Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Emperors & Kings, including George VI, George V, Edward VII, Haile Selassie and Ibn Saud.
George VGeorge V
03 June 1865, British
Former King of the United Kingdom
Edward VIIEdward VII
09 November 1841, British
Former King of the United Kingdom

Albert, Prince ConsortAlbert, Prince Consort
26 August 1819, German, British
Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Husband of Queen

Haile SelassieHaile Selassie
23 July 1892, Ethiopian
Former Emperor of Ethiopia

Nicholas I of RussiaNicholas I of Russia
06 July 1796, Russian
Emperor of Russia

Alexander III of RussiaAlexander III of Russia
10 March 1845, Russian
Former Emperor of All Russia
Napoleon IIINapoleon III
20 April 1808, French
Emperor of the Second French Empire

George IV of the United KingdomGeorge IV of the United Kingdom
12 August 1762, British
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Leopold II of BelgiumLeopold II of Belgium
09 April 1835, Belgian
Founder of Congo Free State

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark
02 February 1882, Greek
Son of King of Greece and Denmark, King George I
Emperor MeijiEmperor Meiji
03 November 1852, Japanese
Emperor of Japan

Ibn SaudIbn Saud
15 January 1876, Saudi Arabian
Alexander II of RussiaAlexander II of Russia
29 April 1818, Russian
Emperor of Russia

Franz Joseph I of AustriaFranz Joseph I of Austria
18 August 1830, Austrian
Emperor of Austria

Charles I of AustriaCharles I of Austria
17 August 1887, Hungarian
Last ruler of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Maximilian I of MexicoMaximilian I of Mexico
06 July 1832, Austrian

Frederick III, German EmperorFrederick III, German Emperor
18 October 1831, German
George I of GreeceGeorge I of Greece
24 December 1845, Greek
King of Greece

Francis II, Holy Roman EmperorFrancis II, Holy Roman Emperor
12 February 1768, Italian
Last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Victor Emmanuel III of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of Italy
11 November 1869, Italian
King of Italy
Alfonso XIII of SpainAlfonso XIII of Spain
17 May 1886, Spanish
King of Spain

Kamehameha IKamehameha I
1758 AD, American
King of Hawaii
Napoleon IINapoleon II
20 March 1811, French
Emperor of France

Leopold I of BelgiumLeopold I of Belgium
16 December 1790, Belgian, German, British
King of Belgium

1810 BC, Iraqi
Babylon King

Christian IX of DenmarkChristian IX of Denmark
08 April 1818, German, Danish
King of Denmark
Faisal I of IraqFaisal I of Iraq
20 May 1885, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian, Syrian
King of Iraq
20 September 1853, Thai
Fifth King of Siam

Haakon VII of NorwayHaakon VII of Norway
03 August 1872, Danish, Norwegian
King of Norway

Menelik IIMenelik II
17 August 1844, Ethiopian
Emperor of Ethiopia

Victor Emmanuel II of ItalyVictor Emmanuel II of Italy
14 March 1820, Italian
First King of Unified Italy
Albert I of BelgiumAlbert I of Belgium
08 April 1875, Belgian
3rd Belgian King

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Pedro II of BrazilPedro II of Brazil
02 December 1825, Brazilian, French
Former Emperor of Brazil

Joseph BonaparteJoseph Bonaparte
07 January 1768, French, Italian
King of Naples and Sicily

Ferdinand VII of SpainFerdinand VII of Spain
14 October 1784, Spanish
King of Spain

Christian XChristian X
26 September 1870, Danish
King of Denmark
Pedro I of BrazilPedro I of Brazil
12 October 1798, Portuguese
First Emperor of Brazil

Ferdinand I of AustriaFerdinand I of Austria
19 April 1793, Austrian, Hungarian
William III of the NetherlandsWilliam III of the Netherlands
19 February 1817, Dutch

Mehmed VMehmed V
02 November 1844, Turkish
Ottoman King

George V of HanoverGeorge V of Hanover
27 May 1819, German
Constantine IConstantine I
02 August 1868, Greek
King of Greece

Wilhelm IIWilhelm II
27 January 1859, German
Emperor of Germany
William II of the NetherlandsWilliam II of the Netherlands
06 December 1792, Dutch

William I of the NetherlandsWilliam I of the Netherlands
24 August 1772, Dutch
First King of the Netherlands

Gustaf VI Adolf of SwedenGustaf VI Adolf of Sweden
15 November 1882, Swedish
Former King of Sweden

Mahmud IIMahmud II
20 July 1785, Turkish
Sultan of Ottoman Empire

Oscar II of SwedenOscar II of Sweden
21 January 1829, Swedish
Edward VIII of the United KingdomEdward VIII of the United Kingdom
23 June 1894, British
King of United Kingdom

Jung Bahadur Rana Jung Bahadur Rana
18 June 1816, Nepalese
Former Ruler & Prime Minister of Nepal

Nicholas IINicholas II
18 May 1868, Russian

Gongsa Ugyen WangchuckUgyen Wangchuck
1862 AD, Bhutanese
The First Druk Gyalpo (King of Bhutan)
Emperor TaishōEmperor Taishō
31 August 1879, Japanese
Former Emperor of Japan

Hussein bin Ali Sharif of MeccaHussein bin Ali Sharif of Mecca
1853 AD, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, Turkish
Duke of WindsorDuke of Windsor
23 June 1894, British
Former King of the United Kingdom

18 October 1804, Thai
King of Thailand

Alexander of GreeceAlexander of Greece
01 August 1893, Greek
Frederick William IV of PrussiaFrederick William IV of Prussia
15 October 1795, German

Umberto I of ItalyUmberto I of Italy
14 March 1844, Italian
Abdullah I of JordanAbdullah I of Jordan
31 January 1882, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Jordan

Ferdinand I of RomaniaFerdinand I of Romania
24 August 1865, German, Romanian

Carol I of RomaniaCarol I of Romania
20 April 1839, German, Romanian
Sobhuza IISobhuza II
22 July 1899, South African
Former King of Swaziland

Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VIIOsman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII
06 April 1886
Tongzhi EmperorTongzhi Emperor
27 April 1856, Chinese

Amadeo I of SpainAmadeo I of Spain
30 May 1845, Spanish, Italian

Rama IRama I
20 March 1737, Thai
King of Siam

Maria FitzherbertMaria Fitzherbert
26 July 1756, British
Mistresses of George IV of the United Kingdom's
Fuad I of EgyptFuad I of Egypt
26 March 1868, Egyptian
Monarch, King
Kamehameha IIIKamehameha III
17 March 1814, American

James BrookeJames Brooke
29 April 1803, Malaysian, British
Politician, Writer, Diplomat

Naser al-Din Shah QajarNaser al-Din Shah Qajar
16 July 1831, Iranian

Yohannes IVYohannes IV
11 July 1837, Ethiopian
Abdur Rahman KhanAbdur Rahman Khan
1844 AD, Afghan

Mohammed Nadir ShahMohammed Nadir Shah
09 April 1883, Afghan

Kamehameha IVKamehameha IV
09 February 1834, American

Kamehameha IIKamehameha II
31 October 1797, British, American

Kamehameha VKamehameha V
11 December 1830, American
Charles Albert of SardiniaCharles Albert of Sardinia
02 October 1798, French, Italian

Albert I, Prince of MonacoAlbert I, Prince of Monaco
13 November 1848, French
1790 AD, South African
King of the Ndebele

Dingane kaSenzangakhonaDingane kaSenzangakhona
1795 AD, South African

Dost Mohammad KhanDost Mohammad Khan
23 December 1793, Afghan
Luitpold, Prince Regent of BavariaLuitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
12 March 1821, German

William II of WürttembergWilliam II of Württemberg
25 February 1848, German
Rama IIIRama III
31 March 1788, Thai
King of Siam

Mohammad Shah QajarMohammad Shah Qajar
05 January 1808

Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-SabahAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
1885 AD, Kuwaiti

Norodom SuramaritNorodom Suramarit
06 March 1896, Cambodian
Habibullah KhanHabibullah Khan
03 June 1872, Afghan

1826 AD, South African
Charles Emmanuel IV of SardiniaCharles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia
24 May 1751, Italian

Sher Ali KhanSher Ali Khan
1823 AD, Afghan
Emir of Afghanistan
Sahle SelassieSahle Selassie
1795 AD, Ethiopian

Minh MangMinh Mang
25 May 1791, Vietnamese
03 February 1834, Cambodian
King of Cambodia