The 10th century, also known as the Century of Lead and Iron, was one marked by prolific scientific and industrial development. In Africa, Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi Billah founded the Fatimid dynasty while in the Americas, Ah Mekat Tutul Xiu founded the League of Mayapan. Poets like Adikavi Pampa, Ferdowsi, and Li Fang enriched the world of literature in their respective countries. The period also saw the reigns of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great and King Edmund I of England. Alhazen, a Muslim scientist and mathematician, was another important figure of this era. Check out this section to know more about the famous people of the 10th century.
Leif EriksonLeif Erikson
0970 AD, Icelander
First European to reach North America
Lady GodivaLady Godiva
0980 AD, British
11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman

0980 AD
Persian Plymath

Edward the ElderEdward the Elder
0874 AD, British
King of Wessex

Olga of KievOlga of Kiev
0915 AD, Russian
Regent of Kievan Rus

Mahmud of GhazniMahmud of Ghazni
02 November 0971, Afghan
Ruler of the Ghaznavid Dynasty
Erik the RedErik the Red
0950 AD, Icelander
First permanent European settler in Greenland

Edgar the PeacefulEdgar the Peaceful
07 August 0942, British
King of England

Raja Raja Chola IRaja Raja Chola I
0947 AD, Indian

Murasaki ShikibuMurasaki Shikibu
0973 AD, Japanese
0936 AD, Spanish
Physician, Surgeon

Abū Rayḥān al-BīrūnīAbū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī
05 September 0973, Iranian
0894 AD, British
King of England

01 July 0965, Iraqi
Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician

Edwy of EnglandEdwy of England
0940 AD, British
King of England
Edmund IronsideEdmund Ironside
0989 AD, British
King of England

Stephen I of HungaryStephen I of Hungary
0967 AD, Hungarian
Former Grand Prince of the Hungarians
Bao ZhengBao Zheng
11 April 0999, Chinese

0940 AD, Iranian
poet, writer

Pope Sylvester IIPope Sylvester II
0940 AD, French
astronomer, mathematician, politician, cleric,
Ibn HazmIbn Hazm
07 November 0994, Spanish
muhaddith, writer, philosopher

Radbot, Count of HabsburgRadbot, Count of Habsburg
0985 AD, Austrian
Graf (Count) of the county of Klettgau
Adelaide of ItalyAdelaide of Italy
0931 AD, French
Holy Roman Empress

Pope Benedict VIIIPope Benedict VIII

Pope John XVIIPope John XVII

Pope Sergius IVPope Sergius IV
0935 AD, German
playwright, hagiographer, poet, writer
Oldřich, Duke of BohemiaOldřich, Duke of Bohemia
0975 AD, Czech
Duke of Bohemia