Adam Bilzerian Biography

(Armenian-Nevisian Poker Player and Writer)

Born: 1983

Born In: Tampa, Florida, United States

Adam Bilzerian is an American poker player and writer. He is the younger son of American entrepreneur Paul Bilzerian and the younger brother of notorious ‘Instagram’ celebrity Dan Bilzerian. Born into a rich American business family, Adam grew up in Florida. He was always a sports enthusiast and was part of several sports teams in school. He started with tennis in high school and aimed to enlist in the ‘US Army’ upon growing up. However, his dreams shattered when his father Paul was imprisoned because of market manipulation. Adam was in high school at that time and the incident changed his mind about becoming an army man. He eventually became a poker player. He has played in the ‘World Series of Poker’. Eventually, he developed anti-American sensibilities because of the way his father was treated by the American government. He decided to leave the US for good and then settled permanently in the West Indies. He later wrote a book titled ‘America: Love it or Leave it — So I Left,’ which highlighted his issues with his country. While his brother gained solid fame on social media for his overly ambitious and misogynistic antics, Adam opted for a settled life with his wife and children.
Quick Facts

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Males


father: Paul Bilzerian

mother: Terri

siblings: Dan

Born Country: United States

Writers Poker Players

U.S. State: Florida

City: Tampa, Florida

More Facts

education: Vanderbilt University

Childhood & Early Life
Adam Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida, to corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian and his wife, Terri, in 1983. He was the second-born child in the family. He grew up with his elder brother, Dan.
Adam’s family was one of the richest in Florida. Thus, both the brothers were exposed to a lavish environment ever since they were born. Along with that, both were equipped with high IQ levels. They performed quite well in school.
However, tragedy struck the family in 1989, when Adam was just 6 years old. His father faced charges springing from a fraud case and was sentenced to prison. Although all his father’s fortunes were distributed equally between Adam and his brother, that did not compensate for growing up without a father.
He continued studying and graduated from ‘Gaither High School.’ Adam was also a sports enthusiast. While in school, he loved playing tennis. He represented his high school in several competitions.
After graduating high school, Adam attended ‘Vanderbilt University’ and graduated with flying colors. Uninterested in following his father’s line of work, Adam looked for a career in poker, like his elder brother.
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He had aspirations of joining the US military, but as he grew up, his plans changed and he opted for a career in games and poker. His older brother, Dan, had also been pursuing poker and was a renowned figure at the national level.
In 2009, Adam participated in the ‘World Series of Poker’ held in Nevada. He ended up earning the 47th rank by the end of the series and also won $138,568. Dan also competed in the tournament.
The story of both the brothers performing excellently was highlighted by the media. Norman Chad, one of the most esteemed American sportswriters in the world, wrote an article about the brothers and termed them the “Flying Bilzerian Brothers.” He also participated in the 2010 ‘World Series’ but failed to leave a mark.
He accepted the poker challenge put forth by famed basketball player Alex Rodriguez. Alex played surprisingly well and defeated everybody except Adam.
As Adam left the US, his move was criticized. However, he decided to write a semi-memoir titled ‘America: Love it or Leave it — So I Left’ to address his resentment toward the American lawmakers. The book performed exceedingly well and earned markedly good reviews.
Adam has invested $400,000 in the popular hotel chain ‘Marriott’ and has also been part of several other business projects.
Adam was in school when his father was apprehended by the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (FBI) and imprisoned for an offense known as market manipulation. However, their neighbors described the entire thing as “pure intimidation.” Adam requested for his father’s presence at his high-school graduation ceremony, but his request was denied.
Adam was never happy with the way his father had been treated. He also abandoned his plans to join the American army. He later stated in interviews that he could not fight for his country when it treated his father in such a shabby manner.
The incident that he witnessed as a kid never quite left him, and his feelings of disappointment toward his own country intensified over the years. When he was in college, he saw George Bush winning a second term as the president. Adam nurtured anti-Republican beliefs.

It was, in a way, the final nail in the coffin. Adam decided to leave the US forever. He applied for a citizenship in Saint Kitts and Navis, a small island country in the West Indies.
Later, in his book, he revealed all the reasons behind his decision to settle outside the US. He stated that the victory of the ‘Republican Party’ in the elections meant that there was no hope for the future of the ‘Bill of Rights.’ Later, Adam renounced his US citizenship and became a permanent citizen of Saint Kitts and Navis.
His brother, Dan, however, remains a US citizen. Adam has been criticized by US nationalists for his decision and for writing the book, which was considered as a scathing attack on American nationalists. However, the book received good reviews. Several intellectuals later claimed that Adam’s decision was “understandable.”
Personal Life
Adam Bilzerian bought a house in Saint Kitts and Navis in 2007 and moved there. He currently lives in his mansion with his wife and children.
Adam’s father, Paul, moved in with his younger son, upon his release from prison.
Dan once described his brother as an extreme opposite of him. While Dan lives a grand life full of controversies, money, and fame, his younger brother chose a peaceful and serene life for himself.

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