Popularly known as ‘Georgia’ or ‘UGA’, University of Georgia is a flagship university and is ranked 18th overall among public national universities in year of 2017, as per U.S News & World Report rankings. Being a publicly funded university, it provides education that is on the same level as an Ivy League college and is hence deemed as one of the ‘Public Ivies’. The university enjoys a deep-rooted and long history and has found its place as top university in the country, since its inception in 1801. This historical and cultural heritage reflects in its students through their competency, consistency and expertise in all verticals. University of Georgia offers programs in over 140 fields of studies and is endowed with the status of Land-grant, Regional Sun Grant, National Sea Grant and National Space Grant Research University. UGA offers programs in the fields of Arts, Science, Law, Education, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Design and so on. Due to the extensity of the primary campus, which spreads over 762 acres, the infrastructural amenities make the campus a world of endless possibilities. With excellent quality of education which is backed-up by an exceptional panel of faculty, UGA is regarded as one of the best universities that stand in the United States today. University of Georgia possesses a noteworthy list of alumni’s such as Dottie Alexander, Bill Anderson, Shandon Anderson, Dan Amos and Deborah Blum, to handpick a few. Presenting to you here is the complete list of achievers from the University of Georgia.
Kyle ChandlerKyle Chandler

17 September 1965


Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest
(Television Show Host & Radio Personality)

24 December 1974


Bill GoldbergBill Goldberg
(Professional Wrestler)

27 December 1966


Alton BrownAlton Brown
(TV Personality, Celebrity Chef, Author)

30 July 1962


Michael StipeMichael Stipe

04 January 1960


Bubba WatsonBubba Watson
(Professional Golfer)

05 November 1978


Sally YatesSally Yates

20 August 1960


Lyman HallLyman Hall
(Signer of United States Declaration of Independence)

12 April 1724


Doreen GentzlerDoreen Gentzler
(News Anchor)

24 September 1957


John IsnerJohn Isner
(Tennis player)

26 April 1985


Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker
(Athletics competitor, Mixed martial artist, American football player, Taekwondo athlete)

03 March 1962


Will MuschampWill Muschamp
(American football player, Sports coach)

03 August 1971


Forrest GriffinForrest Griffin
(Mixed martial artist)

01 July 1979


Charles KelleyCharles Kelley
(Singer, Singer-songwriter)

11 September 1981


Parvati ShallowParvati Shallow
(Actor, Film actor, Boxer)

21 September 1982


Murphy JensenMurphy Jensen
(Tennis player, Actor, Television actor)

30 October 1968


Todd DuffeeTodd Duffee
(Mixed martial artist)

06 December 1985


Emilio PucciEmilio Pucci

20 November 1914


Bjørn LomborgBjørn Lomborg
(Economist, Educationist, University teacher)

06 January 1965


Lewis GrizzardLewis Grizzard

20 October 1946


Chee Soon JuanChee Soon Juan
(Neuropsychologist, Politician)

20 July 1962


Allison SchmittAllison Schmitt

07 June 1990