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Monica Church is a popular fashion vlogger. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 10, 1995

Nationality: American

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Washington

Famous as: YouTuber, Vlogger


siblings: Shelby

U.S. State: Washington

Popularity Index
Vloggers #640 Beauty Vloggers #115 Fashion Vloggers #57 YouTubers #127
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Monica Church is a popular fashion vlogger who owns two YouTube channels. She usually posts vlogs and story time videos on her self-titled channel. On another channel, which is named ‘hairodynamic,’ she posts videos related to fashion, beauty and hauls. Apart from posting videos pertaining to fashion and beauty, Monica also posts DIYs and lifestyle videos on ‘hairodynamic.’ She has collaborated with many other fashion vloggers and produced videos for them as well. Some of her popular videos are ‘How to curl your bangs,’ ‘DIY: Glitter Ombre Iphone Case,’ and ‘Morning routine for School.’ She also posted a series of videos along with her twin sister, Shelby. While ‘hairodynamic’ has already amassed more than a million subscribers, her self-titled channel has around 325,000 subscribers.

The YouTube Story
  • Monica Church was always interested in fashion and make-up. She used to have long tresses when she was in school. Monica was obsessed with her long hair and took good care of it. When she was in school, she was approached by a lot of her friends for tips on hairstyle and haircare. That was when the idea of starting a YouTube channel cropped up in her mind.
  • She then did some research and charted out her plan. Monica knew that her YouTube channel would attract many viewers if she can impart some variety to it. So, she gathered information about makeup hacks, fashion brands, makeup tricks, skincare and some craft works too. Her twin sister, Shelby, helped her a lot as she had already created her YouTube channel which was doing pretty well. Because of her sister’s channel, Monica was able to contact a lot of established fashion vloggers.
  • She finally created her first YouTube channel, ‘hairodynamic.’ Since she had created her channel in the December of 2009, she thought of doing a Christmas related video to start things off. So the first video that she posted was about the Christmas presents that she had got from her friends and family members. The next few videos were completely related to haircare. In these videos, she shared tips to grow hair faster and ways to achieve beachy waves without heating tools.
  • Throughout 2010, she uploaded videos on haircare and makeup. At the end of 2010, she once again posted Christmas related videos. Monica developed a pattern in uploading her videos. While she posted videos related to fashion and makeup throughout the year, she always ended the year on a festive note by uploading videos related to Christmas.
  • Monica then started to upload videos on her daily routine. She wanted her fans to know her routine before she left home for school. She later posted similar videos while attending college and gymnastic classes. She also posted videos on her trips and day outs. She then shared with her viewers a variety of looks in which she would be seen in for different occasions like dates, graduation day, prom night, etc.
  • In 2012, Monica uploaded many makeup tutorials and even did many product reviews. She collaborated with another YouTuber named Judy for a video in which they shared some makeup products that they regret buying. A popular video series on her channel is titled as ‘Worst things about being a Girl.’ Her DIY video collection include ‘room decor out of waste materials,’ ‘glitter ombre phone case,’ ‘Coachella outfits,’ ‘Christmas gift ideas’ and many more. Monica also posted a motivational video on the life of American Paralympian, Oksana Masters.
  • Monica created her second YouTube channel in 2011. The channel was specifically created for posting story time vlogs. Her twin sister has appeared in many of her videos. Her parents too, have appeared in a few videos where they have spoken about Monica’s childhood. They also answered a few questions posed by Monica’s fans. Monica then took up the famous ‘makeup challenge’ in which her brother did her makeup. The video was hilarious as her brother had no knowledge about makeup and was seen goofing up with her makeup products. Monica has also posted a host of hilarious videos. In one such video, she imitated how a teenager would apply makeup.
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