68 Year Old Males

The list of famous 68 year old males includes Stellan Skarsgård, Edward VII, Kurt Russell, Mohamed Morsi, John Deacon. Famous males featured on this list, include political leaders, actors, composers and artists and from other domains of life. This list of 68 Year Old includes people from United States, England, Germany & Italy and many more countries.

Stellan SkarsgårdStellan Skarsgård
13 June 1951, Swedish
Kurt RussellKurt Russell
17 March 1951, American

Mohamed MorsiMohamed Morsi
08 August 1951, Egyptian
5th President of Egypt

John DeaconJohn Deacon
19 August 1951, British

Phil CollinsPhil Collins
30 January 1951, British

Michael KeatonMichael Keaton
05 September 1951, American
Mark HarmonMark Harmon
02 September 1951, American
American television actor

Mick MarsMick Mars
04 May 1951, American

Randy QuaidRandy Quaid
01 October 1950, American

Gordon BrownGordon Brown
20 February 1951, British
Jesse VenturaJesse Ventura
15 July 1951, American

Ben CarsonBen Carson
18 September 1951, American
Politician, Former Neurosurgeon
Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger
24 March 1951, American
Fashion Designer

Joe PantolianoJoe Pantoliano
12 September 1951, American
Character Actor

Ayman al-ZawahiriAyman al-Zawahiri
19 June 1951, Egyptian
Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh
12 January 1951, American
Radio Host, Political Commentator, Author, Former

Stedman GrahamStedman Graham
06 March 1951, American
Al FrankenAl Franken
21 May 1951, American

Michael FranzeseMichael Franzese
27 May 1951, American
Crime Boss

Ace FrehleyAce Frehley
27 April 1951, American
Musician, Songwriter
William KattWilliam Katt
16 February 1951, American

Barry Van DykeBarry Van Dyke
31 July 1951, American
Larry HooverLarry Hoover
25 November 1950, American

Terry GouTerry Gou
08 October 1950, Taiwanese
Founder of Foxconn

Robert DaviRobert Davi
26 June 1951, American

David Patrick KellyDavid Patrick Kelly
23 January 1951, American
Karl RoveKarl Rove
25 December 1950, American
Political Consultant
Abel FerraraAbel Ferrara
19 July 1951, American
Director, Screenwriter and Actor

Terry SweeneyTerry Sweeney
23 March 1951, American

Phil BronsteinPhil Bronstein
04 October 1950, American

Anatoly KarpovAnatoly Karpov
23 May 1951, Russian
Former World Chess Champion
Maithripala SirisenaMaithripala Sirisena
03 September 1951, Sri Lankan
President of Sri Lanka

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Salva Kiir MayarditSalva Kiir Mayardit
13 September 1951, Sudanese
President of South Sudan

Vondie Curtis-HallVondie Curtis-Hall
30 September 1950, American

Juan Manuel SantosJuan Manuel Santos
10 August 1951, Colombian
President of Colombia

Jerry GreenfieldJerry Greenfield
14 March 1951, American
David Evans ShawDavid Evans Shaw
1951 AD, American

Antonis SamarasAntonis Samaras
23 May 1951, Greek
Former Prime Minister of Greece
Jakaya KikweteJakaya Kikwete
07 October 1950, Tanzanian
President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Paul BreitnerPaul Breitner
05 September 1951, German
Former German Footballer

A. N. WilsonA. N. Wilson
27 October 1950, British
Writer & Columnist
Alan MinterAlan Minter
17 August 1951, British
Professional Boxer

Otto Pérez MolinaOtto Pérez Molina
01 December 1950, Guatemalan
President of Guatemala
Robert B. LaughlinRobert B. Laughlin
01 November 1950, American

Bob BlackBob Black
04 January 1951, American
American author

Muhammed FarisMuhammed Faris
26 May 1951, Syrian

Ramon Hervey IIRamon Hervey II
18 October 1950, American
Music Executive, Producer

Russell Alan HulseRussell Alan Hulse
28 November 1950, American
Bill WalkerBill Walker
16 April 1951, American
11th Governor of Alaska

Charles S DuttonCharles S Dutton
30 January 1951, American

12 December 1950, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter

Steven Van ZandtSteven Van Zandt
22 November 1950, American
Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Record producer,
Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin
1951 AD, American
Film Actor, Television Actor

07 September 1951, Indian
actor, film producer, screenwriter, film actor
Rajnath SinghRajnath Singh
10 July 1951, Indian

Chuck SchumerChuck Schumer
23 November 1950, American
U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator

Roberto DuránRoberto Durán
16 June 1951, Panamanian
Professional Boxer
Geoffrey RushGeoffrey Rush
06 July 1951, Australian

Tony DanzaTony Danza
21 April 1951, American
Actor, Television actor, Television presenter,
Peter DavisonPeter Davison
13 April 1951, British

Rob HalfordRob Halford
25 August 1951, British
Singer, Musician, Composer, Songwriter

Nana PatekarNana Patekar
01 January 1951, Indian
Chris CooperChris Cooper
09 July 1951, American
Film Actor, actor

Jackie JacksonJackie Jackson
04 May 1951, American
Singer, Dancer, Musician, Songwriter
Christopher CrossChristopher Cross
03 May 1951, American

Cary-Hiroyuki TagawaCary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
27 September 1950, Japanese, American
Actor, Film producer, Film actor, Television

Kenny DalglishKenny Dalglish
04 March 1951, British
Association football player, Association football

Mack BrownMack Brown
27 August 1951, American
American football player
Kevin KeeganKevin Keegan
14 February 1951, British
Association football player, Association football
Nitish KumarNitish Kumar
01 March 1951, Indian

Chris ReaChris Rea
04 March 1951, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician

Peabo BrysonPeabo Bryson
13 April 1951, American

Pete CarrollPete Carroll
15 September 1951, American
American football player
Orson Scott CardOrson Scott Card
24 August 1951, American
Writer, Novelist, Science fiction writer,

Jeffrey KatzenbergJeffrey Katzenberg
21 December 1950, American

John McDonnellJohn McDonnell
08 September 1951, British

Louis van GaalLouis van Gaal
08 August 1951, Dutch
Association football player, Association football

Kevin WhatelyKevin Whately
06 February 1951, British
Brian GrazerBrian Grazer
12 July 1951, American

Philip BaileyPhilip Bailey
08 May 1951, American
American singer
Paul CarrackPaul Carrack
22 April 1951, British

James Newton HowardJames Newton Howard
09 June 1951, American
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Record producer,

Jimmie VaughanJimmie Vaughan
20 March 1951, American
Composer, Singer, Guitarist
Paul WatsonPaul Watson
02 December 1950, Canadian
Sailor, Environmentalist, Admiral

Trevor EveTrevor Eve
01 July 1951, British
Davey JohnstoneDavey Johnstone
06 May 1951, British
Singer, Banjoist, Mandolinist, Guitarist,

Joe PiscopoJoe Piscopo
17 June 1951, American
American comedian

Santiago CalatravaSantiago Calatrava
28 July 1951, Spanish
Architect, sculptor, painter

Harry Wayne CaseyHarry Wayne Casey
31 January 1951, American
Kenneth BianchiKenneth Bianchi
22 May 1951, American
Serial killer

Mohinder AmarnathMohinder Amarnath
24 September 1950, Indian
Bjarne StroustrupBjarne Stroustrup
30 December 1950, Danish
Computer scientist, Engineer, Scientist,

Chris ClaremontChris Claremont
25 November 1950, British, American
Wesley EureWesley Eure
17 August 1951, American

Timothy BottomsTimothy Bottoms
30 August 1951, American
Bobby CaldwellBobby Caldwell
15 August 1951, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Jazz musician