Individuals born on April 15, fall under the ruling houses of Neptune and Venus. Due to their spiritual bent, they will experience extreme happiness in their lives. However, they can often be taken advantage of by the ones close to them due to their generous nature. Owing to their spiritual nature, they are also blessed with an extraordinary strength of character and face challenges head on. The energy and dynamic nature of these people are infectious and they are blessed with an extraordinary drive to succeed.

Al PacinoAl Pacino
79, American
Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell
59, British
Military & Political Leader

David MoyesDavid Moyes
56, Scottish
Football Coach

Hank AzariaHank Azaria
55, American

Tim DuncanTim Duncan
43, American

Ella FitzgeraldElla Fitzgerald
79, American
Talia ShireTalia Shire
73, American

Jillian BellJillian Bell
35, American
Actress, Comedian

Gina TorresGina Torres
50, American
Johan CruyffJohan Cruyff
68, Dutch
Former Dutch Footballer & Manager

Edward II of EnglandEdward II of England
43, British
King of England
Princess Alice of the United KingdomPrincess Alice of the United Kingdom
35, British
Princess of the United Kingdom

Guglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi
63, Italian

Jay ParkJay Park
32, American, South Korean

Sara PaxtonSara Paxton
31, American

Daniel SharmanDaniel Sharman
33, British
Louis IX of FranceLouis IX of France
56, French
King of France

Louis Alphonse, Duke of AnjouLouis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou
45, Spanish
Member of the Royal House of Bourbon

Edward R. MurrowEdward R. Murrow
57, American

Toukie SmithToukie Smith
64, American
Actress, Model
Linda WomackLinda Womack
66, American

Wolfgang PauliWolfgang Pauli
58, Austrian
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Cy TwomblyCy Twombly
83, American
Praemium Imperiale

Emily BerglEmily Bergl
44, British

Rory FeekRory Feek
54, American
Country Singer-songwriter
DeAngelo WilliamsDeAngelo Williams
36, American
American Football Player

Hazel EHazel E
39, American
Reality TV Personality
Renee ZellwegerRenee Zellweger
50, American

Joslyn DavisJoslyn Davis
37, American
YouTube Personality, On-Air Host

Mani (Rapper)Mani (Rapper)
19, American
Karel Appel Karel Appel
85, Dutch
Painter, Sculptor, Poet

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Sianney GarciaSianney Garcia
18, American
Christina McLartyChristina McLarty
38, American
David Arquette’s Wife

Rilyn DinyaeRilyn Dinyae
13, American
TikTok ( Star

Felix Christian KleinFelix Christian Klein
76, German

23, American
HolaSoyGerman (Germán Garmendia)HolaSoyGerman (Germán Garmendia)
29, Chilean
YouTuber, Singer, Author
Adria ArjonaAdria Arjona
27, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, American

Arijit SinghArijit Singh
32, Indian

Joy VillaJoy Villa
28, American

Michael van GerwenMichael van Gerwen
30, Netherlands Antilles
Darts player
Joe BuckJoe Buck
50, American
Sports commentator

Adam SilverAdam Silver
57, American

Dinesh D'SouzaDinesh D'Souza
58, Indian, American

Björn UlvaeusBjörn Ulvaeus
74, Swedish
Swedish songwriter

Raphaël VaraneRaphaël Varane
26, French
French footballer
William RoacheWilliam Roache
87, British

Grant AchatzGrant Achatz
45, American
Marguerite MoreauMarguerite Moreau
42, American

Fiona BruceFiona Bruce
55, British
Television producer, Television presenter,

Vince OfferVince Offer
55, Israeli, American
Eric BristowEric Bristow
60, British
Darts player

Miguel HerránMiguel Herrán
23, Spanish
Meadowlark LemonMeadowlark Lemon
83, American
Basketball player, Actor

Albert KingAlbert King
69, American
Singer-songwriter, Basketball player, Musician,

Jeffrey DeMunnJeffrey DeMunn
72, American

Dominique Strauss-KahnDominique Strauss-Kahn
70, French
Economist, Politician, Lawyer, University teacher

Melonie DiazMelonie Diaz
35, American
Jon KylJon Kyl
77, American

Vladislav TretiakVladislav Tretiak
67, Russian
Ice hockey player, Politician

Felipe MassaFelipe Massa
38, Brazilian
Racecar driver

Michael LohanMichael Lohan
59, American
Television Personality
John McAleeseJohn McAleese
62, British

Robert PestonRobert Peston
59, British
Len GoodmanLen Goodman
75, British

Daniel MacPhersonDaniel MacPherson
39, Australian
Television presenter, Actor

Vladimir ZhirinovskyVladimir Zhirinovsky
73, Kazakh, Russian
Jurist, Politician, Lawyer
Sofia HelinSofia Helin
47, Swedish

Andrey KolmogorovAndrey Kolmogorov
84, Russian
Paul MazurskyPaul Mazursky
84, American

William J. Brennan Jr.William J. Brennan Jr.
91, American
lawyer, judge

Alejandro ValverdeAlejandro Valverde
39, Spanish
Spanish cyclist
Ron ClementsRon Clements
66, American

Darren WoodsonDarren Woodson
50, American
Football Player
Katrina MilosevicKatrina Milosevic
43, Australian

Matthew WestMatthew West
42, American
singer-songwriter, singer, guitarist

Johnathan ThurstonJohnathan Thurston
36, Australian
Rugby league player

Stephen GardinerStephen Gardiner
82, British
Semyon BudyonnySemyon Budyonny
90, Russian
Military commander
Joanne PehJoanne Peh
35, Singaporean
actor, film actor

Albert UderzoAlbert Uderzo
92, French
Comics artist, Painter, Screenwriter

Peter JurasikPeter Jurasik
69, American

Marc Isambard BrunelMarc Isambard Brunel
79, French, British
Engineer, Civil engineer, Architect
Marcos Pérez JiménezMarcos Pérez Jiménez
87, Venezuelan
Military Officer

Vanessa BeecroftVanessa Beecroft
50, Italian
Painter, Photographer, Sculptor

Conrad IV of GermanyConrad IV of Germany
26, Italian

Jason LeeJason Lee
49, American

William PereiraWilliam Pereira
76, American
Vassar ClementsVassar Clements
77, American

Édouard-Léon Scott de MartinvilleÉdouard-Léon Scott de Martinville
62, French
Chōjun MiyagiChōjun Miyagi
65, Japanese

Corín TelladoCorín Tellado
81, Spanish
William J. Brennan, Jr.William J. Brennan, Jr.
91, American
Bertrand TavernierBertrand Tavernier
78, French
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 25th     

Taurus personalities are of the bullish nature as they work at great lengths to reach the truth of every matter they encounter. The power of Neptune bestowed upon this individual offers creativity, optimistic outlook towards life and a drive to reach everything they desire. Whether it is the sharp wit or exuding charm or just the inner knowledge, the individuals born on this particular day are respected and admired by all.

April 25th Taurus individuals have a stronger constitution as long as proper diet and regular exercise routines are followed. Proper sleeping habits are a must for these individuals, as they are prone to stress related disorders that can alter sleeping patterns. Good bone health is one of the major concerns for these Taureans. People born on this day must ensure adequate fluid or water intake to avoid resulting health hazards.

Individuals born on the 25th day of April must take extra care in choosing the perfect career for their personal well-being. Just as with most rams, these individual will spend a great amount of time in the pursuit of a job that meets their financial goals. Once they find the perfect job, they should be careful with their money because of their spendthrift nature.

In the pursuit of financial freedom, people born on this day of April will explore artistic career options. Having a flare for music, dance the perfect career choice for this zodiac sign is arts. However, blessed with a single-minded devotion, law, business and politics are also great career choices for these individuals.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Most Taurus personalities are charming and may at times harbor strong desire to be more of a loner. That stray shy quality mixed with the charisma will draw people to these individuals like a moth to a flame. They are known to be loyal, devoted and generous towards their partners in romantic relationships. Due to their spiritual nature, they try to instill strong values and morals in their children.

Lucky Colors: Blue & Green
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 7
Lucky Days (of the Week): Friday & Monday.
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 7th