84 Year Old Males

The list of famous 84 year old males includes Pranab Mukherjee, Benjamin Franklin, Woody Allen, Isaac Newton, Thurgood Marshall. Famous males featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, educators and poets and from other domains of life. This list of 84 Year Old includes people from United States, England, Germany & France and many more countries.

Woody AllenWoody Allen
01 December 1935, American
American bass guitarist
08 December 1935, Indian

Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson
22 June 1936, American

Alan AldaAlan Alda
28 January 1936, American

Silvio BerlusconiSilvio Berlusconi
29 September 1936, Italian
Former Prime Minister of Italy

Bill WymanBill Wyman
24 October 1936, British
Musician and Singer
Jerry ReinsdorfJerry Reinsdorf
25 February 1936, American
Chairman of the Chicago Bulls

Charles KochCharles Koch
01 November 1935, American
Co-Owner of Koch Industries

Brian BlessedBrian Blessed
09 October 1936, British
Sandy KoufaxSandy Koufax
30 December 1935, American
Baseball Player

F. W. de KlerkF. W. de Klerk
18 March 1936, South African
Former State President of South Africa
Joe Don BakerJoe Don Baker
12 February 1936, American
Character Actor

Marion BarryMarion Barry
06 March 1936, American

Gary PlayerGary Player
01 November 1935, South African
South African golfer

Jack WelchJack Welch
19 November 1935, American
Former Chairman & CEO of General Electric

Buddy GuyBuddy Guy
30 July 1936, American
Mario Vargas LlosaMario Vargas Llosa
28 March 1936, Peruvian

Herman BooneHerman Boone
28 October 1935, American
Former Coach

James R. ThompsonJames R. Thompson
08 May 1936, American
Lawyer, Politician

Larry McMurtryLarry McMurtry
03 June 1936, American
David SuzukiDavid Suzuki
24 March 1936, Canadian
Academic, Enviromental Activist

James DobsonJames Dobson
21 April 1936, American
David HarveyDavid Harvey
31 October 1935, British
Professor of Anthropology & Geography

Judea PearlJudea Pearl
04 September 1936, Israeli, American
Computer Scientist

Magdi YacoubMagdi Yacoub
16 November 1935, Egyptian, British
Heart Surgeon
Ralph SteadmanRalph Steadman
15 May 1936, American

Christopher AlexanderChristopher Alexander
04 October 1936, American
Phillip FrostPhillip Frost
1936 AD, American

Samuel Chao Chung TingSamuel C. C. Ting
07 January 1936, American

Jonathan KozolJonathan Kozol
05 September 1936, American
Educator & Non-Fiction Writer
Ferid MuradFerid Murad
14 September 1936, American
Physician and Pharmacologist

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Fazle Hasan AbedFazle Hasan Abed
27 April 1936, Bangladeshi
Social Worker
Robert Woodrow WilsonRobert Woodrow Wilson
10 January 1936, American

Sir James A. MirrleesJames Mirrlees
05 July 1936, British

Sir Garfield SobersSir Garfield Sobers
28 July 1936, Barbadian
One of the finest all-rounders in cricket

Amancio Ortega GaonaAmancio Ortega Gaona
28 March 1936, Spanish
Charles Robert Redford Jr.Charles Robert Redford Jr.
18 August 1936, American
Carl C. IcahnCarl C. Icahn
16 February 1936, American

Anthony KennedyAnthony Kennedy
23 July 1936, American
Jurist, Judge, Lawyer, University teacher

Bruce DernBruce Dern
04 June 1936, American
American actor

Alain DelonAlain Delon
08 November 1935, Swiss, French
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, Military
Salim KhanSalim Khan
24 November 1935, Indian

Robert Downey Sr.Robert Downey Sr.
24 June 1936, American

John MaddenJohn Madden
10 April 1936, American
American football coach

18 August 1936, Indian
film director, film producer, screenwriter,

Louis Gossett Jr.Louis Gossett Jr.
27 May 1936, American
Jim BrownJim Brown
17 February 1936, American
Football Player

Phil DonahuePhil Donahue
21 December 1935, American
Film producer, Television presenter, Journalist,
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
05 March 1936, American

Ip ChingIp Ching
1936 AD, Chinese
martial artist

Bobby SealeBobby Seale
22 October 1936, American
Political activist
Frank SerpicoFrank Serpico
14 April 1936, Italian, American
Police officer

Walter KoenigWalter Koenig
14 September 1936, American
American actor
James DarrenJames Darren
08 June 1936, Italian, American

Keir DulleaKeir Dullea
30 May 1936, American

Ken LoachKen Loach
17 June 1936, British

Ronald GrahamRonald Graham
31 October 1935, American
Mathematician, Juggler, Computer scientist

Bob GibsonBob Gibson
09 November 1935, American
Baseball Player
Garfield SobersGarfield Sobers
28 July 1936, Barbadian

Ken MattinglyKen Mattingly
17 March 1936, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

François PinaultFrançois Pinault
21 August 1936, French

Roger WhittakerRoger Whittaker
22 March 1936, British
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Writer, Composer,
Red WestRed West
1936 AD, American
actor, singer, television actor, songwriter

Isao TakahataIsao Takahata
29 October 1935, Japanese
Film director, Animator, Screenwriter
Walter LewinWalter Lewin
29 January 1936
Astronomer, University teacher, Astrophysicist,

Wally AmosWally Amos
01 July 1936, American

Zubin MehtaZubin Mehta
29 April 1936, Indian
Conductor, Music director
Sepp BlatterSepp Blatter
10 March 1936, Swiss
Functionary, Economist

Anthony ZerbeAnthony Zerbe
20 May 1936, American
Mickey GilleyMickey Gilley
09 March 1936, American

Abdul Qadeer KhanAbdul Qadeer Khan
01 April 1936, Indian, Pakistani
Physicist, Engineer, Scientist, Metallurgist,

Mark GoddardMark Goddard
24 July 1936, American
Philip KaufmanPhilip Kaufman
23 October 1936, American
Film director

Robert CaroRobert Caro
30 October 1935, American
Jess ConradJess Conrad
24 February 1936, British

Steve ReichSteve Reich
03 October 1936, American

Pat RobertsPat Roberts
20 April 1936, American
Political Leader

Bradford BishopBradford Bishop
01 August 1936, American
Diplomat, Fugitive
Tom T. HallTom T. Hall
25 May 1936, American
Wavy GravyWavy Gravy
15 May 1936, American
Comedian, Street artist, Circus performer, Writer

Yasuo FukudaYasuo Fukuda
16 July 1936, Japanese
Politician, Economist

Lester PiggottLester Piggott
05 November 1935, British
Jockey, Horse trainer

Richard BachRichard Bach
23 June 1936, American
Alan HamelAlan Hamel
30 June 1936, Canadian
Television presenter

James M. McPhersonJames M. McPherson
11 October 1936, American
Historian, University teacher, Writer

Charles KimbroughCharles Kimbrough
23 May 1936, American

Paul HornungPaul Hornung
23 December 1935, American
Football Player

Gerald ScarfeGerald Scarfe
01 June 1936, British
Caricaturist, Illustrator, Designer, Animator,
Mohamed Hussein TantawiMohamed Hussein Tantawi
31 October 1935, Egyptian
Politician, Military personnel

Don NormanDon Norman
25 December 1935, American
Engineer, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Writer
David Yonggi ChoDavid Yonggi Cho
14 February 1936, South Korean

Henri RichardHenri Richard
29 February 1936, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Frank StellaFrank Stella
12 May 1936, American
Painter, Sculptor
Hugh HudsonHugh Hudson
25 August 1936, British
Film director