Discover the notable alumni of University Of Athens. The list includes people like Nikos Kazantzakis, Alexis Tsipras, Constantine II of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos & Prokopis Pavlopoulos. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, intellectuals & academics, writers, miscellaneous and lawyers & judges etc.
vNikos Kazantzakis
18 February 1883, Greek
Philosopher and Writer
Constantine II of GreeceConstantine II of Greece
02 June 1940, Greek

Stavros NiarchosStavros Niarchos
03 July 1909, Greek

Alexis TsiprasAlexis Tsipras
28 July 1974, Greek
Politician, Civil engineer

Eleftherios VenizelosEleftherios Venizelos
23 August 1864, Greek

Andreas PapandreouAndreas Papandreou
05 February 1919, Greek
Politician, Economist, University teacher
Nikolaos MichaloliakosNikolaos Michaloliakos
11 December 1957, Greek
politician, writer

Cornelius CastoriadisCornelius Castoriadis
11 March 1922, French, Greek
Philosopher, Economist, Writer, University

Konstantinos KaramanlisKonstantinos Karamanlis
08 March 1907, Greek
Konstantinos MitsotakisKonstantinos Mitsotakis
18 October 1918, Greek
Prime Minister

Prokopis PavlopoulosProkopis Pavlopoulos
10 July 1950, Greek
Politician, Lawyer, University teacher
Georgios PapandreouGeorgios Papandreou
13 February 1888, Greek
Politician, Economist, Diplomat, Lawyer

Christos PapadimitriouChristos Papadimitriou
16 August 1949, Greek
Writer, Mathematician, Computer scientist,

Georgios PapanikolaouGeorgios Papanikolaou
13 May 1883, Greek
Physician, Oncologist

Odysseas ElytisOdysseas Elytis
02 November 1911, Greek

Steve MizerakSteve Mizerak
12 October 1944, American
Billiards player
Karolos PapouliasKarolos Papoulias
04 June 1929, Greek
Politician, Jurist-consultant, Partisan, Diplomat,

C. L. Max NikiasC. L. Max Nikias
30 September 1952, American

Charilaos TrikoupisCharilaos Trikoupis
11 July 1832, Greek

Dimitris AvramopoulosDimitris Avramopoulos
06 June 1953, Greek
Politician, Diplomat
Christodoulos of AthensChristodoulos of Athens
17 January 1939, Greek

Manos HadjidakisManos Hadjidakis
23 October 1925, Greek
Seraphim of AthensSeraphim of Athens
26 October 1913, Greek

Kostís PalamásKostís Palamás
13 January 1859, Greek
Greek poet