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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 11, 1997 (Aquarius)

Born In: England

‘Sophdoesnails’ is the name of a YouTube channel owned by fashion and beauty vlogger, Sophie. She gained prominence after posting her nail art videos on her Instagram account. She later started posting beauty and makeup related videos on her YouTube channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers. She usually posts videos on beauty products, nail art, and lifestyle. She has collaborated with many other fashion vloggers and appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Emmas Rectangle’ several times. She is also associated with many beauty brands, and these brands have sponsored a few of Sophie’s videos. She has also collaborated with a website that sells designer clothes and other related stuff. Sophie owns another YouTube channel named ‘sophdoesvlogs’ where she posts story time videos and occasional vlogs.

The YouTube Story
Sophie started her YouTube channel when she was just seventeen. She became inclined towards makeup in her early teens. She grew up watching a lot of fashion vloggers and liked the idea of applying makeup in front of the camera. Sophie was inspired by these vloggers, and decided to give it a shot.
Since she was interested in arts and drawing during her school, she gradually developed interest towards nail art. As nail art involves a lot of creativity in terms of design and choice of colors, Sophie had to practice a lot to perfect the art. When she was fully convinced about exhibiting her talent, she created her first social media account on Instagram. She named the account as ‘sophdoesnails’ and started uploading photos and videos of her nail art.
Her posts instantly caught the attention of many, and slowly her nail art tutorials and videos became a hit. That paved the way for Sophie to take her Instagram fame to the next level. Sophie wanted to use her creative side in developing makeup videos too. She started learning costume and experimental makeup. In the process, she got acquainted with many makeup brands, and started reviewing products of these brands.
Sophie then created her YouTube channel in 2014. She became famous in no time and managed to gain a huge fan following. Slowly, she associated herself with many brands, and got their support too. She started receiving free samples from top-notch makeup brands and started reviewing their products on her channel. She has also collaborated with ‘Fancy Dress,’ a clothing line, as a featured model and makeup artist.
Sophie also became a part of L’Oréal media ad campaign. Many of her videos have been sponsored by many makeup brands. Sophie started off with nail art videos, but now she rarely posts nail art videos as they are difficult to shoot. Sophie has also collaborated with many other YouTubers, such as Just Jodes and Sophie Louise. Sophie has walked down the red carpet of a beauty Convention in London.
On her channel ‘sophdoesvlogs,’ she posts story time videos and occasional vlogs. She has also posted a video on her anxiety disorder which she suffered from in the past. She has also spoken about dermatophagia, a disorder which she suffers from. Sophie’s vlogs have inspired a number of her fans.
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Personal Life
Sophie was born on February 11, 1997, in England. She suffered from anxiety and depression when she was seven. London was shaken by the 2005 bomb blasts and it had a huge impact on Sophie too. After the blasts, she developed high sensitivity towards death and violence. She went into a shell and avoided socializing. Her parents stood solidly by her side, and helped her to come out of the terrible situation. They started spending a lot of time with Sophie and encouraged her pursue tasks that boosted her confidence. The process really helped Sophie to combat her mental disorder, but her anxiety resulted into another psychological disorder - dermatophagia. Because of her anxiety, Sophie started to develop an urge to chew her cuticle skin. The habit of chewing her cuticle skin made her fingers look deformed. Sophie is still pursuing her education and aspires to become a graphic designer in future.
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