Astrologically, the probabilities of the characteristic traits of Leo personalities born on August 11th are determined by the powerful influence of the Sun and the Moon. While the former rules the zodiacal group in which these people fall, the latter governs the actual date. Spirited and charming, August 11th individuals have a unique mix of imagination and practicality. They are great at motivating people and effective planners. The need for close companionships makes August 11th borns quite friendly and affable by nature. They gel well with all kinds of people and are sociable and life of parties. On the negative front, August 11th born may show impatient irritability and headstrong behaviour in unfavourable situations.

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth
36, Australian
Pervez MusharrafPervez Musharraf
76, Pakistani

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan
66, American
Professional Wrestler

Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak
69, American
Co-founder of Apple Computer (Apple Inc.)

Viola DavisViola Davis
54, American

Jacqueline FernandezJacqueline Fernandez
34, Sri Lankan
Embeth DavidtzEmbeth Davidtz
54, American

Úrsula CorberóÚrsula Corberó
30, Spanish

Alyson StonerAlyson Stoner
26, American
Actress, Singer, YouTubers
Abigail FolgerAbigail Folger
25, American
Business Women

Masayoshi SonMasayoshi Son
62, Japanese
Founder of SoftBank
Enid BlytonEnid Blyton
71, British

Massimiliano AllegriMassimiliano Allegri
52, Italian
Italian Football Manager

Alex HaleyAlex Haley
70, American

David RubensteinDavid Rubenstein
70, American
Co-founder of The Carlyle Group,

Young DolphYoung Dolph
34, American
Jerry FalwellJerry Falwell
73, American

Asma al-AssadAsma al-Assad
44, Syrian, British
First Lady of Syria

Joo Jin-moJoo Jin-mo
45, South Korean

Layla AlizadaLayla Alizada
42, Afghan, Canadian
Justin JedlicaJustin Jedlica
39, American
Plastic Surgery Consultant

Adam ThomasAdam Thomas
31, British
Paul DurousseauPaul Durousseau
49, American
Serial Killer

Erwin ChargaffErwin Chargaff
96, Ukrainian, American

Lauren RiihimakiLauren Riihimaki
26, Canadian
Fashion Vlogger
Aaron KlugAaron Klug
93, British
Chemist & Biophysicist

Andre DubusAndre Dubus
62, American
Short story writer
Adi FishmanAdi Fishman
19, American

Christiaan EijkmanChristiaan Eijkman
72, Dutch

David BrooksDavid Brooks
58, Canadian, American
Alun HoddinottAlun Hoddinott
78, Welsh

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Rocco RitchieRocco Ritchie
19, American
Son of Madonna & Guy Ritchie
Savannah ChrisleySavannah Chrisley
22, American
Todd Chrisley's Daughter

Jazzy AnneJazzy Anne
17, American
YouTube Personality

Joe RoganJoe Rogan
52, American
Stand-up Comedians

Ian McDiarmidIan McDiarmid
75, British
Stage actor, Film actor
Merritt WeverMerritt Wever
39, American
Chris MessinaChris Messina
45, American

Tomi LahrenTomi Lahren
27, American
Television Host

Anna GunnAnna Gunn
51, American

Ashley JensenAshley Jensen
50, British, American, Scottish
Ben GibbardBen Gibbard
43, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Composer,

Will FriedleWill Friedle
43, American
Actor, Film actor, Television actor

Marilyn vos SavantMarilyn vos Savant
73, American

Sunil ShettySunil Shetty
58, Indian

Sophie OkonedoSophie Okonedo
51, British
Frederick W. SmithFrederick W. Smith
75, American
Business person

Roger Craig SmithRoger Craig Smith
44, American
Voice actor, Actor
Eric CarmenEric Carmen
70, American

Duane MartinDuane Martin
54, American

Arlene DahlArlene Dahl
94, American
Alireza JahanbakhshAlireza Jahanbakhsh
26, Iranian
Iranian footballer

Patty MillsPatty Mills
31, Australian
Baseball player, Basketball player
Tinsley MortimerTinsley Mortimer
44, American
Reality TV Personality

Shinji MikamiShinji Mikami
54, Japanese
Video game designer

Jim LeeJim Lee
55, American, South Korean
Comics artist, Publisher, Blogger, Writer, Artist,

Gifford PinchotGifford Pinchot
81, American
Forestry scientist

Isy SuttieIsy Suttie
41, British
Ian CharlesonIan Charleson
40, Scottish
Scottish actor

Gustavo CeratiGustavo Cerati
55, Argentinian

Ali Shaheed MuhammadAli Shaheed Muhammad
49, American

John GokongweiJohn Gokongwei
Leonid MikhelsonLeonid Mikhelson
64, Russian
Russian businessman

Cristian TelloCristian Tello
28, Spanish
Association football player
Jermain TaylorJermain Taylor
41, American

Ted RobbinsTed Robbins
64, British

Jan PalachJan Palach
20, Czech
Tony MokbelTony Mokbel
54, Australian, Lebanese
Australian-Lebanese criminal

Carolyn MurphyCarolyn Murphy
46, American
Irfan BachdimIrfan Bachdim
Association football player, Actor

Henry V, Holy Roman EmperorHenry V, Holy Roman Emperor
38, German

Inès de La FressangeInès de La Fressange
62, French
Model, Journalist, Fashion designer
Kurt GersteinKurt Gerstein
39, German
Military personnel

Peter EisenmanPeter Eisenman
87, American
Architect, University teacher
Marie François Sadi CarnotMarie François Sadi Carnot
56, French
Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer

David Henry HwangDavid Henry Hwang
62, American
Dramaturge, Screenwriter, Author, Actor, Writer

Iván CórdobaIván Córdoba
43, Colombian

Enrique BunburyEnrique Bunbury
52, Spanish
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Władysław AndersWładysław Anders
77, Polish
Officer, Politician
Hugh MartinHugh Martin
96, American

Audrey MestreAudrey Mestre
28, French
Free-diver, Marine biologist

Jemima WestJemima West
32, French

Sergei MavrodiSergei Mavrodi
64, Russian
Melky CabreraMelky Cabrera
35, Dominican
Baseball player

Lucas di GrassiLucas di Grassi
35, Brazilian
Racecar driver

Fiona SitFiona Sit
38, Hong Konger

Sandi ThomSandi Thom
38, Scottish
Singer, Songwriter

Hugh MacDiarmidHugh MacDiarmid
86, Scottish
Sébastien SquillaciSébastien Squillaci
39, French
Association football player

Brian AzzarelloBrian Azzarello
57, American
Comics artist, Writer, Screenwriter
Stuart RosenbergStuart Rosenberg
79, American
Film Director

Friedrich Ludwig JahnFriedrich Ludwig Jahn
74, German
Educationist, Teacher
Alfredo AnguloAlfredo Angulo
37, Mexican
Thanom KittikachornThanom Kittikachorn
92, Thai

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 11

Individuals with their birthday on August 11th are blessed with great communication skills, strong imagination and highly intuitive mind. They are confident and outgoing and have typical Lion traits of tenacity and strong will. Determined and persistent, these people are full of confidence and buoyancy like other Leo personalities but much quieter and sober than them. August 11th natives have a humanitarian attitude towards life and are dedicated to serving and helping others. Generous, loyal, sensitive and naturally caring, these people are patient and composed but emotionally can be a little distantly detached. They are charming in their mannerism, perfectionist in their work and artistic in their approach.

Blessed with a good health, August 11th born individuals are mostly fit and in shape. Even if struck by bad health, they recover pretty soon. Most of the times, emotional imbalance arising due to inner sensitivity is the main reason for the unhealthy being of these individuals. Another factor that causes illness is the overindulgence in fine foods. This often leads to weight gain. Though August 11 borns aren’t into exercising, they resort to the same in case of unwanted weight gain and like.

The finance department in the life of an August 11th born individual is fairly decent. Though these people do not lay much emphasis on money or do not put much weightage to it, they do like indulging in the luxuries of life. Due to this, budgeting gets troublesome for these individuals. However, August 11 natives are lucky monetarily as they are often blessed with unexpected financial gains.

Work satisfaction is more important to August 11 natives than monetary gains. As such, these individuals are mostly seen zeroing on a career option that proffers them with a satisfying and worthwhile job than one that gives them high pay but less job satisfaction. Since these people are endowed with patience, perseverance and practicality, they are best suited for care type profession, such as nursing, therapist, counsellor and so on.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 11th born Leos’ take to heart their relationship and are more often than not serious about it. As such, you can rarely find an August 11th individual into casual frivolous affair. It is love or nothing for these individuals. They have no middle ground in case of love and seek commitment early from their partner. August 11 people are passionate about love. Though they strongly feel about it, they are not the expressive types and have difficulty bringing their feelings out in the open. However, their enthusiasm and big heart makes up for the same. Individuals with this date are loyal and expect the same in return. These individuals make great parents and allow their children utmost freedom and independence.

Lucky Colors: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20, 22