Miljenko Jergović Biography

Miljenko Jergović

Birthday: May 28, 1966 (Gemini)

Born In: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miljenko Jergovic is one of the most prominent living Croatian authors in the world today. Born to a minority ethnic family in a larger federation, he enjoyed a peaceful and idyllic childhood. Even as a young man, Jergovic knew his true calling was in the world of writing, and worked as a journalist while still in high school. Studying literature in university, he soon embraced the very best of the written works in his region. Soon after graduation, Jergovic published his first book, which heralded his arrival in the literary world. He then began a dual track career of writing informative and well-researched think pieces for media outlets and writing short stories and longer fiction novels. After a series of wars disrupted the geopolitical balance of his homeland, he resettled in a nearby capital city. When a prominent film director offered to turn one of Jergovic's novels into a movie, this talented writer was hired to write the award-winning screenplay. He continued a steady output of books, short story collections, poems and collections of his journalistic essays, and was awarded multiple times by distinguished literary bodies in his region. Today, Jergovic remains one of the most influential and respected authors in the Croatian language
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Age: 56 Years, 56 Year Old Males

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Notable Alumni: University Of Sarajevo

City: Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

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education: University of Sarajevo

Childhood & Early Life
Miljenko Jergovic was born on May 28, 1966 in Sarajevo in the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He was born to an ethnic Croat family in Bosnia.
Miljenko grew up splitting his time between Sarajevo with his parents and Dalmatia with his grandparents. He worked as a reporter for Croatian-language media while in high school.
In 1987, Jergovic graduated from ‘Sarajevo University’ with a Master's degree in literature.
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A year after he graduated, Jergovic published his debut novel, 'Warsaw Observatory', in 1988. The novel soon gained a favorable reception in his home country.
In 1992, he published a book of poetry entitled 'Uci li nocas netko u ovom gradu japanski'. In the same year he also wrote 'Himmel Comando', a deeply intense novel.
The following year, in 1993, Jergovic moved from Sarajevo to Zagreb. He has lived there ever since.
In 1994, Jergovic published a collection of previously-published short stories entitled 'Sarajevski Marlboro'. This book has been translated into 10 languages.
In 1995, this prolific writer published another collection of short stories, entitled 'Karivani'. It remains a deeply respected work in his homeland.
In 1996, a collection of journalism articles by this talented writer were published, entitled 'A Reader in History'. In the same year, he released a book of poetry entitled 'Over the Frozen Bridge'. These books have been well received in the United States and France.
In 1998, Jergovic published a collection of essays, entitled 'Naci bonton'. The following year, he published a collection of short stories, entitled 'Mama Leone'. This book was later translated into Italian.
In 2000, he published the first volume of a collection of short stories entitled 'Historijska citanka I'. It would become the beginning of his magnum opus.
In 2001, the eminent writer published a collection of short stories entitled 'Hauzmajstor Sulc'.
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In 2002, he was elected to the board of directors of the Croatian Writers' Society. The same year, he also published 'Buick Riviera'.
In 2003, Jergovic published his novel, 'Dvori od oraha'. The narrative in the historical novel begins with the Austro Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and culminates before the beginning of 1991 war.
In 2004, he published the second volume of 'Historijska citanka'. In the same year, he also published 'Inshallah Madona, inshallah'.
In 2005, this prolific author published his novel, 'Glorija in excelsis'.
In 2006, he published a collection of his newspaper articles, entitled 'Zrtve sanjaju veliku ratnu pobjedu'. These remain an informative look at the world from a Croatian perspective.
In 2007, he resigned from the ‘Croatian Writers' Society’ after a dispute. In the same year, he published his novel 'Freelander' and a collection of short stories entitled 'Drugi poljubac Gite Danon'. Jergovic also appeared in the documentary 'Sevdah o Rodama'.
His novel 'Buick Riviera' was made into a movie of the same name, in 2008, which later won the Golden Arena for Best Screenplay.
In 2009, he published his novel, 'Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove'.
In 2010, he published his novel, 'Otac'. In the same year, he also wrote the screenplay for a short film entitled 'Sampion'.
He published his novel, 'Rod', in 2013.
Jergovic continues to be a prodigious writer and is the regular author of newspaper and journalism columns.
Awards & Achievements
In 1991, Jergovic was given the ‘Croatian Veselko Tenzera Journalism Award’. In the same year he also won the ‘Goran Award’ for young poets.
In 2003, his novel 'Mama Leone' was awarded the ‘Premio Grinzane Cavour’. He traveled to Italy to receive it.
Personal Life & Legacy
Jergovic has never been married. He shares his time between his home in Zagreb and touring the former Yugoslavia.
This famous writer is today considered one of the most influential and widely-read authors in the Croatian language, and is known for his stories recounting the experience of other people during the wars following the dissolution of Yugoslavia. His books have been translated into six different languages.
This famous writer learned to walk when he was just 10 months old. As a child, he once caused a neighborhood brawl over a dispute involving an apple tree

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