There is no doubt that the fear of a plane crash is amongst the most common fears that people harbour. The very thought of something going wrong mid-air and the plane plunging down to the earth is enough to make some people develop a real fear of flying. While the common man can avoid plane travel, it’s not a luxury celebrities can afford! With hectic schedules and numerous professional commitments, famous people from all walks of life are required to fly regularly. While flying is by no means a dangerous mode of travelling, plane crashes do occur from time to time which result in the deaths of numerous people each year in the most horrific manner. And when it’s a celebrity who dies in a plane crash, the entire world is plunged into shock and grief. One of the most shocking plane crash incidents was the one that led to the deaths of rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson in 1959. Another highly unfortunate case was the crash in which three popular celebrities Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Cowboy Copas perished together. Read on to learn more about famous people who died in plane crash.
16 January 1979, American
American singer
Subhas Chandra BoseSubhas Chandra Bose
23 January 1897, Indian

Audie MurphyAudie Murphy
20 June 1925, American

John F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.
25 November 1960, American
Son of John F. Kennedy

Buddy HollyBuddy Holly
07 September 1936, American

Ritchie ValensRitchie Valens
13 May 1941, American
Singer, Songwriter
Otis ReddingOtis Redding
09 September 1941, American

Ricky NelsonRicky Nelson
08 May 1940, American

Rocky MarcianoRocky Marciano
01 September 1923, American
Professional Boxer

Jim CroceJim Croce
10 January 1943, American
Singer, Musician
Emiliano SalaEmiliano Sala
31 October 1990, Argentinian, Italian

Carole LombardCarole Lombard
06 October 1908, American
Roberto ClementeRoberto Clemente
18 August 1934, Puerto Rican

Jenni RiveraJenni Rivera
02 July 1969, American

Roald AmundsenRoald Amundsen
16 July 1872, Norwegian
The first person to reach the South Pole
Dag HammarskjöldDag Hammarskjöld
29 July 1905, Swedish
Second Secretary-General of the United Nations

Frederick BantingFrederick Banting
14 November 1891, Canadian
Discoverer of Insulin
Bessie ColemanBessie Coleman
26 January 1892, American

Cassie GainesCassie Gaines
09 January 1948, American

Hansie CronjeHansie Cronje
25 September 1969, South African
Samora MachelSamora Machel
29 September 1933, Mozambican
Political leader

Omar TorrijosOmar Torrijos
13 February 1929, Panamanian
Elected official
John GarangJohn Garang
23 June 1945, Sudanese

Homi BhabhaHomi Bhabha
30 October 1909, Indian
Indian physicist

James HornerJames Horner
14 August 1953, American
Composer, Conductor, Musician, Orchestrateur, Film

Muhammad Zia-ul-HaqMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq
12 August 1924, Indian, Pakistani
Politician, Officer
Francis Gary PowersFrancis Gary Powers
17 August 1929, American
Samantha SmithSamantha Smith
29 June 1972, American

Myles MunroeMyles Munroe
20 April 1954, Bahamian

Junaid JamshedJunaid Jamshed
03 September 1964, Pakistani
Recording artist

Madhavrao ScindiaMadhavrao Scindia
10 March 1945, Indian
Steve GainesSteve Gaines
14 September 1949, American

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Lin BiaoLin Biao
05 December 1907, Chinese
Politician, Military personnel

G. David SchineG. David Schine
11 September 1927, American

David AngellDavid Angell
10 April 1946, American

Wiley PostWiley Post
22 November 1898, American
Anthony RadziwillAnthony Radziwill
04 August 1959, Swiss, American

Jesse RobredoJesse Robredo
27 May 1958, Filipino
Humberto de Alencar Castelo BrancoHumberto de Alencar Castelo Branco
20 September 1900, Brazilian
politician, military personnel

Xu ZhimoXu Zhimo
15 January 1897, Chinese

Albert Scott CrossfieldAlbert Scott Crossfield
02 October 1921, American
Naval officer
Bertram Home RamsayBertram Home Ramsay
20 January 1883, British
Navy officer