Famous 20th Century Physicians
Find out more about the greatest 20th Century Physicians, including Ben Carson, Chris Brown, Rand Paul, Ron Paul and Erik Erikson.
Ben CarsonBen Carson
18 September 1951, American
Politician, Former Neurosurgeon
Patch AdamsPatch Adams
28 May 1945, American

Jack KevorkianJack Kevorkian
26 May 1928, American
American pathologist

Ron PaulRon Paul
20 August 1935, American

Mae JemisonMae Jemison
17 October 1956, American
First African American Woman To Travel To Space

Connie BoothConnie Booth
31 January 1944, American
Actress, Psychotherapist
Conrad MurrayConrad Murray
19 February 1953, Grenadian

Maria MontessoriMaria Montessori
31 August 1870, Italian
Physician and Educator

Jacques LacanJacques Lacan
13 April 1901, French
Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist

Erik EriksonErik Erikson
15 June 1902, Canadian, German, American
American-German psychologist
Wilhelm ReichWilhelm Reich
24 March 1897, Austrian

Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
14 January 1875, French
Philosopher, Theologian
Roger BannisterRoger Bannister
23 March 1929, British
Former British Athlete Who Ran The First

Edgar BuchananEdgar Buchanan
20 March 1903, American

Christiaan BarnardChristiaan Barnard
08 November 1922, South African
Cardiac Surgeon
Charles R. DrewCharles R. Drew
03 June 1904, American
Physician & Surgeon

Benjamin Spock Benjamin Spock
02 May 1903, American
Pediatrician and Political Activist
R. D. LaingR. D. Laing
07 October 1927, French, Scottish

Magdi YacoubMagdi Yacoub
16 November 1935, Egyptian, British
Heart Surgeon

Barry MarshallBarry Marshall
30 September 1951, Australian
Australian physician
Hans AspergerHans Asperger
18 February 1906, Austrian

Michael DeBakeyMichael DeBakey
07 September 1908, American
Cardiac Surgeon
Roberta BondarRoberta Bondar
04 December 1945, Canadian
Astronaut & Neurologist

Vladimir Petrovich DemikhovVladimir Demikhov
18 July 1916, Russian
Organ Transplant Pioneer

Hans EysenckHans Eysenck
04 March 1916, German

Rita Levi-MontalciniRita Levi-Montalcini
22 April 1909, Italian
Robert WinstonRobert Winston
15 July 1940, British
Surgeon, Scientist, TV Presenter
Paul FarmerPaul Farmer
26 October 1959, American

Fred HollowsFred Hollows
09 April 1929, New Zealander

Victor ChangVictor Chang
21 November 1936, Australian

Virginia ApgarVirginia Apgar
07 June 1909, American
Physician and Anesthesiologist
Denton CooleyDenton Cooley
22 August 1920, American
Heart Surgeon

Hans Adolf KrebsHans Adolf Krebs
25 August 1900, German

Fe del MundoFe del Mundo
27 November 1911, Filipino

Alfred BlalockAlfred Blalock
05 April 1899, American

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Cicely SaundersCicely Saunders
22 June 1918, British
English nurse
Ferid MuradFerid Murad
14 September 1936, American
Physician and Pharmacologist

Severo OchoaSevero Ochoa
14 September 1905, Spanish
Physician and Biochemist
Daniel Carleton GajdusekDaniel Carleton Gajdusek
09 September 1923, American
Physician and medical researcher

Nora VolkowNora Volkow
27 March 1956, Mexican

Gerald EdelmanGerald Edelman
01 July 1929, American
Carlo UrbaniCarlo Urbani
19 October 1956, Italian

Harold E. VarmusHarold E. Varmus
18 December 1939, American
Torsten WieselTorsten Wiesel
03 June 1924, Swedish

Robin WarrenRobin Warren
11 June 1937, Australian
Australian pathologist

Girolamo FracastoroGirolamo Fracastoro
1478 AD, Italian
Physician, scholar, poet

Stanley B. PrusinerStanley B. Prusiner
28 May 1942, American
Neurologist and Biochemist

Ian FrazerIan Frazer
06 January 1953, Australian
Australian scientist
Luis Federico LeloirLuis Federico Leloir
06 September 1906, Argentinian
Biochemist, Physician

Baruch Samuel BlumbergBaruch Samuel Blumberg
28 July 1925, American
Physician, Geneticist

Edward Donnall ThomasE. Donnall Thomas
15 March 1920, American

Rolf M. Zinkernagel Rolf M. Zinkernagel
06 January 1944, Swiss
Adrian KantrowitzAdrian Kantrowitz
04 October 1918, American
Cardiac Surgeon

Charles BrentonCharles Brenton Huggins
22 September 1901, Canadian, American
Physician & Surgeon
Frederick Chapman RobbinsFrederick Chapman Robbins
25 August 1916, American
Virologist and Paediatrician

Andrzej Viktor ‘Andrew’ SchallyAndrew Schally
30 November 1926, Canadian, Polish, American

Janet Lane-ClayponJanet Lane-Claypon
03 February 1877, British
Salvador MazzaSalvador Mazza
28 February 1905, Argentinian
Physician and Epidemiologist

Cyril ClarkeCyril Clarke
22 September 1907, British
Pioneering work on prevention of Rh disease, and
Edward DunlopEdward Dunlop
12 July 1907, Australian
Prisoner of War

Orvan HessOrvan Hess
18 June 1906, American

Mason AndrewsMason Andrews
19 April 1919, American
Joseph E. MurrayJoseph E. Murray
01 April 1919, American
Plastic Surgeon

René Gerónimo FavaloroRené Gerónimo Favaloro
12 July 1923, Argentinian
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Richard LowerRichard Lower
1631 AD, British

Clarence Walton LilleheiClarence Walton Lillehei
23 October 1918, American
Pioneer of Open-Heart Surgery

Nina GrayNina Gray
23 August 1974, American

Tran JeongTran Jeong
24 February 1972, American
Wife of Ken Jeong
Zakir NaikZakir Naik
18 October 1965, Indian
Physician, Writer, Intellectual, Preacher
Andrew WakefieldAndrew Wakefield
1957 AD, British

Viktor FranklViktor Frankl
26 March 1905, Austrian
Surgeon, Psychotherapist, Psychologist,

Sanjay GuptaSanjay Gupta
23 October 1969, American
Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Journalist, Screenwriter

Hasnat KhanHasnat Khan
01 April 1959, British
Jennifer AshtonJennifer Ashton
23 April 1969, American

Burzynski ClinicBurzynski Clinic
23 January 1943, Polish
Medical Doctor

William Kennedy SmithWilliam Kennedy Smith
04 September 1960, American

Osamu TezukaOsamu Tezuka
03 November 1928, Japanese
Film director, Film producer, Mangaka, Animator,

Jeffrey R. MacDonaldJeffrey R. MacDonald
12 October 1943, American
Military physician, Soldier
Philip ZimbardoPhilip Zimbardo
23 March 1933, American
Social psychologist, University teacher,

James HerriotJames Herriot
03 October 1916, British
Writer, Veterinarian, Autobiographer, Children's
George PellGeorge Pell
08 June 1941, Australian
Theologian, Catholic priest

François DuvalierFrançois Duvalier
14 April 1907, Haitian
Politician, Physician

Michelle BacheletMichelle Bachelet
29 September 1951, Chilean
Politician, Surgeon, Epidemiologist
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiMihaly Csikszentmihalyi
29 September 1934, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Psychiatrist

George TillerGeorge Tiller
08 August 1941, American
Physician, Officer, Gynaecologist
John MoneyJohn Money
08 July 1921, New Zealander, American
Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University

Stephen WardStephen Ward
19 October 1912, British

Hans RoslingHans Rosling
27 July 1948, Swedish
Physician, Statistician, Blogger, University

Taslima NasrinTaslima Nasrin
25 August 1962, Bangladeshi
Poet, Physician, Novelist, Essayist, Writer,
Devi ShettyDevi Shetty
08 May 1953, Indian

Simon Baron-CohenSimon Baron-Cohen
15 August 1958, British
Psychologist, University teacher, Psychiatrist,
Steven M. GreerSteven M. Greer
28 June 1955, American

Richard Di NataleRichard Di Natale
06 June 1970, Australian
Politician, General practitioner, Public health

Renée RichardsRenée Richards
19 August 1934, American
Tennis player, Surgeon, Officer, Ophthalmologist,

Donald HarveyDonald Harvey
15 April 1952, American
Serial killer
Howard GardnerHoward Gardner
11 July 1943, American
Teacher, Psychologist, University teacher,