97 Years Old

The list of famous 97 years old includes Dilip Kumar, Henry Kissinger, Bob Dole, Chuck Yeager, Franco Zeffirelli. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, actresses, actors and historians and from other domains of life. This list of 97 years old includes people from United States, Italy, Australia & Canada and many more countries.

Dilip KumarDilip Kumar
11 December 1922, Indian
Henry KissingerHenry Kissinger
27 May 1923, American
Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)

Bob DoleBob Dole
22 July 1923, American
Politician, Lawyer

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager
13 February 1923, American

Franco ZeffirelliFranco Zeffirelli
12 February 1923, Italian
Film Director

Larry StorchLarry Storch
08 January 1923, American
James L. BuckleyJames L. Buckley
09 March 1923, American
Former United States Senator

Chen Ning YangChen Ning Yang
01 October 1922, Chinese, American

Rudolph A. MarcusRudolph A. Marcus
21 July 1923, Canadian
June NewtonJune Newton
03 June 1923, Australian

James GunnJames Gunn
23 July 1923, American
Lee Teng-huiLee Teng-hui
15 January 1923, Taiwanese
Agricultural economist, Politician

Sumner RedstoneSumner Redstone
27 May 1923, American

Paul HellyerPaul Hellyer
06 August 1923, Canadian
Politician, Ufologist, Writer

Judith KerrJudith Kerr
14 June 1923, British
Writer, Illustrator, Autobiographer, Children's

Jonas MekasJonas Mekas
24 December 1922, Lithuanian, American
Film director, Poet, Writer
Valentina CorteseValentina Cortese
01 January 1923, Italian
film actor, stage actor

Richard PipesRichard Pipes
11 July 1923, Polish, American
Historian, Writer, University teacher

Ivry GitlisIvry Gitlis
22 August 1922, Israeli

Gertrude HimmelfarbGertrude Himmelfarb
08 August 1922, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer
Ninian StephenNinian Stephen
15 June 1923, Australian
Politician, Judge

Arvid CarlssonArvid Carlsson
25 January 1923, Swedish
Physician, Neuroscientist, Pharmacologist,
Alfred GoodwinAlfred Goodwin
29 June 1923, American
Lawyer, Judge

Roger EtchegarayRoger Etchegaray
25 September 1922, French
Diplomat, Catholic priest

Harry Mark PetrakisHarry Mark Petrakis
05 June 1923, American
Madeleine LeBeauMadeleine LeBeau
10 June 1923, French

Stanley CohenStanley Cohen
17 November 1922, American
biochemist, university teacher
Fred KoenekampFred Koenekamp
11 November 1922, American

Hans Werner GrosseHans Werner Grosse
29 November 1922, Polish

Mary Elizabeth Liz SmithMary Elizabeth Liz Smith
02 February 1923, American