Dick Cheney Biography

(46th Vice President of the United States (2001 - 2009))

Birthday: January 30, 1941 (Aquarius)

Born In: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Known to be one of the most influential vice-presidents in the history of the United States of America, Dick Cheney is an illustrious politician and businessman and has been active in politics for over four decades now. Although he was a Democrat initially, he became a Republican, so that he could work with former president George W. Bush, whom he adored. He started out as an intern and went on to don many hats during the presidential terms of Ford, Nixon, and Bush. He influenced the decisions of the Department of Defense and has advocated many of Bush’s administrative policies. However, the most significant period in his political career was his partnership with Bush during the ‘Gulf War,’ the war on terrorism, the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq. He left office after Barrack Obama came to power and has since, expressed his contempt and disagreements with Obama’s administrative policies. His political career was largely defined by Bush and his policies, which had both positive and negative impact on the United States. He is also currently active in his business endeavors. Scroll further for more interesting information on this personality.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Richard Bruce Cheney

Age: 83 Years, 83 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Lynne Cheney (m. 1964)

father: Richard Herbert Cheney

mother: Marjorie Dickey

children: Elizabeth Cheney, Mary Cheney

Born Country: United States

Vice Presidents Political Leaders

political ideology: Republican

Notable Alumni: University Of Wyoming

Ancestry: French American, British American

City: Lincoln, Nebraska

U.S. State: Nebraska

Ideology: Republicans

More Facts

education: Yale University, University Of Wyoming, University Of Wisconsin–Madison

awards: 1991 - Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • 1

    What role did Dick Cheney serve in the United States government?

    Dick Cheney served as the 46th Vice President of the United States under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009.
  • 2

    What controversial policies or decisions is Dick Cheney known for?

    Dick Cheney is known for his role in promoting the Iraq War and the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, during the War on Terror.
  • 3

    How did Dick Cheney's health impact his time in office?

    Dick Cheney has a history of heart problems and underwent multiple heart surgeries while serving as Vice President, including a heart transplant in 2012.
  • 4

    What was Dick Cheney's stance on national security and foreign policy issues?

    Dick Cheney was known for his hawkish stance on national security and foreign policy, advocating for a strong military and aggressive approach to combating terrorism.
  • 5

    How did Dick Cheney's time as Vice President influence American politics?

    Dick Cheney's tenure as Vice President was marked by significant influence over policy decisions, particularly in the areas of national security and executive power, shaping the trajectory of American politics during the early 2000s.
Childhood & Early Life
Dick Cheney was born Richard Bruce Cheney on January 30, 1941, in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, to Marjorie Lorraine and Richard Herbert Cheney. He is of Irish, Welsh, English, and French Huguenot descent.
He studied at ‘Calvert Elementary School,’ before moving to Casper, Wyoming, where he joined ‘Natrona County High School.’
He studied at ‘Yale University’ and later attended the ‘University of Wyoming,’ where he earned a B.A. and M.A. in political science. Eventually, he joined the ‘University of Wisconsin-Madison’ for doctoral studies, which he did not complete.
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In 1969, during the Richard Nixon administration, he started serving as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger. Over the course of the following year, he also worked for Donald Rumsfeld.
From 1971 to 1975, he held a number of posts, including White House Staff Assistant and Deputy Assistant to the President.
He was then made Assistant to the President under Gerald Ford, and was allocated the position of campaign manager for the 1976 presidential campaigns.
From 1978 to 1989, he was consecutively elected to represent Wyoming in the U.S. House of Representatives. During this time, he was also elected as the Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee and was elected to the House Republican Conference as the Chairman.
In 1987, he was also elected as the Director of the Council on Foreign Relations. After being nominated for the office of Secretary of Defense by President George H. W. Bush, Cheney went on to serve as the secretary of defense (SecDef) from March 1989 to January 1993.
He played an important role during the Gulf War from 1990-1991 and actively oversaw and was involved in ‘Operation Desert Storm’ under President George Bush.
After Bill Clinton came to power in 1993, he joined the ‘American Enterprise Institute,’ quitting the Department of Defense.
In 1995, he joined ‘Halliburton’ as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
In 2000, he headed the vice-presidential search committee for George W. Bush, who was serving as the governor of Texas at the time.
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During his first term as vice-president, the ‘September 11 attacks’ took place. He decided to keep a safe ‘physical’ distance from Bush, but nevertheless, agreed with the president on the ‘War on Terror’ campaign and remained resolute in his advocacy for the war.
On June 29, 2002, he served as the acting president of the United States, while Bush was undergoing colonoscopy.
On July 21, 2007, he served as the acting president once again, when President Bush underwent a medical procedure. On both occasions, he was the acting president for just a few hours.
He quit his position as the vice-president in 2009, during Barack Obama’s term as the president.
Despite being a strong opponent to Obama’s views and administration, he commended the president’s efforts that resulted in the capture and killing of the most-wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in 2011.
In July 2012, Cheney organized a private fund-raiser for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and contributed to his presidential campaign.
Cheney has been the subject of many documentary films and mini-series. A 2018 biographical comedy-drama movie titled ‘Vice,’ which was written and directed by Adam McKay, had Christian Bale portraying Cheney.
Awards & Achievements
In 1991, he received the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ from President Bush.
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‘Brigham Young University’ presented him with an honorary doctorate of public service in April 2007.
Personal Life & Legacy
In 1964, Cheney married Lynne Vincent, whom he knew since the age of 14. They have two children, Elizabeth and Mary, and seven grandchildren.
Cheney’s vice-presidency was turned into a four-part series by ‘The Washington Post’ in 2007. The series won the ‘Pulitzer Prize.’
He wrote his memoir ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir,’ outlining his experiences of the ‘Gulf War,’ ‘9/11 attacks,’ and Afghanistan. The book, which was co-written by his daughter Elizabeth, was published in August 2011.
After a history of heart disease, he underwent a heart transplant in 2012 in Virginia.
In 2015, Cheney published another book titled ‘Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America.’ Co-authored by his daughter Elizabeth, the book describes the military success of the US military and chronicles the history of the United States.
Facts About Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney once appeared in a cameo role on the TV show "24," showcasing his sense of humor and willingness to poke fun at himself.
Cheney is an avid fly fisherman and has been known to spend hours on the water, finding peace and relaxation in the sport.
Cheney has a passion for history and has an extensive collection of books on various historical topics, showcasing his intellectual curiosity.
Cheney is a supporter of veterans and military families, often participating in events and initiatives to honor and support those who have served our country.

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