For those individuals born on April 22 the ruling houses of Venus and Uranus bring a hyped up influence to their personality that keeps them moving in high speed. Everything moves in a direction of the unique nature for the sign of Taurus with Uranus being the planet holding main control while keeping them to themselves. Whether they appear eccentric or just follow their own personal uniqueness, this ruling house works to help this Taurean to be one of the most care free spirits along being with artistic in nature. There will be a need to take care to their dreaminess, while appreciating life’s finer things.

jack nicholsonJack Nicholson
82, American
Actor, Filmmaker
Amber HeardAmber Heard
33, American

Vladimir LeninVladimir Lenin
53, Russian
Russian Revolutionary & Head of Communist Party
Jeffrey Dean MorganJeffrey Dean Morgan
53, American

Immanuel KantImmanuel Kant
79, German

J. Robert OppenheimerJ. Robert Oppenheimer
62, American
Peter FramptonPeter Frampton
69, American

37, Brazilian
John WatersJohn Waters
73, American
Film Director, Comedian, Art Collector

Glen CampbellGlen Campbell
81, American
Marshawn LynchMarshawn Lynch
33, American
American Football Player

Donald TuskDonald Tusk
62, Polish
President of the European Council
Machine Gun KellyMachine Gun Kelly
29, American
Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
78, Swiss, American, Russian

Aaron SpellingAaron Spelling
83, American
Film and television producer
Ryan StilesRyan Stiles
60, Canadian, American

Bettie PageBettie Page
85, American
Alexander KerenskyAlexander Kerensky
89, Russian
Political Leader

Willie RobertsonWillie Robertson
47, American
Reality Star & Entrepreneur

Charles MingusCharles Mingus
56, American
Jazz Musician
Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae
92, American

Catherine Mary StewartCatherine Mary Stewart
60, Canadian
Jung Woo-sungJung Woo-sung
46, South Korean

Cassidy FreemanCassidy Freeman
37, American
Dana BarronDana Barron
53, American

Shavo OdadjianShavo Odadjian
45, American
Bassist, Musician, Guitarist
Ruby Da CherryRuby Da Cherry
30, American
Henry FieldingHenry Fielding
47, British

Tammy HembrowTammy Hembrow
25, Australian
Instagram star, Fitness Mentor
Rita Levi-MontalciniRita Levi-Montalcini
25, Italian

Alex SensationAlex Sensation
40, Colombian, American
Musical Artist
Prophet MuhammadProphet Muhammad
61, Saudi Arabian
Founder of Islam

Kamla Persad-BissessarKamla Persad-Bissessar
67, Trinidadian
Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

Kendall RaeKendall Rae
26, American
YouTube Star
Haley FitzgeraldHaley Fitzgerald
25, American
Instagram Star, Dancer

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Joey KidneyJoey Kidney
23, Canadian
Henri La FontaineHenri La Fontaine
89, Belgian
Socialist, Senator, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Donald J. CramDonald J. Cram
82, American
Róbert BárányRóbert Bárány
59, Austrian

Thea KornumThea Kornum
21, Danish
George ColeGeorge Cole
90, British
Linda PhanLinda Phan
34, Canadian
Drew Scott's Wife

Austin GreyAustin Grey
22, American
Instagram Star
Lavender May AveryLavender May Avery
22, American
Jack Avery's Daughter

Amanda PierreAmanda Pierre
25, American
David LuizDavid Luiz
32, Brazilian
Association football player

Chetan BhagatChetan Bhagat
45, Indian
Writer, Screenwriter

Sherri ShepherdSherri Shepherd
52, American
Actor, Television presenter, Film actor,
John Obi MikelJohn Obi Mikel
32, Nigerian
Nigerian footballer

Marilyn ChambersMarilyn Chambers
56, American
Boney KapoorBoney Kapoor
64, Indian
Film producer

Daniel JohnsDaniel Johns
40, Australian
Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Pianist, Songwriter
Anwar al-AwlakiAnwar al-Awlaki
40, American, Yemeni

Sean LockSean Lock
56, British
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter
Magnús Ver MagnússonMagnús Ver Magnússon
56, Icelander
Sportsperson, Powerlifter
Michael WittmannMichael Wittmann
30, German

Byron AllenByron Allen
58, American
Regine VelasquezRegine Velasquez
49, Filipino

Mark van BommelMark van Bommel
42, Dutch
Association football player
Yehudi MenuhinYehudi Menuhin
82, Swiss, British, American
Conductor, Politician, Autobiographer, Jazz

Issey MiyakeIssey Miyake
81, Japanese
Fashion designer

Aron GunnarssonAron Gunnarsson
30, Icelander
Association football player
Bruno MussoliniBruno Mussolini

Akbar IIAkbar II
77, Indian
Giorgio AgambenGiorgio Agamben
77, Italian
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher, Poet

James McCleanJames McClean
30, Irish, British
Association football player
Bruce Edwards IvinsBruce Edwards Ivins
62, American
Biologist, Scientist, Circus performer, Politician

Gary RhodesGary Rhodes
59, British
Television presenter, Writer
Michael AtiyahMichael Atiyah
90, British
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher
Alan BondAlan Bond
77, Australian
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Amelle BerrabahAmelle Berrabah
35, British
Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia
Statesman, Military personnel, Architect

Yelena YemchukYelena Yemchuk
49, American
Painter, Photographer
Paul ChambersPaul Chambers
33, American
Composer, Jazz musician

Otto RankOtto Rank
55, Austrian

Hans von SeecktHans von Seeckt
70, German
Politician, Officer
Sidney NolanSidney Nolan
75, Australian

Milka DunoMilka Duno
47, Venezuelan
Racecar driver
David VincentDavid Vincent
54, American
Musician, Singer

Paul DaviesPaul Davies
Physicist, Writer, University teacher, Cosmologist
Richard DiebenkornRichard Diebenkorn
70, American

Osman SowOsman Sow
29, Swedish
Association football player
Jeff MinterJeff Minter
57, British
Programmer, Engineer, Computer scientist
Zoltán GeraZoltán Gera
40, Hungarian

Robert ElswitRobert Elswit
69, American
Cinematographer, Film editor
Kizza BesigyeKizza Besigye
63, Ugandan
Physician, Politician

Thomas Andrews DrakeThomas Andrews Drake
62, American
David J. C. MacKayDavid J. C. MacKay
48, British
Physicist, Computer scientist, Professor

Arsalan KazemiArsalan Kazemi
Basketball player
Filip HelanderFilip Helander
26, Swedish
Association football player

Jean Léonard Marie PoiseuilleJean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
72, French
Physician, Physicist, Mathematician
Carlos SastreCarlos Sastre
44, Spanish
Bicycle racer

Pope Alexander VIIIPope Alexander VIII
80, Italian
Giuseppe TorelliGiuseppe Torelli
50, Italian
Italian violist

Magdi AllamMagdi Allam
67, Egyptian, Italian
Journalist, Politician, Writer
Billy McKinlayBilly McKinlay
50, British
Association football player, Association football

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 22nd  

Some of the most striking personality traits for the individuals born on April 22 are being original in attitude, charming and down to earth. That firmly planted attitude is coupled with the need to know exactly how, when and where things exist. In that state of mind, the Taurus individual may seem slightly eccentric to others while still remaining steadfast and true to their own natural self.

In the health department, people born on this day must take care of their physical fitness and eating habits. These individuals are more prone to overeating than other signs and thus must take keep their eating habits under control. Making sure to add a daily exercise regimen to their lifestyle is something this sun sign must remember and extra time spent on the treadmill could be prudent.

Money is something that seems to come easy to these individuals. Those born on the April 22 care less for personal possessions, however are blessed with extraordinary money management skills.

Career opportunities for those born on April 22 are plenty, as they are determined and driven personalities. Their aptitude in financial matters makes career options such as finance, banking and commerce well suited for them.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The people born on this particular day keep their relationships protected once they get committed and may often seem over possessive. Once they find their soul mates they are extremely loving, caring and loyal. However, on the other hand, these individual may at times be a little suspicious towards their loved ones.  As parents, they are very caring and inspire their children make their own decisions.

Lucky Colors: Blue & Pink
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8
Lucky Days (of the Week): Friday & Sunday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 4th & 8th