Singers Whose First Name Starts With U

Discover the famous singers whose name starts with U. The list includes people like Utkarsh Ambudkar, Ugly God, Usher, Udit Narayan, Uttam Kumar and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of singers whose names start with U includes people from United States, Germany, India, Italy and other countries all over the world.

Utkarsh AmbudkarUtkarsh Ambudkar
08 December 1983, American
Actor, Rapper
Ugly GodUgly God
19 September 1996, American
Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer

14 October 1978, American

Udit NarayanUdit Narayan
01 December 1955, Indian, Nepalese
Playback Singer

Uttam KumarUttam Kumar
03 September 1926, Indian

Usha UthupUsha Uthup
08 November 1947, Indian
actor, singer, composer
Uncle KrackerUncle Kracker
06 June 1974, American

Umm KulthumUmm Kulthum
18 December 1898, Egyptian

Una HealyUna Healy
10 October 1981, Irish
Udo DirkschneiderUdo Dirkschneider
06 April 1952, German
Singer, Composer

Unni MenonUnni Menon
12 August 1957, Indian
actor, singer
Umberto TozziUmberto Tozzi
04 March 1952, Italian

Urs BühlerUrs Bühler
19 July 1971, Swiss
Singer, Opera singer, Pianist

Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips
15 May 1935, American
Musician, Poet, Street artist, Singer-songwriter,

Udo JürgensUdo Jürgens
30 September 1934, Austrian, Swiss
Actor, Singer, Composer, Pianist

Ute LemperUte Lemper
04 July 1963, German
Ulrich TukurUlrich Tukur
29 July 1957, German
Musician, Stage actor, Singer, Film actor

Uncle Dave MaconUncle Dave Macon
07 October 1870, American