Algeria, the largest country in Africa and the Arab world boasts of a rich cultural heritage as it has known many empires and dynasties in the ancient times, and was once a part of the French colonial empire. Berber King Masinissa who lived in ancient Algeria is still viewed as an icon and an important forefather among modern Berbers. During the Middle Ages, the country was home to many great scholars, saints and sovereigns including Judah Ibn Quraysh, and the great Sufi masters Sidi Boumediene (Abu Madyan) and Sidi El Houari.

Albert CamusAlbert Camus
07 November 1913
Karim BenzemaKarim Benzema
19 December 1987

Sofia BoutellaSofia Boutella
03 April 1982

Jacques DerridaJacques Derrida
15 July 1930

Zahia DeharZahia Dehar
25 February 1992
Fashion Designer, Model

Abdelaziz BouteflikaAbdelaziz Bouteflika
02 March 1937
Longest Serving President of Algeria
Ahmed Ben BellaAhmed Ben Bella
25 December 1916
First President of Algeria

Hélène CixousHélène Cixous
05 June 1937

Assia DjebarAssia Djebar
30 June 1936
Ahlam MosteghanemiAhlam Mosteghanemi
13 April 1953

Riyad MahrezRiyad Mahrez
22 February 1991
Association football player

Nabil BentalebNabil Bentaleb
24 November 1994
Association football player

Frantz FanonFrantz Fanon
20 July 1925

Giorgio ChielliniGiorgio Chiellini
14 August 1984
Association football player

0165 AD
Roman emperor
Jacques TorresJacques Torres
14 June 1959

Kateb YacineKateb Yacine
02 August 1929
writer, playwright, journalist

Bernard-Henri LévyBernard-Henri Lévy
05 November 1948

Daniel AuteuilDaniel Auteuil
24 January 1950
Actor, Film director, Theatre director
Yacine BrahimiYacine Brahimi
08 February 1990
Algerian-French footballer

Jacques RancièreJacques Rancière
10 June 1940
Cheb MamiCheb Mami
11 July 1966

Sofiane FeghouliSofiane Feghouli
26 December 1989
Association football player

Moufdi ZakariaMoufdi Zakaria
12 June 1908
Poet, Writer, Songwriter
Ahmed OuyahiaAhmed Ouyahia
02 July 1952
Prime Minister of Algeria

Ahmed OuyahiaAhmed Ouyahia
02 July 1952
Prime Minister of Algeria
Madjid BougherraMadjid Bougherra
07 October 1982
Association football player

Elias ZerhouniElias Zerhouni
12 April 1951

Emir AbdelkaderEmir Abdelkader
06 September 1808
Military Leader
Chadli BendjedidChadli Bendjedid
14 April 1929
Politician, Military personnel

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Mehdi AbeidMehdi Abeid
06 August 1992
Association football player
Yasmina KhadraYasmina Khadra
10 January 1955
Writer, Novelist

Martianus CapellaMartianus Capella

Rabah BitatRabah Bitat
19 December 1925

Mohammed DibMohammed Dib
21 July 1920
Lakhdar BrahimiLakhdar Brahimi
01 January 1934
Isaac AlfasiIsaac Alfasi
1013 AD

Rafik DjebbourRafik Djebbour
08 March 1984
Association football player

Noureddine MorceliNoureddine Morceli
28 February 1970

Ferhat AbbasFerhat Abbas
Mohammed ArkounMohammed Arkoun

Hàm NghiHàm Nghi
03 August 1971
Eighth Emperor of the Vietnamese Nguyễn Dynasty

Abdelmalek SellalAbdelmalek Sellal
01 August 1948
Politician, Diplomat

Mouloud FeraounMouloud Feraoun
08 March 1913

Kamel DaoudKamel Daoud
Messali HadjMessali Hadj
16 May 1898

Mouloud MammeriMouloud Mammeri
28 December 1917
Houari BoumedieneHouari Boumediene
23 August 1927

Nabil GhilasNabil Ghilas
20 April 1990
Association football player

Alain MimounAlain Mimoun
01 January 1921
Distance runner
Boualem SansalBoualem Sansal
15 October 1949
writer, engineer, teacher, business executive

29 February 1960
Monica of HippoMonica of Hippo
0331 AD

Liamine ZeroualLiamine Zeroual
03 July 1941
Former President of Algeria

Muhammad BoudiafMuhammad Boudiaf
23 June 1919

For a period between the 16th and 19th century, a region of Algeria was partially ruled by Ottomans, and Hayreddin Barbarossa is credited to have played a major role in bringing about Ottoman dominance over the Mediterranean during the mid 16th century. The French invaded Algeria in the 19th century and Algerian military leader Abdelkader ibn Muhieddine led a valiant but unsuccessful struggle against the French colonial invasion. The country finally became independent in mid 20th century with socialist soldier and revolutionary Ahmed Ben Bella taking over as president. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Algerians.