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Josh Lewis (Joshlewisgsy) is a YouTube vlogger popular for his challenge and football videos. Let’s take a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday, girlfriends etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: December 3, 2001

Nationality: British

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Born in: Guernsey

Famous as: YouTube Vlogger

Popularity Index
Vloggers #522 YouTubers #1202
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Josh Lewis is a YouTube vlogger popular for his challenge and football videos. He is the younger brother of Harry Lewis, a football enthusiast and YouTube personality. Josh created his YouTube channel under the title ‘Joshlewisgsy’ which is a combination of his name and the place, Guernsey. Josh stepped into the world of YouTube when he was featured in his brother’s challenge videos. Introduced to YouTube by his brother, Josh not only went on to create his own channel but has also managed to amass more than 750,000 subscribers. His initial videos updated its viewers about the football matches that were held weekly. Some of the challenge videos that he has posted so far include ‘100k pack discard challenge’, ‘crossbar challenge’ and ‘trampoline dodgeball challenge’. Josh’s most popular video to date is the ‘huge fatal grips unboxing’ video.

YouTube Career
  • Josh Lewis started appearing in YouTube when his elder brother Harry Lewis began featuring him in his videos. Josh was just seven years old then. Since both Josh and Harry are football enthusiasts, most of their initial videos were related to football.
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  • The first video of Harry in which Josh appeared was posted in 2014. It was a short clip in which Harry was shown accidentally bumping into Josh. Their first full-length video was uploaded later and was titled, ‘playing FIFA with my bro’. Next, they came up with one of the most popular challenge videos ever posted on the internet, ‘the ice bucket challenge’.
  • Following in his brother’s footsteps, Josh too, created his own YouTube channel on October 25, 2013. But he did not upload anything on it for a couple of years. When he did start posting, most of his videos were similar to that of his brother's. They both started to post videos related to football, FIFA and challenges.
  • The first video that Josh uploaded on his channel was a misfire. In the video, he showed how he missed scoring a goal repeatedly. In his second video, he took his viewers on a tour inside his room where he usually edits his videos. Josh has also made use of the internet for a good cause. To support and raise funds for a cancer research institute in the United Kingdom, he posted a 24 hour stream on Twitch. After posting the video, the number of his followers increased.
  • He posted his first challenge video along with another YouTube personality named Treeny HD. Josh challenged him to a football related card game in which the players need to discard a pack of football cards as quickly as possible. In his next video, he answered all the questions posed by his fans and also performed some crazy tasks as requested by them.
  • Josh has also done an unboxing video and that probably is the only unboxing video that he has done to date. In the video, he unboxed a huge pack of gifts, bought from the online site ‘fatal grips’ which sells a variety of video game remote grips. Josh got to know about ‘fatal grips’ from his brother who had made a similar video. Josh received a few packs of colorful thumb grips, grip casing and a few other products. He not only displayed what he received but also gave a demo of the products and reviewed them too.
  • Josh then started posting a set of challenge videos along with his brother. One of them was ‘trampoline and dodgeball challenge’ in which Josh was trying to hit his brother with eggs, while Harry was displaying his jumping skills on a trampoline. In one of his videos, Josh spoke about how he was hurt when his brother kicked a football straight into his nose. A similar video was earlier uploaded by Harry, in which he spoke about how he had injured his mother’s nose while playing football.
  • Josh did a bouncy castle challenge along with his brother and the video was viewed by more than 320,000 viewers. He also posted another interesting video with his brother in which they took up all the dares given to them by their fans.
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Personal Life
  • Josh Lewis was born on December 3, 2001 in Guernsey, an island in the English Channel. He also has a sister named Rosie who too is a YouTube star. Josh had an enjoyable childhood and he absolutely loves the place where he grew up. Guernsey had such an impact throughout his childhood that he ended up naming his YouTube channel after the island.

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