Did you know that the wine-culture that has taken the world by a storm was first discovered in a cave in Armenia? Yes, Armenia houses one of the oldest wineries of the world, dating back over 6000 years. And that is not all, for Armenia’s contribution extend to yoghurt and coffee as well, the country being the first to invent both. It was also the first to adopt Christianity as the official state religion and also is home to the first church built in the world. Amusing if this is enough, be prepared to get all the more baffled as Armenians take you by surprise with their works and contribution. The Armenian diaspora is not just limited to their country alone as Armenians have flourished in their adoptive homelands, contributing extensively to business and sport, as well as cultural and political life, post the 1915 genocide. Some of the world’s most famous people of Armenian descent include the reality television star and professional selfie-taker Kim Kardashian, singer and actor Cher (born as Cherilyn Sarkisian), eight Grand slam title holder Andre Agassi, singer and public figure Charles Aznavour, business magnate Kirk Kerkonian, actor Andy Serkis and television presenter David Dickinson. Michael Vartan also has Armenian blood as does Dita Von Teese and Joe Manganiello. Find out more about famous Armenians, their life and their works with this write-up.
Dan BilzerianDan Bilzerian
07 December 1980
Internet Personality, Gambler
Henrikh MkhitaryanHenrikh Mkhitaryan
21 January 1989
Football Player

george gurdjieffGeorge Gurdjieff
01 January 1866
Spiritual Teacher

Sergey LavrovSergey Lavrov
21 March 1950
Foreign Minister of Russia

Nikol PashinyanNikol Pashinyan
01 June 1975
Prime Minister of Armenia

Serzh SargsyanSerzh Sargsyan
30 June 1954
President of Armenia
Anna ChicherovaAnna Chicherova
22 July 1982
Olympic athlete

Anto GarabetAnto Garabet
15 July 1993

15 July 1982
YouTube Star

Angela SarafyanAngela Sarafyan
30 June 1983
Aram KhachaturianAram Khachaturian
06 June 1903

Anastas MikoyanAnastas Mikoyan
13 November 1895
politician, diplomat
Yousuf KarshYousuf Karsh
23 December 1908

Levon AronianLevon Aronian
06 October 1982
Chess player

Ara MalikianAra Malikian
1968 AD
violinist, musician
David NalbandianDavid Nalbandian
01 January 1982
Tennis player

Tigranes the GreatTigranes the Great
0140 BC
Ferenc SzálasiFerenc Szálasi
06 January 1897
Political leader, Prime Minister

Arthur AbrahamArthur Abraham
20 February 1980

Mesrop MashtotsMesrop Mashtots
0362 AD
Gregory the IlluminatorGregory the Illuminator
0257 AD

Shavarsh KarapetyanShavarsh Karapetyan
19 May 1953
Vic DarchinyanVic Darchinyan
07 January 1976

Samvel YervinyanSamvel Yervinyan
25 January 1966
Musician, Composer, Violinist

14 June 1712

Vazgen SargsyanVazgen Sargsyan
05 March 1959
Politician, Prosaist
Apoula EdelApoula Edel
17 June 1986
Association football player

Tigran SargsyanTigran Sargsyan
29 January 1960
Prime Minister

Andranik OzanianAndranik Ozanian
25 February 1865
Armenian military commander

Levon Ter-PetrossianLevon Ter-Petrossian
09 January 1946
Former President of Armenia
Patriarch Photios I of ConstantinoplePatriarch Photios I of Constantinople
0810 AD

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Viktor HambardzumyanViktor Hambardzumyan
18 September 1908

Saint MesrobSaint Mesrob
0362 AD

Robert KocharianRobert Kocharian
31 August 1954

Andy KhachaturianAndy Khachaturian
25 January 1975
Andranik MarkaryanAndranik Markaryan
12 June 1949
Prime Minister

Serzh SarkisyanSerzh Sarkisyan
30 June 1954
Prime Minister
Saint Gregory NarekatziSaint Gregory Narekatzi
0950 AD

Vartapet KomitasVartapet Komitas
26 September 1869