For a tennis playing nation that has sustained excellence across decades and cultural shifts, America has produced some outstanding players like Serena Williams and Venus Williams, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, to name a few. Once a force in tennis, before the Aussies and Swedes took over, America has won twice as many Grand slams than any other nation. While the current tennis scene of America is facing a grand slam drought, especially men’s tennis, it has managed to rake up a few laud-worthy success with its women tennis force (think the Williams sisters!). America has been pining to breed more homegrown champions since. But that doesn’t undermine the greatness of this great sporting nation in tennis. The past players' records and longevity have set high standards for others to admire and strive for. Never mind whether you are a baseball, basketball, football or a hockey fan, it pays to acquaint yourself with tennis greats of America. Read the biographies to know the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives of famous American tennis players.
Serena WilliamsSerena Williams
26 September 1981
Tennis Player
Venus WilliamsVenus Williams
17 June 1980
American tennis player

John McEnroeJohn McEnroe
16 February 1959
Former US Tennis Star

Andre AgassiAndre Agassi
29 April 1970
Tennis Player

Pete SamprasPete Sampras
12 August 1971
Tennis player

Billie Jean KingBillie Jean King
22 November 1943
Former Women's Tennis Champion
Arthur AsheArthur Ashe
10 July 1943
Tennis Player

Chris EvertChris Evert
21 December 1954
Tennis Player

Andy RoddickAndy Roddick
30 August 1982
Martina NavratilovaMartina Navratilova
18 October 1956
Former Tennis Champion

Jimmy ConnorsJimmy Connors
02 September 1952
Tennis Player
Coco GauffCoco Gauff
13 March 2004
Tennis Player

Monica SelesMonica Seles
02 December 1973
Tennis Players

Dean Paul MartinDean Paul Martin
17 November 1951

Ivan LendIvan Lendl
07 March 1960
Former No 1 tennis Player

Althea GibsonAlthea Gibson
25 August 1927
Tennis player
Jim CourierJim Courier
17 August 1970
Tennis Player

CiCi BellisCiCi Bellis
08 April 1999
Professional Tennis Player

Don BudgeDon Budge
13 June 1915
Tennis Player

Naomi OsakaNaomi Osaka
16 October 1997
Tennis Player
Sloane StephensSloane Stephens
20 March 1993
Tennis player

Pam ShriverPam Shriver
04 July 1962
Tennis player
Ryan SweetingRyan Sweeting
14 July 1987
Tennis player

Vincent Van PattenVincent Van Patten
17 October 1957

Bobby RiggsBobby Riggs
25 February 1918
Tennis player
Mardy FishMardy Fish
09 December 1981
Tennis player

Vitas GerulaitisVitas Gerulaitis
26 July 1954
Tennis player
Lindsay DavenportLindsay Davenport
08 June 1976
Tennis player

Alexandra StevensonAlexandra Stevenson
15 December 1980
Tennis player

Jennifer CapriatiJennifer Capriati
29 March 1976
Tennis player
John IsnerJohn Isner
26 April 1985
Tennis player

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Madison KeysMadison Keys
17 February 1995
Tennis player
Michael ChangMichael Chang
22 February 1972
Tennis player

Ilana KlossIlana Kloss
22 March 1956
Tennis player

Frederick Winslow TaylorFrederick Winslow Taylor
20 March 1856
Tennis player, Engineer, Economist, Golfer,

Tommy HaasTommy Haas
03 April 1978
Tennis player
Jessica PegulaJessica Pegula
24 February 1994
Tennis player
Stan SmithStan Smith
14 December 1946
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Bethanie Mattek-SandsBethanie Mattek-Sands
23 March 1985
Tennis player

Lisa BonderLisa Bonder
16 October 1965
Tennis player

Murphy JensenMurphy Jensen
30 October 1968
Tennis player, Actor, Television actor
Renée RichardsRenée Richards
19 August 1934
Tennis player

Patrick McEnroePatrick McEnroe
01 July 1966
Tennis player, Sports journalist, Tennis coach

Tracy AustinTracy Austin
12 December 1962
Tennis player, Sports journalist

Brad GilbertBrad Gilbert
09 August 1961
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Pancho GonzalesPancho Gonzales
09 May 1928
Tennis Player
Pauline BetzPauline Betz
06 August 1919
Tennis player

Sam QuerreySam Querrey
07 October 1987
Tennis player
Mary CarilloMary Carillo
15 March 1957
Tennis player, Writer

Bill TildenBill Tilden
10 February 1893
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Taylor TownsendTaylor Townsend
16 April 1996
tennis player
Roscoe TannerRoscoe Tanner
15 October 1951
Tennis player

Jack KramerJack Kramer
01 August 1921
Tennis Player
Todd MartinTodd Martin
08 July 1970
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Lisa RaymondLisa Raymond
10 August 1973
Tennis player

Helen WillsHelen Wills
06 October 1905
Tennis player, Writer, Autobiographer, Poet

Ogden PhippsOgden Phipps
26 November 1908

Pancho SeguraPancho Segura
20 June 1921
Tennis player, Tennis coach
Melanie OudinMelanie Oudin
23 September 1991
American tennis player

Ashley HarkleroadAshley Harkleroad
02 May 1985
Tennis player

Molla MalloryMolla Mallory
06 March 1884
Tennis player

Arthur NielsenArthur Nielsen
05 September 1897
Market-research executive
R. Norris WilliamsR. Norris Williams
29 January 1891
Tennis player

Margaret Osborne duPontMargaret Osborne duPont
04 March 1918
Tennis Player
James BlakeJames Blake
28 December 1979
Tennis player

Tom GulliksonTom Gullikson
08 September 1951
Tennis player and coach

Dwight F. DavisDwight F. Davis
05 July 1879
Tennis player, Politician
Gussie MoranGussie Moran
08 September 1923
Tennis player

Helen JacobsHelen Jacobs
06 August 1908
Tennis Player
Ellsworth VinesEllsworth Vines
28 September 1911
Tennis player

Louise BroughLouise Brough
11 March 1923
Tennis player

Frank ParkerFrank Parker
31 January 1916
Tennis player
Hazel Hotchkiss WightmanHazel Hotchkiss Wightman
20 December 1886
Tennis Player

Gardnar MulloyGardnar Mulloy
22 November 1913
Tennis player
Bill TalbertBill Talbert
04 September 1918
Tennis player

Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson
24 December 1989
tennis player

Joseph SobekJoseph Sobek
05 April 1918

Donald YoungDonald Young
23 July 1989
tennis player
Richard Dudley SearsRichard Dudley Sears
26 October 1861
Tennis player
Dodo CheneyDodo Cheney
01 September 1916
Tennis player

Doris Jane HartDoris Jane Hart
20 June 1925
Tennis player

Sarah Palfrey DanzigSarah Palfrey Danzig
18 September 1912
Tennis player