Think of Slovenia and you will be at once imported to a land of snow-capped peaks, turquoise green rivers and a pristine landscape! Agreed, very few things in the world beat the rural, rustic charm of this European country. But if you think that the greatness of the land is limited to its physical charms, hold on! This pretty country is address to some fine men and women who have perhaps earned more distinction than the wine of the land. Be it Olympic medalists, cartographers, film directors, opera singers, actuaries, historians, activists, geographers, comedians, philologists, painters, diplomats or politicians, the Slovenians have inscribed their greatness in the history of the world like very few other countries. Slovenians are mighty proud of their able sons and daughters of soil and are happy to show it off. Learn all about the famous Slovenians in their biographies below. Their timeline that captures the trivia and facts will fill you with utter admiration. So without any ado, read on.
Hugo WolfHugo Wolf
13 March 1860
Ivan CankarIvan Cankar
10 May 1876

Leon ŠtukeljLeon Štukelj
12 November 1898

Anton HausAnton Haus
13 June 1851
Naval officer

Fran LevstikFran Levstik
28 September 1831

Jože JavoršekJože Javoršek
20 October 1920
Jože PlečnikJože Plečnik
23 January 1872

Drago JančarDrago Jančar
13 April 1948

Slavoj ŽižekSlavoj Žižek
29 February 1949

Jan OblakJan Oblak
07 January 1993
Association football player
Anže KopitarAnže Kopitar
24 August 1987
Ice hockey player

Borut PahorBorut Pahor
02 November 1963
Merlene OtteyMerlene Ottey
10 May 1960
Sprinter, Athletics competitor

Beno UdrihBeno Udrih
05 July 1982
Basketball player

Tina MazeTina Maze
02 May 1983
Alpine skier
Martin StrelMartin Strel
01 October 1954

Janez JanšaJanez Janša
17 September 1958
Prime Minister
France PrešerenFrance Prešeren
03 December 1800
Poet, Lawyer, Writer, Poet lawyer

Janez DrnovšekJanez Drnovšek
17 May 1950
Prime Minister

Valter BirsaValter Birsa
07 August 1986
association football player
Rene KrhinRene Krhin
21 May 1990
Association football player

Boštjan CesarBoštjan Cesar
09 July 1982
Association football player
Katarina SrebotnikKatarina Srebotnik
12 March 1981
Tennis player

Robert KorenRobert Koren
20 September 1980
association football player

Roman BezjakRoman Bezjak
21 February 1989
Association football player

DJ UmekDJ Umek
16 May 1976
Disc jockey
Danilo TürkDanilo Türk
19 February 1952
Primož TrubarPrimož Trubar
19 June 1508
writer, translator,theologian, Bible translator

Jure ZdovcJure Zdovc
13 December 1966
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Peter PrevcPeter Prevc
20 September 1992
Ski jumper

Fritz PreglFritz Pregl
03 September 1869
Austrian chemist
Jan ZaveckJan Zaveck
13 March 1976

Špela PretnarŠpela Pretnar
05 March 1973
Alpine skier, Journalist

Špela RogeljŠpela Rogelj
08 November 1994
Ski jumper

Primož KosmusPrimož Kosmus
30 September 1979
Slovenian olympic athlete

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Željko RažnatovićŽeljko Ražnatović
17 April 1952
Military commander
Zlatan LjubijankičZlatan Ljubijankič
15 December 1983
Slovenian footballer

Zlatko ZahovičZlatko Zahovič
01 February 1971