Singapore, a leading global city in Southeast Asia, is a global commerce, financial and transportation hub. Founded as a trading post of the East India Company in early 19th century, the nation became independent from Britain in 1963. Singaporeans, hailing from diverse backgrounds worked diligently to make their nation a fast developing one despite the fact that Singapore is not rich in natural resources. Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of modern Singapore, became its Prime Minister upon independence and led its underdeveloped economy to rapid industrialization and growth within a few years. Singaporean military is arguably the most technologically advanced in Southeast Asia, and has produced several highly efficient officers like Ng Jui Ping, Bey Soo Khiang, and Desmond Kuek who were instrumental in further strengthening the military force. Culturally rich with the influence of Asian and European traditions, Singapore has a diverse music culture that ranges from rock and pop to folk and classical, with Fann Wong, Tanya Chua and Elsa Lin being prominent singers. Singaporeans are also known for their rich heritage in creative writing in the Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil and other languages. Read on to discover about the life and works of famous Singaporeans.
Jet LiJet Li
(Actor, Martial Artist)

26 April 1963

Lee Kuan YewLee Kuan Yew
(Founding Father of Modern Singapore)

16 September 1923

Tila TequilaTila Tequila
(Television Personality)

24 October 1981

(DJ, Singer)

11 September 1991

Lee Hsien LoongLee Hsien Loong
(Third Prime Minister of Singapore)

10 February 1952

Erika ThamErika Tham

15 December 1999

Amos YeeAmos Yee
(YouTube Personality, Blogger)

31 October 1998

Chuando TanChuando Tan
(Instagram Star)

03 March 1966

Tony TanTony Tan
(Seventh President of Singapore)

07 February 1940

Adam KhooAdam Khoo

08 April 1974

Naomi NeoNaomi Neo
(Youtube Star)

25 January 1996

JianHao TanJianHao Tan

14 June 1993

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Ross ButlerRoss Butler

17 May 1990

J C SumJ C Sum

05 December 1976

Jackson RathboneJackson Rathbone
(Actor, Musician)

14 December 1984

Fiona XieFiona Xie
(Actor, Film actor)

24 January 1982

Goh Chok TongGoh Chok Tong

20 May 1941

Julia Nickson-SoulJulia Nickson-Soul

11 September 1958

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Tharman ShanmugaratnamTharman Shanmugaratnam

22 January 1957

Jeanette AwJeanette Aw

28 June 1979

Ho ChingHo Ching
(chief executive officer)

01 May 1953

Lee Hsien YangLee Hsien Yang
(military personnel)

1957 AD

Joanne PehJoanne Peh
(actor, film actor)

25 April 1984

Ng Eng HenNg Eng Hen
(Politician, Physician)

10 December 1958

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Elvin NgElvin Ng

23 December 1980

K. ShanmugamK. Shanmugam
(politician, lawyer)

1960 AD

Felicia ChinFelicia Chin

24 October 1984

Devan NairDevan Nair

05 August 1923

S. R. NathanS. R. Nathan
(Politician, Diplomat, Civil servant)

03 July 1924

Ong Teng CheongOng Teng Cheong
(Architect, Politician)

22 January 1936

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Teo Chee HeanTeo Chee Hean

27 December 1954

Jack NeoJack Neo
(film producer, film director, screenwriter, actor)

24 January 1960

George YeoGeorge Yeo

13 September 1954

Michelle SaramMichelle Saram
(Singer, Actor)

12 December 1974

Kong HeeKong Hee

23 August 1964

Chee Soon JuanChee Soon Juan
(Neuropsychologist, Politician)

20 July 1962

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Khoo Teck PuatKhoo Teck Puat
(Entrepreneur, Banker)

13 January 1917

Li NanxingLi Nanxing
(Film director, Actor)

07 November 1964

S. RajaratnamS. Rajaratnam
(Journalist, Politician)

25 February 1915

Tay Ping HuiTay Ping Hui

10 November 1970

Quek Leng ChanQuek Leng Chan

1941 AD

Sundaresh MenonSundaresh Menon
(judge, lawyer)

1962 AD

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Zillur RahmanZillur Rahman
(Former President of Bangladesh)

09 March 1929

Kwek Leng BengKwek Leng Beng

Pritam SinghPritam Singh
(Politician, Lawyer)

02 August 1976

Mark LeeMark Lee
(actor, film director)

16 October 1968

Priscelia ChanPriscelia Chan

06 November 1978

Calvin ChengCalvin Cheng

24 September 1975

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Mas Selamat bin KastariMas Selamat bin Kastari

23 January 1961

David MarshallDavid Marshall
(diplomat, politician, lawyer)

12 March 1908

Stephanie SunStephanie Sun

23 July 1978