Discover the notable alumni of Victoria University Of Wellington. The list includes people like Karl Urban, Fred Hollows, Michael King, Fleur Adcock & Sam Neill. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, writers, intellectuals & academics, physicians and musicians etc.
Karl UrbanKarl Urban
07 June 1972, New Zealander
Fred HollowsFred Hollows
09 April 1929, New Zealander

Michael KingMichael King
15 December 1945, New Zealander
Historian & Biographer

Fleur Adcock Fleur Adcock
10 February 1934, New Zealander

Taika WaititiTaika Waititi
16 August 1975, New Zealander
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Sam NeillSam Neill
14 September 1947, New Zealander, British
Actor, Winegrower
Melanie LynskeyMelanie Lynskey
16 May 1977, New Zealander
Actor, Film actor, Television actor

John MoneyJohn Money
08 July 1921, New Zealander, American
Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University

Jane CampionJane Campion
30 April 1954, New Zealander
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor

Fran WalshFran Walsh
10 January 1959, New Zealander
Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer, Songwriter,
Erik ThomsonErik Thomson
27 April 1967, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Bill EnglishBill English
1961 AD, New Zealander
politician, farmer
Antonia PrebbleAntonia Prebble
06 June 1984, New Zealander

Michelle AngMichelle Ang
17 October 1983, Malaysian, American

Jerry CollinsJerry Collins
04 November 1980, New Zealander
Rugby union player
Eleanor CattonEleanor Catton
24 September 1985, New Zealander
Novelist, Writer

Conrad SmithConrad Smith
12 October 1981, New Zealander
Rugby union player
Tim GroserTim Groser
1950 AD, New Zealander
politician, diplomat

John William MoneyJohn William Money
08 July 1921, New Zealander