaNichi Vendola
60, Italian
Italian Politician

Philip MoellerPhilip Moeller
77, American
Theatre director
Charles Robert RichetCharles Robert Richet
85, French
French physiologist

Ayşe KulinAyşe Kulin
77, Turkish
novelist, columnist, short story writer, author,
David Price (Baseball Pitcher)David Price (Baseball Pitcher)
33, American

Władysław KowalskiWładysław Kowalski
64, Polish

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 26

The personality traits of August 26th natives include being down to earth, patient and responsible. These factors are due to the penchant for people to be just, fair and reasonable. August 26th individuals are not just thinkers but doers as well who gain satisfaction and sense of pride by helping others. Due to the influence of the planet Saturn, August 26th people are much more focussed and practical than other Virgo personalities. They are naturally honest, hardworking and ambitious. Additionally, they are blessed with great organizational and management skills. Even at the time of crises, they are capable of not losing their mind and staying calm and composed. These individuals tend to have an affinity for routine and strongly dislike disorder and chaos.

Health is never an issue for those born on August 26, for these people are concerned to the point of being fanatical about their well being and good health. However, sometimes, they tend to ignore their health due to the concern for others. August 26th natives should understand the importance of exercises and include the same in their daily routine to stay blessed. Regular meal time and consistent sleep is also vital for being in the best of health.   

Financial stability and strength comes naturally for individuals born on August 26th. They usually have a good sense of improvement which makes them highly successful in their job and thus being blessed with a steady income. What’s more, individuals with this birthday are frugal in their spending to the point of being mean. They save more than they spend. Thus, these people rarely have encounter financial issues in life.

Individuals who share this birthday do well professionally. Since they are skilled and talented, these individuals are likely to excel in various purposeful occupations. Their ideal career choice is in the field of teaching or medicine. Other vocational sectors where these people excel are scientific research, banking and journalism. The efficiency and organizational ability makes August 26th born individuals progress and become highly successful in life.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships matter the most to individuals born on August 26. In matters of love, these people never take any decision hurriedly. Instead, they assess and measure everything before settling down with that someone special. Once they are sure, they commit for a lifelong relationship. August 26th natives have a perfectionist and idealistic opinion about love. From their partner, they seek emotional support, care and concern. This is primarily because these individuals like to remove their self doubt. They seek for a partner with whom they can share a rapport, emotionally mentally and physically. As parents, August 26th individuals are caring and concerned. They utilize the skills that they have learned to make themselves idealist parents.

Lucky Color: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 8, 17, 26, 35
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 18, 26