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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: August 19, 1997 (Leo)

Born In: England

Kavos is a British social media star best known for his self-titled, verified YouTube channel. His channel has more than a million subscribers. He usually posts videos about other famous YouTube personalities and all the interesting events that unfold on YouTube and other social media platforms. His YouTube videos have managed to grab the attention of many famous YouTubers, such as Logan Paul, Jake Paul, RiceGum, and Keemstar among other popular internet celebrities. Apart from YouTube, Kavos is active on Twitter and Instagram as well. He has a younger brother named Connor, who too, is a famous social media star.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In August

Also Known As: Pierce Kavanagh

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Born Country: England

Childhood & Early Life
Kavos was born Pierce Kavanagh on August 19, 1997 in England. He was raised along with his younger brother, Connor. After completing his high school education, Kavos enrolled at the ‘University of Essex.’ He finished his college education in June 2018, with a degree in business. His YouTube channel started gaining prominence during his time at the ‘University of Essex.’ Gradually, his channel started accumulating a considerable number of subscribers, which, in turn, increased his popularity.
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Social Media Career
Kavos created his YouTube channel on December 26, 2014. He then started posting commentary videos, either criticizing or praising other YouTubers. His videos started gathering views and subscribers. Many of his videos gathered millions of views each which grabbed the attention of other famous YouTubers. One of his most popular videos, ‘Logan Paul Just Ended His Career,’ which was posted on January 1, 2018, has accumulated more than 18 million views. It is about one of Logan’s most controversial videos. Not only did Kavos’ video become the second most viewed video pertaining to Logan Paul’s controversy, it was also termed as an ‘age-restricted’ video by YouTube. This remains to be the only age-restricted video posted by Kavos. Also, this video was responsible in increasing Kavos’ popularity as there was a significant increase in the number of his channel’s subscribers. So much so that his channel witnessed a subscriber gain of 400 percent after he uploaded this video.
Some of the most viewed videos on his channel include ‘Ellen DeGeneres LOSES IT With Audience Member,’ ‘Lil Tay Ends Her Career,’ ‘This Video Will Make You Hate SSSniperwolf,’ and ‘This Video Will Make You Hate Jake Paul.’ With more than 132 million views from all its videos and over a million subscribers, Kavos’ YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels in England. Apart from YouTube, Kavos is famous on other social media networks, such as Twitter and Instagram. He posts a variety of pictures on his Instagram account, allowing his fans to take a sneak peek at his professional as well as his personal life. While his Instagram account has more than 37,000 followers, his Twitter page has accumulated over 58,000 followers.
Personal Life
Kavos has been into controversies quite often. Since a majority of his YouTube content involves commentating on the works of other YouTubers, Kavos’ tactics have been questioned by other popular social media personalities. When Kavos’ channel experienced a sudden and significant spike in the number of its subscribers, a YouTube staff member claimed that Kavos had gained his subscribers illegitimately. However, Kavos rejected such claims as mere rumors.
He currently lives in England with his girlfriend.

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