86 Year Old Males

The list of famous 86 year old males includes Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, Roman Polanski, Nikola Tesla, Willie Nelson, Danny Aiello. Famous males featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, composers and journalists and from other domains of life. This list of 86 Year Old includes people from United States, England, Germany & France and many more countries.

Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski
18 August 1933, French, Polish
French-Polish Film Director
Willie NelsonWillie Nelson
29 April 1933, American

Danny AielloDanny Aiello
20 June 1933, American

Michael CaineMichael Caine
14 March 1933, British

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones
14 March 1933, American
Musician, Conductor, Producer, Arranger, Composer,

Gene WilderGene Wilder
11 June 1933, American
23 December 1933, Japanese
125th Emperor of Japan

Amartya SenAmartya Sen
03 November 1933, Indian
Economist & Philosopher

David McCallumDavid McCallum
19 September 1933, British, American, Scottish

John AnistonJohn Aniston
24 July 1933, American
Larry KingLarry King
19 November 1933, American
American Television and Radio Host

Louis FarrakhanLouis Farrakhan
11 May 1933, American
Tom SkerrittTom Skerritt
25 August 1933, American

George J. MitchellGeorge J. Mitchell
20 August 1933, American
Former Senator, Lawyer

Jean ChretienJean Chr├ętien
11 January 1934, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Philip RothPhilip Roth
19 March 1933, American

Jerry SheindlinJerry Sheindlin
19 November 1933, American
Judge, TV Personality
David McCulloughDavid McCullough
07 July 1933, American
Author, Historian

Paul BiyaPaul Biya
13 February 1933, Cameroonian
President of Cameroon

Sam DonaldsonSam Donaldson
1934 AD, American
Steven WeinbergSteven Weinberg
03 May 1933, American

Eli BroadEli Broad
06 June 1933, American
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Edward de BonoEdward de Bono
19 May 1933, Maltese, British
Author, Consultant

Jerry PournelleJerry Pournelle
07 August 1933, American
Fiction writer

Arno Allan PenziasArno Allan Penzias
26 April 1933, American

Claude Cohen-TannoudjiClaude Cohen-Tannoudji
01 April 1933, French
Richard R. ErnstRichard R. Ernst
14 August 1933, Swiss
Paul J. CrutzenPaul J. Crutzen
03 December 1933, Dutch
Atmospheric Chemist

Robert BlakeRobert Blake
18 September 1933, American

Costa GavrasCosta Gavras
12 February 1933, French, Greek
Film Director

Robert Floyd Curl Jr.Robert Floyd Curl Jr.
23 August 1933, American
Wayne WilliamsWayne Williams
01 May 1933, American
Musician .

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Michael DukakisMichael Dukakis
03 November 1933, American

Cormac McCarthyCormac McCarthy
20 July 1933, American
Novelist, playwright, screenwriter

F. Lee BaileyF. Lee Bailey
10 June 1933, American
Lawyer, officer

Sheldon AdelsonSheldon Adelson
06 August 1933, American
entrepreneur, financier, businessperson
Nick ClooneyNick Clooney
13 January 1934, American
Journalist, Television presenter, Writer

Roy ClarkRoy Clark
15 April 1933, American
Singer, Banjoist, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Bart StarrBart Starr
09 January 1934, American
Entrepreneur, American football player, Journalist

Michael HeseltineMichael Heseltine
21 March 1933, British, Welsh

Tom BakerTom Baker
20 January 1934, British
H. D. Deve GowdaH. D. Deve Gowda
18 May 1933, Indian

Chuck GrassleyChuck Grassley
17 September 1933, American
Nicky BarnesNicky Barnes
15 October 1933, American
Drug lord

Lou AdlerLou Adler
13 December 1933, American
Record producer, Composer

Tinto BrassTinto Brass
26 March 1933, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Film

Philip ZimbardoPhilip Zimbardo
23 March 1933, American
Social psychologist, University teacher,

Jean-Paul BelmondoJean-Paul Belmondo
09 April 1933, French
Film producer, Actor, Film actor, Stunt performer
John MayallJohn Mayall
29 November 1933
Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter

Victor AmusoVictor Amuso
1934 AD, American

Doyle BrunsonDoyle Brunson
10 August 1933, American
Poker Player

Wink MartindaleWink Martindale
04 December 1933, American
Disc Jockey
Nicholas PileggiNicholas Pileggi
22 February 1933, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Film producer, Journalist

Scotty BowmanScotty Bowman
18 September 1933, Canadian
Ice hockey player, Ice hockey coach
Fred HaiseFred Haise
14 November 1933, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Fighter pilot

Gene KranzGene Kranz
17 August 1933, American
Officer, Engineer

Gordon GettyGordon Getty
20 December 1933, American
M. T. Vasudevan NairM. T. Vasudevan Nair
15 July 1933, Indian
Author, Film director, Screenwriter

Wayne ShorterWayne Shorter
25 August 1933, American
composer, saxophonist, jazz musician
Don YoungDon Young
09 June 1933, American
Political Leader

Henry DarrowHenry Darrow
15 September 1933, Puerto Rican, American

Tony HoareTony Hoare
11 January 1934, British
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,
Pete WilsonPete Wilson
23 August 1933, American
Political Leader

Charles K. KaoCharles K. Kao
04 November 1933, Chinese, Hong Konger, British, American
Physicist, Engineer, Scientist, Inventor,
Graham KerrGraham Kerr
22 January 1934, New Zealander

Frederick R. KochFrederick R. Koch
26 August 1933, American
Art collector

12 February 1933, French, Greek
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor

Jalal TalabaniJalal Talabani
12 November 1933, Iraqi
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer
Richard RogersRichard Rogers
23 July 1933, Italian, British
Architect, Politician
William AndersWilliam Anders
17 October 1933, American
Air force officer

Krzysztof PendereckiKrzysztof Penderecki
23 November 1933, Polish
Composer, Conductor, Educationist, Musicologist,

Antonio NegriAntonio Negri
01 August 1933, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Professor, Economist

Just FontaineJust Fontaine
18 August 1933, French, Moroccan
Association football player, Association football
Francisco GentoFrancisco Gento
21 October 1933, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Charles AlbrightCharles Albright
10 August 1933, American
Serial killer

Leonid KravchukLeonid Kravchuk
10 January 1934, Ukrainian
Former President of Ukraine

Abolhassan BanisadrAbolhassan Banisadr
22 March 1933, Iranian
Politician, Economist

Hossein NasrHossein Nasr
07 April 1933
Philosopher, University teacher
Than ShweThan Shwe
02 February 1933, Burmese
Politician, Military personnel

Shigeo TokudaShigeo Tokuda
1934 AD, Japanese
actor, Adult Film Star
Robert D. HareRobert D. Hare
1934 AD, Canadian
psychologist, university teacher

Geoffrey HorneGeoffrey Horne
22 August 1933, American
Stage actor, Film actor

Lloyd PriceLloyd Price
09 March 1933, American
Gordon S. WoodGordon S. Wood
27 November 1933, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer

Karl-Otto AlbertyKarl-Otto Alberty
13 November 1933, German
Alan EaglesonAlan Eagleson
24 April 1933, Canadian
Lawyer, Politician, Trade unionist

Bob RafelsonBob Rafelson
21 February 1933, American
Film Director

Manu DibangoManu Dibango
12 December 1933, Cameroonian

Julian BreamJulian Bream
15 July 1933, British
Guitarist, Musician, Music educator, Luth player,
Zia MohyeddinZia Mohyeddin
20 June 1933, Pakistani

Charles PortisCharles Portis
28 December 1933, American
Keith PayneKeith Payne
30 August 1933, Australian

Leonard PeikoffLeonard Peikoff
15 October 1933, American
Philosopher, Writer, Teacher, Radio personality
Walter BrueggemannWalter Brueggemann
11 March 1933, American
theologian, university teacher

John GurdonJohn Gurdon
02 October 1933, British
Sidney J. FurieSidney J. Furie
25 February 1933, Canadian
film director, film producer, screenwriter