Famous People From Singapore
Throughout history, there have been many Singaporean Female Film & Theater Personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Singaporean female film & theater personalities such as Erika Tham, Fiona Xie, Julia Nickson-Soul, Michelle Saram and Jeanette Aw.
Tila TequilaTila Tequila
24 October 1981
Television Personality
Erika ThamErika Tham
15 December 1999

Naomi NeoNaomi Neo
25 January 1996
Youtube Star

Fiona XieFiona Xie
24 January 1982
Actor, Film actor

Jeanette AwJeanette Aw
28 June 1979

Ho ChingHo Ching
01 May 1953
chief executive officer
Felicia ChinFelicia Chin
24 October 1984

Joanne PehJoanne Peh
25 April 1984
actor, film actor

Michelle SaramMichelle Saram
12 December 1974
Singer, Actor

Julia Nickson-SoulJulia Nickson-Soul
11 September 1958
Priscelia ChanPriscelia Chan
06 November 1978

Stephanie SunStephanie Sun
23 July 1978