Imagine a professional sports team without a mentor coaching it from behind the bench. Better yet, imagine a Super Bowl game with no coach yelling, motivating, and jumping with thrill every time there is a blowout. Coaches are the lifeline of any team. No matter what the level of play is, if you want to succeed you need a coach, a really good one on top of that. Now only if you thought that a coaching is all about breaking down tape and doodling x's and o's, know that a coach has to do a lot more than that. Coaches are the real role models for their teams, a big inspiration, and a guiding force. Coaches invest in the success of athletes. At times, they are the ones who makes winning possible, thanks to the dedication, determination, diligence, and discipline they evoke within their players. Not just that, they also help eliminate all kind of stresses and assist players stay more focused. America has been a cradle of some really smart, talented, and able coaches who have steered America's greatest athletes and teams to grand victories. Let u learn about their timeline, trivia, and facts in the biographies here.
Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar
16 April 1947
Basketball Player, Basketball Coach
Tommy TubervilleTommy Tuberville
18 September 1954
American Football Coach

Phil JacksonPhil Jackson
17 September 1945
Former Basketball Player, Executive & Coach

Doc RiversDoc Rivers
13 October 1961
Basketball Coach

Erik SpoelstraErik Spoelstra
01 November 1970
Basketball Coach

Dabo SwinneyDabo Swinney
20 November 1969
American Football Coach
Lou HoltzLou Holtz
06 January 1937
American Football Coach

Tony DungyTony Dungy
06 October 1955
Former NFL Coach & American Football Player

Matt PatriciaMatt Patricia
13 September 1974
NFL Coach
Romeo CrennelRomeo Crennel
18 June 1947
American Football Coach

Tyronn LueTyronn Lue
03 May 1977
Basketball Coach
Stan Van GundyStan Van Gundy
26 August 1959
Basketball Coach

Tom HeinsohnTom Heinsohn
26 August 1934
Basketball Player

Mike DitkaMike Ditka
18 October 1939
American Football Player, NFL Coach

Dan GableDan Gable
25 October 1948

Eric BieniemyEric Bieniemy
15 August 1969
Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson
16 July 1943
American football player

Frank ReichFrank Reich
04 December 1961
Football Coach

Bill CowherBill Cowher
08 May 1957
American Football Player, Coach

Jeff Van GundyJeff Van Gundy
19 January 1962
Basketball Coach
Kyle ShanahanKyle Shanahan
14 December 1979
Football Coach

Bear BryantBear Bryant
11 September 1913
Football Player, Coache
Vince LombardiVince Lombardi
11 June 1913
American football player

Gregg PopovichGregg Popovich
28 January 1949
Basketball Coach

Joe PaternoJoe Paterno
21 December 1926
American Football Player
Steve SpurrierSteve Spurrier
20 April 1945

Byron LeftwichByron Leftwich
14 January 1980
Football Player
Rick PitinoRick Pitino
18 September 1952
Basketball Coach

James NaismithJames Naismith
06 November 1861
Invented Basketball

Tom LandryTom Landry
11 September 1924
Former American Football Player & Coach
Bobby BowdenBobby Bowden
08 November 1929

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Zac TaylorZac Taylor
10 May 1983
American Football Coach
Ime UdokaIme Udoka
09 August 1977
American-Nigerian Basketball Player

Al DavisAl Davis
04 July 1929
American Football Coach & Executive

Mike ZimmerMike Zimmer
05 June 1956
American Football Coach

Tarvaris JacksonTarvaris Jackson
21 April 1983
American Football Player
Joe TorreJoe Torre
18 July 1940
Ken CarterKen Carter
13 February 1959

Rod MarinelliRod Marinelli
13 July 1949
American Football Coach

Bill BowermanBill Bowerman
19 February 1911
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.

Ivan LendIvan Lendl
07 March 1960
Former No 1 tennis Player
Herb BrooksHerb Brooks
05 August 1937
Ice Hockey Coach, Player

Red AuerbachRed Auerbach
20 September 1917
American basketball coach

Ralph SampsonRalph Sampson
07 July 1960
Basketball Player

Marty SchottenheimerMarty Schottenheimer
22 September 1943
Former American Football Player

Pat SummittPat Summitt
12 June 1952
Rick CarlisleRick Carlisle
27 October 1959
Basketball Coach

Paul BrownPaul Brown
07 September 1908
American Football Coach
Sam CassellSam Cassell
18 November 1969
Basketball Player

Herman BooneHerman Boone
28 October 1935
Former Coach

Todd HaleyTodd Haley
28 February 1967
American Football Coach
Woody HayesWoody Hayes
14 February 1913
American Football Player and Coach

Jerry SloanJerry Sloan
28 March 1942
Basketball Player
Jim SchwartzJim Schwartz
02 June 1966
Film Producer

Wes UnseldWes Unseld
14 March 1946
Basketball Player

Ara ParseghianAra Parseghian
21 May 1923
American Football Player, Coach

Dick LeBeauDick LeBeau
09 September 1937

Tom OrborneTom Osborne
23 February 1937
Former American Football Player, Coach
Don NelsonDon Nelson
15 May 1940
Basketball Player

Chris WeinkeChris Weinke
31 July 1972
American Football Player

Tom IzzoTom Izzo
30 January 1955

Curly LambeauCurly Lambeau
09 April 1898
American Football Player
Casey StengelCasey Stengel
30 July 1890
American baseball manager

Dean SmithDean Smith
28 February 1931
Basketball Coach
Bud GrantBud Grant
20 May 1927
American football Coach

Brian BillickBrian Billick
28 February 1954
American Football Coach

Turner GillTurner Gill
13 August 1962
American Football Coach
David FizdaleDavid Fizdale
16 June 1974
Basketball Coach

Dennis EricksonDennis Erickson
24 March 1947
Football Coach
John McVayJohn McVay
05 January 1931
American Football Coach

Oracene PriceOracene Price
03 April 1952
Tennis Coach

Clint TrickettClint Trickett
19 March 1991
American Football Player
Luke MurrayLuke Murray
1985 AD
Basketball Coach

Samantha SpenoSamantha Speno
11 January 1982
Randy Orton's Ex-wife
Amanda BelichickAmanda Belichick
1984 AD

Ferdinand LewisFerdinand Lewis
16 April 1947

Nick SabanNick Saban
31 October 1951
American football player

Jim HarbaughJim Harbaugh
23 December 1963
American football coach
Hugh FreezeHugh Freeze
27 September 1969
American football coach
Frank VogelFrank Vogel
21 June 1973
Basketball coach

Andy ReidAndy Reid
19 March 1958

Lane KiffinLane Kiffin
09 May 1975
Sports coach, American football player

Bob GibsonBob Gibson
09 November 1935
Baseball Player
Urban MeyerUrban Meyer
10 July 1964
American football player

Bruce AriansBruce Arians
03 October 1952
American football player

Mike VrabelMike Vrabel
14 August 1975
American football coach

Pat RileyPat Riley
20 March 1945
Basketball player, Basketball coach, Coach

Mike SingletaryMike Singletary
09 October 1958
American Football coach
Jason GarrettJason Garrett
28 March 1966
American Football Coach

Tommy LasordaTommy Lasorda
22 September 1927
Baseball player
Gus MalzahnGus Malzahn
28 October 1965
American football player

Brian KellyBrian Kelly
25 October 1961
American football player, coach
Will MuschampWill Muschamp
03 August 1971
American football player, Sports coach
Bret BielemaBret Bielema
13 January 1970
Head coach