90 Years Old

The list of famous 90 years old includes Christopher Plummer, Buzz Aldrin, Gene Hackman, Barbara Walters, Bob Newhart. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, actresses, political leaders and physicists and from other domains of life. This list of 90 years old includes people from United States, England, India & Germany and many more countries.

Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
13 December 1929, Canadian
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin
20 January 1930, American
American engineer

Gene HackmanGene Hackman
30 January 1930, American
Actor and Author

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters
25 September 1929, American

Bob NewhartBob Newhart
05 September 1929, American
American stand-up comedian

Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
10 February 1930, American
Lata MangeshkarLata Mangeshkar
28 September 1929, Indian

Whitey BulgerWhitey Bulger
03 September 1929, American
American convicted murderer and former organized

Joanne WoodwardJoanne Woodward
27 February 1930, American
Stephen SondheimStephen Sondheim
22 March 1930, American
American composer

Max von SydowMax von Sydow
10 April 1929, French, Swedish
Imelda MarcosImelda Marcos
02 July 1929, Filipino
Filipino Politician

André PrevinAndré Previn
06 April 1929, German, American

Milkha SinghMilkha Singh
20 November 1929, Indian
Indian track and field athlete

Vera MilesVera Miles
23 August 1929, American

Joan PlowrightJoan Plowright
28 October 1929, British
Pat RobertsonPat Robertson
22 March 1930, American
Evangelist, Media Mogul

Milan KunderaMilan Kundera
01 April 1929, Czech, French

Bobby BowdenBobby Bowden
08 November 1929, American

E. O. WilsonE. O. Wilson
10 June 1929, American
Sara Jane MooreSara Jane Moore
15 February 1930, American
Woman Who Attempted to Assassinate US President

Derek WalcottDerek Walcott
23 January 1930, Saint Lucian
Ion IliescuIon Iliescu
03 March 1930, Romanian
Former President of Romania

John TurnerJohn Turner
07 June 1929, Canadian
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Hussain Muhammad ErshadHussain Muhammad Ershad
01 February 1930, Bangladeshi
Former President of Bangladesh
Ivar GiaeverIvar Giaever
05 April 1929, Norwegian, American

Violeta ChamorroVioleta Chamorro
18 October 1929, Nicaraguan
Political leader
Leon N CooperLeon Cooper
28 February 1930, American

Richard Edward Taylor Richard E. Taylor
02 November 1929, Canadian

Werner ArberWerner Arber
03 June 1929, Swiss
Microbiologist & Geneticist
Alfred MoisiuAlfred Moisiu
01 December 1929, Albanian
Fourth President of Albania

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Zhores Ivanovich AlferovZhores Ivanovich Alferov
15 March 1930, Belarusian, Russian, Russian
Gangsta GrandmaGangsta Grandma
17 June 1929, American
TikTok Star

Sandra Day O’ConnorSandra Day O’Connor
26 March 1930, American
Former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court

Ed AsnerEd Asner
15 November 1929, American
television actor, voice actor, film producer,

Berry GordyBerry Gordy
28 November 1929, American
Record producer, Musician, Autobiographer,
Tippi HedrenTippi Hedren
19 January 1930, American
Don ShulaDon Shula
04 January 1930, American
American football player

Ursula K. Le GuinUrsula K. Le Guin
21 October 1929, American
American author of novels

Lady Pamela HicksLady Pamela Hicks
19 April 1929, Spanish, Dutch
British aristocrat

Jane PowellJane Powell
01 April 1929, American
Gudrun BurwitzGudrun Burwitz
08 August 1929, German
Tailor, Patternmaker, Secretary

Jürgen HabermasJürgen Habermas
18 June 1929, German
Sociologist, Philosopher, University teacher

Bonnie BartlettBonnie Bartlett
20 June 1929, American

Stirling MossStirling Moss
17 September 1929, British
Formula One driver

George SteinerGeorge Steiner
23 April 1929, French, American
Philosopher, Novelist, Writer, University teacher,
June SquibbJune Squibb
06 November 1929, American
American actress

Eric CarleEric Carle
25 June 1929, American
Writer, Illustrator, Children's writer
Peter HiggsPeter Higgs
29 May 1929, British

Al AlvarezAl Alvarez
05 August 1929, British
Poet, Author, Autobiographer, Literary critic,

Ila ArunIla Arun
28 September 1929, Indian
Actor, Singer
Bernard MarcusBernard Marcus
12 May 1929, American

Betty BoothroydBetty Boothroyd
08 October 1929, British
Eric KandelEric Kandel
07 November 1929, American
Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist,

John CullumJohn Cullum
02 March 1930, American
Film actor

Michael AtiyahMichael Atiyah
22 April 1929, British
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher

Richard LynnRichard Lynn
1930 AD, British
psychologist, university teacher

Milton GlaserMilton Glaser
26 June 1929, American
Designer, Illustrator, Graphic designer,
John Julius NorwichJohn Julius Norwich
15 September 1929, British
Television presenter, Politician, Historian,

Hal LindseyHal Lindsey
23 November 1929, American

Sue JohansonSue Johanson
16 March 1930, Canadian
Public Speaker

Joan Ganz CooneyJoan Ganz Cooney
30 November 1929, American
American television producer
Gahan WilsonGahan Wilson
08 February 1930, American
Cartoonist, Writer

Hubert DreyfusHubert Dreyfus
15 October 1929, American
Philosopher, University teacher
Frederick WisemanFrederick Wiseman
01 January 1930, American

James McDivittJames McDivitt
10 June 1929, American
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

Nikolai RyzhkovNikolai Ryzhkov
28 September 1929, Russian
Politician, Officer, Engineer
Sam NujomaSam Nujoma
12 May 1929, Namibian

Kasinathuni ViswanathKasinathuni Viswanath
19 February 1930, Indian
Film director, Actor
Walter MischelWalter Mischel
22 February 1930, American
Psychologist, Author, University teacher

George CrumbGeorge Crumb
24 October 1929, American

Peter AngelosPeter Angelos
04 July 1929, American
Soli SorabjeeSoli Sorabjee
09 March 1930, Indian
Lawyer, Judge

Barry HarrisBarry Harris
15 December 1929, American
Carolyn S. ShoemakerCarolyn S. Shoemaker
24 June 1929, American

Gastone MoschinGastone Moschin
08 June 1929, Italian

Fernanda MontenegroFernanda Montenegro
16 October 1929, Brazilian

Judith Jarvis ThomsonJudith Jarvis Thomson
04 October 1929, American
Philosopher, University teacher
Autherine LucyAutherine Lucy
05 October 1929, American
Civil Rights Activist, Educator
Muhammad Rafiq TararMuhammad Rafiq Tarar
02 November 1929, Pakistani

Richard BassRichard Bass
21 December 1929, American
entrepreneur, mountaineer

Dick ButtonDick Button
18 July 1929, American
actor, television actor, figure skater, film actor

Martin KarplusMartin Karplus
15 March 1930, Austrian, American
Alfredo LimAlfredo Lim
21 December 1929, Filipino

Abdalqadir as-SufiAbdalqadir as-Sufi
1930 AD, Scottish
theologian, philosopher, actor

Hans Magnus EnzensbergerHans Magnus Enzensberger
11 November 1929, German
Poet, Writer, Translator, Journalist, Reporter,

Geoffrey BlaineyGeoffrey Blainey
11 March 1930, Australian

Karolos PapouliasKarolos Papoulias
04 June 1929, Greek
Politician, Jurist-consultant, Partisan, Diplomat,
Pandit JasrajPandit Jasraj
28 January 1930, Indian

Lennart JohanssonLennart Johansson
05 November 1929, Swedish
Association football manager, Association football
Liselotte PulverLiselotte Pulver
11 October 1929, Swiss
Swiss actress

Jennifer JohnstonJennifer Johnston
12 January 1930, Irish
Richard HowardRichard Howard
13 October 1929, American
Richard F. Gordon, Jr.Richard F. Gordon, Jr.
05 October 1929, American