Check out the list of notable Virginia Tech alumni. Some of the notable Virginia Tech students are and Robert Coleman Richardson.

Virginia Tech is initially known as ‘Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’. The main campus of this reputed research university is in Blacksburg, Virginia. The most attractive feature of this institution is that it is also ranked as one of the only six, ‘United States Senior Military College’. Being one of the 3 largest educational institutions in Virginia, ‘Virginia Tech’ has a whopping 225 degrees for undergraduate and graduate courses to close to 30,600 students. With a mind-blowing 2,600 acres of land, Virginia Tech is out rightly one of the most sought after initiations in the world. With tons of people dreaming to graduate from this university, only the best among the lot can make it through this outstanding organization. Most of the alumni also of this institution have carved an undeniable niche for themselves. From making a big name for themselves from sports to entertainment to politics, the alumni of ‘Virginia Tech’ have made the institution really proud. Some of the popular alumnus of this university are, the popular author, Homer Hickam, the amazing footballer, Michael Vick or for that matter, the legendary news anchor, Hoda Kotb. While all these people are ruling over their professions, setting higher benchmarks with every achievement. They are also an idol for all the future batches of Virginia Tech, setting impeccable examples for hard work and dedication. Here is the list of some of the most notable Virginia Tech alumni.
Robert Coleman RichardsonRobert Coleman Richardson

26 June 1937

19 February 2013

Washington, D.C., United States



Michael VickMichael Vick
(American football player)

26 June 1980

Newport News



Tyrod TaylorTyrod Taylor
(American football player)

03 August 1989




Bruce AriansBruce Arians
(American football player)

03 October 1952

Paterson, New Jersey



Hoda KotbHoda Kotb

09 August 1964




Nidal Malik HasanNidal Malik Hasan
(Psychiatrist, Soldier)

08 September 1970

Arlington County



Lewis BinfordLewis Binford
(Anthropologist, Archaeologist, prehistorian, university teacher)

11 November 1931

11 April 2011




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