Have you ever wondered why some people just can’t get out of their depressing mood? Do you find it hard to understand people who eat for comfort and then complain of getting fat? Do you have someone in your group who displays split personality? Is your sibling antisocial? Well, the answer for all of the above is psychological disorder. It isn’t that people with psychological disorder look different from the rest – they simply act differently. And it is to help them come out of their psychological problems that we have psychologists. Psychologists are professionals who are well-equipped to treat people with behavioural and personality disorder. They evaluate and study the mental process and are clinically qualified to help sufferers cope effectively from life issues and mental health. As such, psychologists are often referred to as doctors of mental health. In our world today, psychologists or psychiatrists, as they are often called, have started playing an important role in the society, given the stressful life. Every country today has a pool of psychologists who are uniquely qualified to help people come out from their stress and America is one such country. It boasts of having clinically proficient professionals who are qualified to help people suffering from psychological issues. Given here are the profiles of some of the greatest American psychologists – their life, study, work and contribution in the society.
Steven PinkerSteven Pinker
18 September 1954
Psychologist, Linguists
John DeweyJohn Dewey
20 October 1859

B. F. SkinnerB. F. Skinner
20 March 1904
American psychologist

William JamesWilliam James
11 January 1842
Philosopher, Psychologist

Abraham MaslowAbraham Maslow
01 April 1908

David KahnemanDaniel Kahneman
05 March 1934
American-Israeli psychologist
William Moulton MarstonWilliam Moulton Marston
09 May 1893

Carl RogersCarl Rogers
08 January 1902

Erik EriksonErik Erikson
15 June 1902
American-German psychologist
Henry MurrayHenry Murray
13 May 1893

John B. WatsonJohn B. Watson
09 January 1878
Harry HarlowHarry Harlow
31 October 1905

Martin SeligmanMartin Seligman
12 August 1942

Kurt LewinKurt Lewin
09 September 1890

Edward ThorndikeEdward Thorndike
31 August 1874

George Herbert MeadGeorge Herbert Mead
27 February 1863
Lillian Moller GilbrethLillian Moller Gilbreth
24 May 1878
Mother of Modern Management

William GlasserWilliam Glasser
11 May 1925
Developer of reality therapy and choice theory

Carol S. DweckCarol S. Dweck
17 October 1976

Timothy Francis LearyTimothy Francis Leary
22 October 1920
American psychologist
Phil McGrawPhil McGraw
01 September 1950
College Student Personnel, Actor, Television

N. K. JemisinN. K. Jemisin
19 September 1972
Eugene LandyEugene Landy
26 November 1934

Jonathan HaidtJonathan Haidt
19 October 1963

John MoneyJohn Money
08 July 1921
Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University
Ian LithgowIan Lithgow
03 February 1972

Philip ZimbardoPhilip Zimbardo
23 March 1933
Social psychologist, University teacher,
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiMihaly Csikszentmihalyi
29 September 1934
Psychologist, University teacher, Psychiatrist

Robert Anton WilsonRobert Anton Wilson
18 January 1932
Writer, Novelist, Philosopher, Essayist,

Herbert A. SimonHerbert A. Simon
15 June 1916
Economist, Psychologist, Politician, Sociologist,
Dan ArielyDan Ariely
29 April 1967

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John AmaechiJohn Amaechi
26 November 1970
Basketball player, Blogger, Politician
John OrtbergJohn Ortberg
05 May 1957
Author, Theologian, Psychologist

Laura SchlessingerLaura Schlessinger
16 January 1947
Radio personality, Writer, Social worker,

Carol DweckCarol Dweck
17 October 1946

Stanley MilgramStanley Milgram
15 August 1933
Psychologist, University teacher, Sociologist
Gregory BatesonGregory Bateson
09 May 1904
Anthropologist, Philosopher, Sociologist,
Howard GardnerHoward Gardner
11 July 1943
Teacher, Psychologist, University teacher,

Eric HofferEric Hoffer
25 July 1902
Writer, Philosopher, Psychologist

Milton H. EricksonMilton H. Erickson
05 December 1901
Psychotherapist, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist,

Adam GrantAdam Grant
13 August 1981
Thomas SzaszThomas Szasz
15 April 1920
Psychiatrist, Scientist, Writer, University

Aaron T. BeckAaron T. Beck
18 July 1921
Psychiatrist, University teacher, Psychologist

K. Anders EricssonK. Anders Ericsson

Claude SteeleClaude Steele
01 January 1946

Jerome BrunerJerome Bruner
01 October 1915
Psychologist, University teacher
Tara BrachTara Brach
17 May 1953

Stanislav GrofStanislav Grof
01 July 1931
Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Writer, Physician
Marshall RosenbergMarshall Rosenberg
06 October 1934
Psychologist, Academic, Non-fiction writer

Eric KandelEric Kandel
07 November 1929
Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist,

Rollo MayRollo May
21 April 1909
Psychologist, Psychotherapist
Don NormanDon Norman
25 December 1935
Engineer, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Writer

Elizabeth LoftusElizabeth Loftus
16 October 1944
Psychologist, Statistician, University teacher
Marsha M. LinehanMarsha M. Linehan
05 May 1943
Psychologist, University teacher, Writer

Lawrence KohlbergLawrence Kohlberg
25 October 1927
Psychologist, Academic, Non-fiction writer

Gordon AllportGordon Allport
11 November 1897
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher,

Bruno BettelheimBruno Bettelheim
28 August 1903
Writer, Psychologist, University teacher,

Robert PlutchikRobert Plutchik
21 October 1927
Psychologist, Emotion psychologist, University
Arthur JensenArthur Jensen
24 August 1923
Psychologist, University teacher

Amy CuddyAmy Cuddy
23 June 1972

Leon FestingerLeon Festinger
08 May 1919
Psychologist, University teacher

Carol GilliganCarol Gilligan
28 November 1936
Psychologist, Philosopher, Non-fiction writer,
J. C. R. LickliderJ. C. R. Licklider
11 March 1915

Urie BronfenbrennerUrie Bronfenbrenner
29 April 1917
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher, Writer
Benjamin BloomBenjamin Bloom
21 February 1913
Psychologist, School teacher, University teacher

Seymour PapertSeymour Papert
29 February 1928
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Educator,

James HillmanJames Hillman
12 April 1926
Psychologist, Philosopher, Non-fiction writer
G. Stanley HallG. Stanley Hall
01 February 1844
Psychologist, Science writer

Robert PlominRobert Plomin
1948 AD
Raymond CattellRaymond Cattell
20 March 1905

Julian JaynesJulian Jaynes
27 February 1920
Psychologist, University teacher

Richard BandlerRichard Bandler
24 February 1950
Robert SternbergRobert Sternberg
08 December 1949
Psychologist, University teacher

Mary AinsworthMary Ainsworth
01 December 1913
Psychologist, University teacher
Robert TriversRobert Trivers
19 February 1943
Psychologist, University teacher

David McClellandDavid McClelland
20 May 1917
Psychologist, University teacher, Sociologist

J. P. GuilfordJ. P. Guilford
07 March 1897

Lewis TermanLewis Terman
15 January 1877
Psychologist, University teacher
Warren BennisWarren Bennis
08 March 1925
Writer, Economist, Psychologist
Walter MischelWalter Mischel
22 February 1930
Psychologist, Author, University teacher

J. Michael BaileyJ. Michael Bailey
02 July 1957

Chris ArgyrisChris Argyris
16 July 1923
Economist, Psychologist, University teacher

Otto F. KernbergOtto F. Kernberg
10 September 1928
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, University teacher,
Paul WatzlawickPaul Watzlawick
25 July 1921
Philosopher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

James Tiptree Jr.James Tiptree Jr.
24 August 1915

Allen NewellAllen Newell
19 March 1927
Psychologist, Computer scientist, Mathematician,

George Armitage MillerGeorge Armitage Miller
03 February 1920
Psychologist, University teacher

Edwin Ray GuthrieEdwin Ray Guthrie
09 January 1886
Max WertheimerMax Wertheimer
15 April 1880
Psychologist, University teacher

Fredric WerthamFredric Wertham
20 March 1895
Psychologist, Psychiatrist
Anne TreismanAnne Treisman
27 February 1935
Psychologist, University teacher

Harry Stack SullivanHarry Stack Sullivan
21 February 1892
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist
Frank RosenblattFrank Rosenblatt
11 July 1928
Psychologist, Computer scientist
Edward B. TitchenerEdward B. Titchener
11 January 1867
Philosopher, Psychologist, University teacher