95 Year Old Males

The list of famous 95 year old males includes Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Stan Lee, John Glenn, Robert Mugabe. Famous males featured on this list, include political leaders, composers, actors and novelists and from other domains of life. This list of 95 Year Old includes people from United States, England, France & India and many more countries.

Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter
01 October 1924, American
39th U.S. President
Hal HolbrookHal Holbrook
17 February 1925, American

Russell M. NelsonRussell M. Nelson
09 September 1924, American
Religious Leader, Surgeon

Ernesto CardenalErnesto Cardenal
20 January 1925, Nicaraguan
Poet, Revolutionary, Politician, Priest

Robert SolowRobert Solow
23 August 1924, American

Ip ChunIp Chun
31 July 1924
Christopher TolkienChristopher Tolkien
21 November 1924, British

Daniel arap MoiDaniel arap Moi
02 September 1924, Kenyan

Henry SyHenry Sy
25 December 1924, Filipino
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Dmitry YazovDmitry Yazov
08 November 1924, Russian

Johnny GilbertJohnny Gilbert
13 July 1924, American
Bobby CoxBobby Cox
17 November 1924, American

Peter BrookPeter Brook
21 March 1925, British
Theatre director, Film director, Film editor,

Robert FrankRobert Frank
09 November 1924, Swiss, American
Film director, Photographer, Cinematographer,

Shehu ShagariShehu Shagari
25 February 1925, Nigerian

Fred SingerFred Singer
27 September 1924, American
Physicist, University teacher
Brent ScowcroftBrent Scowcroft
19 March 1925, American
Officer, Geopolitician

Ali Hassan MwinyiAli Hassan Mwinyi
08 May 1925, Tanzanian
Politician, Lawyer

Michael HallidayMichael Halliday
13 April 1925, Australian, British
Linguist, Philosopher, Educationist, University

Louis NirenbergLouis Nirenberg
28 February 1925, Canadian
Mathematician, University teacher
Shoichiro ToyodaShoichiro Toyoda
17 February 1925, Japanese
businessperson, engineer

Rubem FonsecaRubem Fonseca
11 May 1925, Brazilian
Leo EsakiLeo Esaki
12 March 1925, Japanese

Solomon PerelSolomon Perel
21 April 1925, Israeli
Author, Writer

Yuri OrlovYuri Orlov
13 August 1924, American
Physicist, Human rights activist, Nuclear
Girma Wolde-GiorgisGirma Wolde-Giorgis
28 December 1924, Ethiopian
Former President of Ethiopia

Lee AdamsLee Adams
14 August 1924, American
Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist
John C. Portman, Jr.John C. Portman, Jr.
04 December 1924, American

John SimonJohn Simon
12 May 1925, American
Literary critic, Film critic, Theatre critic,

David CoxDavid Cox
15 July 1924, British
Alejandro OrfilaAlejandro Orfila
09 March 1925, Argentinian

Andrei Yakovlevich EshpaiAndrei Yakovlevich Eshpai
15 May 1925, Russian
Javid IqbalJavid Iqbal
05 October 1924, Pakistani

Warren Gamaliel BennisWarren Gamaliel Bennis
08 March 1925