When you think of some of the most famous Albanians, the list can actually go endless. After all who can forget the contribution of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, or Mother Teresa to society and mankind or Cesk Zadeja to music, Dhimiter Agnosti to films, Mimoza Ahmeti to poetry, Martin Camaj to novels, Elvana Gjata to singing, or Angela Martini to modelling! Right from Ismail Qemali, the founder and first leader of modern Albanian state to Mustafa Kemal Atuturk the first President of the Republic of Albania, the country has a widespread political, social and economic dominion. Officially known as the Republic of Albania, it is situated in the Southeastern Europe, surrounded by Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. The history of the country dates back to the prehistoric times of 4th century BC. Once controlled by the Roman Empire, Albania witnessed the rise and fall of numerous Empires before being nationalized as the Republic. It was due to this that the country’s art work and artistic forms have been variedly inspired, an aspect that makes it unique from other European countries. Over the years, Albanians have greatly contributed in varied fields be it music, folklore, literature, science, history, sport, fashion, films, entertainment, visual arts and so on. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Albanians.
Mother TeresaMother Teresa
26 August 1910
Founder of Missionaries of Charity
Eliza DushkuEliza Dushku
30 December 1980

Enver HoxhaEnver Hoxha
16 October 1908
Former Communist Leader of Albania

Muhammad Ali of EgyptMuhammad Ali of Egypt
04 March 1769
Ottoman Governor of Egypt

06 May 1405
Military Commander

Masiela LushaMasiela Lusha
23 October 1985
Edi RamaEdi Rama
04 July 1964
Prime Minister of Albania

Era IstrefiEra Istrefi
04 July 1994
Singer, Songwriter

Sali BerishaSali Berisha
15 October 1944
Former President & Prime Minister of Albania
Fatos NanoFatos Nano
16 September 1952
Former Prime Minister of Albania

Bamir TopiBamir Topi
24 April 1957
Former President of Albania
Alfred MoisiuAlfred Moisiu
01 December 1929
Fourth President of Albania

Fan S. NoliFan S. Noli
06 January 1882
Prime Minister of Albania

Barıs ArducBarıs Arduc
09 October 1987

Ali Pasha of IoanninaAli Pasha of Ioannina
1740 AD
Government Official

Ismail KadareIsmail Kadare
28 January 1936
Novelist, poet, essayist
Ramiz AliaRamiz Alia
18 October 1925

Sotiris NinisSotiris Ninis
03 April 1990
Association football player

Essad Pasha ToptaniEssad Pasha Toptani
1863 AD
Political leader

Mehmet ShehuMehmet Shehu
10 January 1913
Safiye SultanSafiye Sultan
1550 AD
Wife of Murad III

Zog of AlbaniaZog of Albania
08 October 1895
Bujar NishaniBujar Nishani
29 September 1964
President of Albania

Sedefkar Mehmed AghaSedefkar Mehmed Agha
1540 AD

Sami FrashëriSami Frashëri
01 June 1850
Fatmir SejdiuFatmir Sejdiu
23 October 1951
Legal historian, Educationist, University teacher

Migjen BashaMigjen Basha
05 January 1987
Association football player
Mërgim MavrajMërgim Mavraj
09 June 1986
Association football player

Patrona HalilPatrona Halil
1690 AD

Rexhep MeidaniRexhep Meidani
17 August 1944
Adil ÇarçaniAdil Çarçani
05 May 1922

Ali PashaAli Pasha
1750 AD
Adrola DushiAdrola Dushi
1990 AD

Koƈu BeyKoƈu Bey

Muḥammad ʿAlīMuḥammad ʿAlī
04 March 1768
Founder of modern egypt